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An Inside Look at the HGH Replacement Therapy Cost FactorsWhy would taking an inside look at the factors involved in HGH replacement therapy cost be helpful to you? Every day, hundreds of US adults are becoming new patients of human growth hormone replacement therapy and the majority of them are paying for the cost of their treatment themselves. Health care insurers often decline to provide coverage for the treatment of adult-onset growth hormone deficiency, categorizing it as a non-essential form of medical care. But if you are one of thousands of Americans who is suffering from a symptomatic growth hormone deficiency, eliminating those symptoms could be very essential to restoring your health and wellbeing.

So our Nexel Medical doctors want to provide you with a look at the cost factors involved in this form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) from the perspective of the medical professionals who are committed to providing patients with effective and safe treatment for this condition. They want to share with you why, even if you are paying for treatment yourself and wouldn’t mind cutting a few corners, the procedures and medications that legitimate HGH therapy doctors prescribe are absolutely necessary for ensuring your therapy’s successful outcome.

The basic cost factors can be broken down into three categories:

  • The cost of your initial and periodic physical examinations by a doctor
  • The cost of your initial and periodic blood sample tests
  • The cost of purchasing your prescribed human growth hormone injectable medications

All three categories represent the essential aspects of a properly prescribed and managed treatment program that meets the recommended medical guidelines for the use of bio-identical growth hormone supplementation replacement therapy – and that is why they are the main factors comprising every patient’s HGH replacement therapy cost.

Yet the costs can vary, depending on your choice of HRT medical provider and on where you purchase your prescribed human growth hormone injections. A number of online providers such as Nexel Medical have devised streamlined treatment procedures that help to keep their patients’ treatment costs down while keeping the quality of their medical treatment high. This is definitely causing more adults that are looking for affordable HRT options to turn to online medical providers like Nexel Medical, who can also schedule all of their treatment procedures to be performed locally at times that fit into their daily schedules.

Why the Cost of Your Prescribed HGH Treatments Can Vary

Why the Cost of Your Prescribed HGH Treatments Can Vary

The cardinal rule of commerce is that competition is good for consumers and this rule can be applied to the fairly recent increase in medical providers that exclusively specialize in hormone replacement therapy programs. With more doctors and clinics now being available to potential HRT patients, especially online, adults are able to compare the HGH replacement therapy cost among different providers before making a final choice on which they will receive their treatment from.

However, in making that choice many adults factor in other things that are important to them such as which provider offers them the most convenience; which has the required medical credentials and professional experience; sometimes it might even come down to which of them has been personally recommended by a friend or co-worker.  Another key factor can be which of them offers the easiest and most cost-effective way for them to obtain their prescribed HGH medications; many patients prefer to order their treatments online since injectable human growth hormone is considered to be a specialty drug by many neighborhood pharmacy chains and has to be special ordered for patients.

The brand of injectable human growth hormone that has been prescribed can also have a direct influence on any patient’s overall treatment costs. A licensed medical doctor can prescribe high quality pharmaceutical brands of HGH for patients, which includes Humatrope, Saizen, Genotropin, Norditropin, and a few others, and there could be significant price variations among them. Be aware though that there are also some medium and low quality brands of HGH on the marketplace; legitimate HRT medical providers generally steer clear of these. But no patient should ever feel uncomfortable about discussing the varying prices and levels of quality offered by all of these medications. At Nexel Medical, we always encourage our patients to ask as many questions as they have in respect to all of the factors that will have an effect of their HGH replacement therapy cost. And we are happy to report that in recent years, those costs have been coming down rather than going up. 

What’s the Cost of Not Using HGH Replacement Therapy?

Adults can live with an untreated growth hormone deficiency disorder rather than decide to get treatment for it, but what then is the cost to them of making this decision? Will any of them look back in time 10 or 20 years from now and regret that they allowed the HGH replacement therapy cost to prevent them from regaining and sustaining maximum health and vitality?

So let’s take an inside look, literally, at what can develop if you allow your insufficient growth hormone supply to continue to disappear. If you could see inside your body, you would see that your organs and systems don’t function as effectively when your growth hormone levels have become way out of balance. You’d see why it has become so difficult for you to lose that excess fat … why you never seem to have any energy … why you often experience mood swings and even feelings of mild depression … why you have lost your desire for sex … why your memory keeps getting worse … why your bone density is diminishing … and why you seem to suffer from cold after cold.

Without sufficient growth hormone, your cellular activity becomes sluggish and less effective, and that is also going to show on the outside of your body – where you will notice that your skin has become thinner and more wrinkled in its appearance; your hair is thinning and disappearing; your muscles have lost their healthy tone; and most of the excess fat you carry has stubbornly settled around your mid-section.

By allowing the HGH replacement therapy cost to prevent you from replenishing your body’s critically important growth hormone supply, you might very well ending paying the cost in other significant ways, such as all of the things we just mentioned along with becoming more susceptible to the development of heart disease and other debilitating diseases. However, it is your decision to make because it is going to be your healthy lifestyle that will pay the price in the end. 

Only You Can Decide If HGH Therapy Is Too Expensive To Use

Unless you are lucky enough to have a health insurance plan that does provide coverage for your HGH replacement therapy cost, which will continue for as long as you are on a medically prescribed treatment program, you will be faced with making a potentially life-changing decision.

It’s a decision that thousands of other adults have been facing in recent years: Do they decide that they can afford to revive their healthfulness and vitality by receiving supplemental treatments of the hormone that supports cell renewal; or do they decide to forego treatment and continue to struggle with their progressively worsening growth hormone deficiency symptoms?

This personal decision can only be made after you have been medically diagnosed with a significant level of deficiency and after your doctor has reviewed you medical history and your current physical condition. There might be factors in your health history that make getting HGH therapy inadvisable for you; or your blood test might show that your growth hormone levels are within the normal range, suggesting that something else is responsible for your symptoms.

So until you have been tested for this specific disorder, there is really no decision about treatment to be made. The first step is to gather the physiological facts that pertain to your individual situation and for that, you will need the capable assistance of a doctor who is qualified to recognize and treat adult-onset disorders such as growth hormone and testosterone deficiency. This is what we do at Nexel Medical; and our doctors have created testing and treatment procedures that are available locally to all US adults wherever they may live. You are welcome to contact us at any time to discuss these procedures, as well as your potential HGH replacement therapy cost. Whenever you decide that you want to do that, we will be ready and able to help you.

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