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Scientific research has shown that age-related hormonal imbalances can be disruptive to the proper function of a number of your body’s systems. Yet scientific breakthroughs have introduced new solutions to adult-onset hormone disorders and one of the most promising involves the development of bio-identical hormones. This is why bio-identical hormone therapy deserves a closer look if you are adult who is suffering from a testosterone or growth hormone deficiency.

Many people are still under the impression that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is used primarily to treat post-menopausal women who have developed a hormone imbalance; and for years, that was its primary use. But recent decades have seen several breakthroughs in the bioengineering of human hormones – breakthroughs that have brought both symptom relief and renewed vitality to both men and women with age-related growth hormone and testosterone deficiencies.

However, it has not always been easy for adults to find doctors who are proficient in prescribing in bio-identical hormone therapy because it is a highly specialized medical field. Fortunately, people who desire this type of treatment can now access US doctors and clinics that provide this form of medical treatment using the Internet. Some of these providers, such as Nexel Medical, are able to offer patients the added convenience of completing their treatment procedures locally.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is definitely here to stay. So perhaps you should find out what having this treatment could mean to your health if you are among the thousands of American adults who suffer from a growth hormone or testosterone disorder.

How Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Prescribed

How Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Prescribed

All hormone replacement therapy begins with laboratory blood testing, in which specific blood panels are ordered for patients (based on their reported symptoms) by their hormone therapy doctors. These tests measure the amount of a particular hormone circulating within the patient’s system.

What the test is looking for is a clinically significant deficiency, which is any measurement that falls below the medically established norm for a particular age group. If the test indicates a hormone deficiency, the doctor will evaluate the patient’s overall condition, medical history and symptoms before prescribing a treatment program.

If the criteria indicate that treatment would be beneficial to the patient, the doctor will prescribe a series of injectable treatments that are composed of pharmaceutically produced bio-identical hormones. This is a critical element of safe and successful hormone replacement therapy, because of the black market for illegally manufactured and fake hormones that has concurrently developed online.

The only safe way to use bio-identical hormone therapy is to follow a doctor-prescribed treatment program that will be medically supervised. This will require periodic blood testing to check a patient’s elevating hormone levels and it will also require obtaining the medications from a legitimately licensed US pharmacy. When the optimum level for that patient has been reached, the doctor may advise stopping the treatment for a period of time, and then restarting it if or when the patient’s hormone levels begin to decrease.

What Are the Direct Benefits of Bio-identical Hormone Therapy?

The type of benefits that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy delivers to patients are extremely gratifying because they involve directly reversing and/or correcting a variety of their troubling symptoms.

Bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy benefits:

  • Improves mood, attitude and cognitive function
  • Strengthens heart and blood vessels
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Rebuilds bone and improves muscle mass
  • Improves healthy sexual function
  • Lowers blood pressure

Bio-identical HGH (human growth hormone) replacement therapy benefits:

  • Visibly improves the signs of accelerated aging
  • Facilitates the rapid loss of excess body fat; improves muscle tone
  • Increases energy and stamina
  • Promotes uninterrupted sleep
  • Improves emotional stability and cognitive function
  • Reduces the risk for stroke, osteoporosis and heart disease
  • Supports a healthy libido

Clinical research has documented these benefits and more in multiple trials, but as in all medical treatments and procedures there are inherent risks. However, the incidence of serious side effects has been very low when hormone replacement is being used in a manner that adheres to medical protocols correctly. In the instance of minor side effects occurring, doctors are able to easily manage these by either lowering the patient’s dosage or discontinuing the treatment.

Read the Reviews Then Talk to Bio-Identical HRT Specialists

Bio-identical hormone therapy has definitely arrived on the US healthcare scene and it is largely due to the greater access people now have to current and breaking information. Don’t expect your primary care provider to ask about your hormone health during your next physical because many PCPs and general practitioners have simply not been trained to treat hormone disorders.

Adults are now primarily finding their hormone therapy specialists online because it is a fast and convenient way for them to find both reliable information and competent professional help for hormone deficiency.

Hormone therapy medical providers that can be immediately reached online and by phone such as Nexel Medical are indeed at the nexus of new solutions for adult-onset hormone deficiency. By providing nationwide accessibility to treatment, no adult has to helplessly stand by witnessing his or her health and vitality disappear due to an untreated hormone disorder.

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