How Can You Get HGH Injections

Legal vs. Illegal: How Can You Get HGH Injections Online

Illegal drugs and other controlled substances have been around for much longer than the Internet has; but there is no denying that the introduction of the Internet into the daily lives of people around the world has changed the landscape dramatically. So how can you get HGH injections online legally … safely … and at a fair price? And why should those three things be a priority to any adult who is thinking about using human growth hormone injections?

In looking at the pros and cons of how adults in the US are getting and using injectable human growth hormone, understand that there are only two ways to do this – the illegal way and the legal way. Let’s compare the major differences between the two ways:

The Legal Use of HGH Injections:

  • Requires a medical prescription, which ensures that the injections will be used in the correct therapeutic manner to promote health rather than harm it.
  • Involves the appropriate blood testing and physical evaluation of patients to verify that a growth hormone deficiency exists.
  • Includes the medical supervision necessary to monitor the patient’s progress and confirm that therapeutic goals are being met. This also includes being immediately available to any patient with medical assistance/advice if a problem arises during treatment.
  • The legally prescribed treatments typically cost more than the illegal versions of HGH that are being unlawfully sold to US adults online.

The Illegal Use of HGH Injections:

  • Requires obtaining your injectable human growth hormone from a highly questionable and illegal source.
  • Breaking the law by getting, possessing and using HGH without a valid medical prescription exposes you to legal prosecution.
  • Exposes you to the inherent and potentially very serious health risks associated with injecting substances that have not been authenticated by our federal drug agencies.
  • Illegal HGH costs less than the legal versions for a variety of reasons – it’s often faked; it’s often contaminated; and it is often not even manufactured by the same standards of the legal brands of HGH produced in the US.

Safe or Unsafe: Who To Believe about Using HGH Injections?

Safe or Unsafe: Who To Believe about Using HGH Injections

It should be clear from comparing the differences in how can you get HGH injections listed above that using them illegally is not safe. Injectable human growth hormone is not some sort of inert substance that will have no effect of your body’s systems and organs; it is actually a very effective bio-identical version of the hormonal substance our bodies naturally produce to support growth (when we are younger) and optimal biological function (when we become older).

The only safe way to add human growth hormone back into your endocrine system is under the medical guidance of a proficient hormone therapy doctor who knows how to correctly interpret your IGF-1 blood test results (one of the most widely used tests that measure growth hormone levels); understands the individual factors that must be clinically considered and evaluated before prescribing HGH injections to any patient; and is familiar with the progressive treatment markers to be monitored during each patient’s course of therapy.

Why should you believe this is the answer to how can you get HGH injections therapy safely? The US medical community, with the benefit of years of medical research and clinical trials to back up their findings, has determined that this is what constitutes the safe use of human growth hormone replacement therapy in adult patients. So if you honestly choose to believe that using HGH injections illegally is safe for you to do, then you will have to also believe that none of the medical evidence produced over the past several decades is credible. 

Too Costly or Wise Investment: What’s the Real Value of HGH?

The one argument that you can count on hearing from virtually any adult who is buying and using illegal human growth hormone is that is significantly cheaper than it would be if they used the legal medical way. But should a cheaper price be a main factor in how you view maintaining your health?

No one can argue the point that illegal HGH is cheaper to buy – unless they point out that getting prosecuted for illegally buying it has costly legal consequences. But that’s just one of the chances you will be taking if you decide to ignore the recognized conclusions reached by scientists and researchers and use human growth hormone in a non-medically controlled manner.

Another chance you will be taking is the chance of using something that is harmful because it has been intentionally mislabeled or otherwise deceptively sold. How can you get HGH injections that are safe to use when you can’t be certain of their true origin? Obviously, you can’t be certain of the authenticity of any prescription medication unless you purchase it legally from a licensed US pharmacy. Yes, these authentic medications typically cost more than their counterfeit or other illegal versions; but the value they represent to keeping you healthier should be considered immeasurable.

Compare the pros and cons of the two ways that you can obtain and use human growth hormone injections and it all comes down to this: The legal way is safe and effective; the illegal way is not.

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