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Here’s Your Answer to How Can I Get HGH Injections Prescribed

We are going to give you the answer to how can I get HGH injections prescribed; and we are also going to provide with some invaluable advice on how to ensure the success and safety of your treatment. We are doing this because getting injectable human growth hormone prescribed to treat your adult-onset growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) needs to be accompanied by a few essential “good treatment practices” in order to deliver the results that you and your doctor want to see.

There is also a good way for adults to get growth hormone replacement therapy prescribed, and it is the way that we do it at Nexel Medical. While our way includes the medically and legally required procedures that doctors in the US must comply with, it is also a much faster and more innovative way for adults with growth hormone deficiency to undertake the injectable HGH treatment process. Because when you receive your treatment our way, the required procedures you will have performed are going to be performed locally and at your convenience.

Yet you are still going to receive the highest standard of medically prescribed treatment from our locally based hormone replacement specialists. And your treatment is still going to be carefully and expertly prescribed by our doctors to respond to your individual requirements for therapy. Here is how our clinical advisors will answer your question of how can I get HGH injections prescribed:

  • You will be asked about your symptoms, your age and your overall physical condition. You will also be asked to provide Nexel Medical with your health history if you decide that you want to go ahead and have a blood test to measure your body’s growth hormone levels.
  • We will also schedule a local medical exam for you with one of our doctors, unless you have already had one performed very recently and can provide us with those results.
  • If you are diagnosed with AGHD, you will receive a valid prescription from one of our fully licensed doctors for using HGH injections. And then you can purchase your injections directly from our online pharmacy to be shipped to you at home, or any address you specify. However, you will need to be available to accept delivery, as it will contain your valuable and somewhat sensitive prescription medications.

This Is Why You Should Avoid Using Cheap HGH Injections:

This Is Why You Should Avoid Using Cheap HGH Injections

Two factors exist which might give you pause as you find out how to get HGH injections prescribed for your medical condition. One is that when you check with your health insurance provider to confirm whether your treatment costs will be covered (and this something that every adult who has insurance coverage is encouraged to do), you could discover that they are not. The other factor is that the injectable human growth hormone treatments that are prescribed to patients can cost several hundred dollars each month.

Both of these factors cause some people to shop around online for sources offering cheaper prices on HGH injections. This typically opens wide the Internet door that will lead them to hundreds if not thousands of websites based in countries all over the world that are illegally selling non-prescription versions of human growth hormone. The laws regarding HGH vary among countries; but in the US, the law is very clear: A valid medical prescription is the legal requirement for the purchase, possession and/or use of bio-identical human growth hormone injections.

Among the US manufactured prescription brands of HGH that US doctors are allowed to legally prescribe (non-US manufactured brands are illegal), the cost per dose does not vary dramatically. But you can certainly discuss what your most affordable treatment options are with your doctor once you have been diagnosed with AGHD. The worst thing for you to do would be to purchase and use the illegal versions being sold primarily online in an effort to save money, because you could seriously damage your health by using these unapproved and highly questionable substances. You could also be apprehended and prosecuted by federal authorities, which is probably not what you had in mind if you have asked yourself how can I get HGH injections more cheaply?

If HGH Injections Aren’t Prescribed for You, Don’t Use Them.

So the Internet portal to the underworld of illegal HGH sales and use obviously exists because it is profitable to the sellers of fake and non-domestic versions of human growth hormone. People from all across the globe must be buying and using their products, including a significant number here in this country.

But aside from the illegality of doing this, here is why anyone who truly values their health and longevity, would never use any form of injectable human growth hormone that has not been legitimately prescribed for them: There could be very unpleasant physical consequences. Growth hormone is a powerful biological substance, no less so in its bio-identical form, and its uncontrolled increase to excessive levels can cause serious health issues. We are talking about issues such as diabetes; the growth of cancerous tumors; an elevation in cholesterol levels; and other diseases.

Finding out if you have the clinical need for human growth hormone replacement therapy is the first and foremost answer to your question of how can I get HGH injections prescribed for me? If your need cannot be clinically verified by a competent and experienced hormone therapy medical provider, then you shouldn’t be using injectable human growth hormone – it’s as simple as that.

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