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Do You Know the ABC’s of the Benefits of Using HGH TherapyThe process of accessing information has undergone a total transformation in our digitally networked world; but do you know the basic ABC’s of gaining numerous HGH therapy benefits for yourself with the help of a qualified medical doctor? The fundamental aspects of using a human growth hormone replacement program are not difficult to understand – but they represent the basic information that you should have before you decide if using this type of medically prescribed HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is the right choice for you to make.

This form of medical treatment is currently being prescribed across the US for adults who have been diagnosed by HRT doctors with a symptomatic growth hormone deficiency disorder. Some of the information on using human growth hormone treatments that is out there would have you believe that it is only Hollywood celebrities and the very wealthy who utilize injectable HGH to rejuvenate their appearance and extend their physical vitality. However, that viewpoint misrepresents the serious wellness benefits that this treatment provides to adults who are suffering from the life-disrupting symptoms that can be associated with the development of a significant growth hormone deficiency.

In fact, it is illegal for US doctors to prescribe bio-identical human growth hormone injections to adults who do not exhibit the clinical presence of abnormal growth hormone loss, which can be verified by specific blood panel testing that measures the amount of hormone present in a patient’s system. However, for patients who meet the recommended medical criteria, their HGH therapy benefits can be both health and lifestyle enhancing … which is why this treatment continues to receive so much attention. But before you decide whether you want to get tested to see if you would medically qualify for this type of treatment, it will be very helpful for you to understand the following ABC’s that are involved in receiving its benefits.

Some Say That “A” Stands for HGH Therapy’s Anti-Aging Benefits

Some Say That “A” Stands for HGH Therapy’s Anti-Aging Benefits

Growth hormone is a peptide hormone that is responsible for encouraging your body’s functions of regeneration, cell reproduction and growth. Because of this, one of the HGH therapy benefits that have received the most widespread attention from the general public is its ability to produce anti-aging results. Yet its medical usage guidelines, which US doctors are expected to follow, prohibit it from being prescribed strictly as an anti-aging treatment. The use of HGH replacement therapy is considered appropriate as medical treatment for a symptomatic and very real medical condition, by US doctors and the federal drug regulations that they must abide by.

However, its anti-aging benefits are undeniable and this often puts doctors in the compromising position of having patients who don’t qualify for treatment requesting a prescription for using human growth hormone injections. But despite what articles you may have read touting HGH as an anti-aging phenomenon (often involving those well-known celebrities and/or wealthy tycoons mentioned previously), it is only those adults who clinically exhibit a genuine growth hormone deficiency who are going to receive the most benefits from using this treatment.

It also cannot be denied that due to the plethora of publicity on the anti-aging benefits provided by supplemental human growth hormone, some adults have been obtaining and using injectable HGH illegally. There are a number of very compelling reasons why this is not a good idea, but here are the top ones that you should know about:

  • Increasing your body’s growth hormone levels excessively, and without the benefit of utilizing the proper medical testing and supervision, can lead to the development of serious health issues.
  • Purchasing and using HGH injections illegally is a federal offense that will have serious legal consequences for you if you are caught. Federal drug regulators are becoming more aggressive about prosecuting offenders.
  • Any HGH that you purchase illegally, either online or anywhere else, is not guaranteed to be genuine, pharmaceutically manufactured human growth hormone. Much of the substances being advertised as genuine HGH and being sold without requiring a valid prescription would not pass US federal drug standards.

“B” Is for the Big Array of Benefits That HGH Therapy Offers

If your loss of growth hormone medically qualifies you for receiving it, the HGH therapy benefits that you can expect to be provided with are substantial. While not nearly as publicized as the so-called anti-aging results seen by users of this medical treatment, there is a wide array of wellness benefits that comes with restoring your deficient growth hormone levels to a healthier state of balance within your body’s endocrine system.

Scientifically verified studies have indicated that human growth hormone replacement therapy provides patients with increases in their energy levels; mental acuity; emotional stability; and sexual desire. These studies have also shown that users of this type of treatment program experience improved physiological function of their body’s organs and systems including the metabolic system. Consequently, the use of growth hormone therapy encourages the loss of excess fat, especially the stubborn fat that can accumulate around the mid-section when metabolic function has become sluggish and less effective due to the body’s loss of growth hormone. The improved immunological function that therapy restores means having fewer instances of minor illnesses, viruses and infections. Furthermore, this treatment has proven to improve the deteriorating muscle tone and bone density that growth hormone loss contributes to.

HGH therapy can also lower an adult’s risk for developing certain degenerative diseases that tend to develop in later life, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. It helps to keep growth hormone deficient adults healthy, vital and strong – which are typically considered to be youthful attributes by today’s cultural standards. But as you can see, the benefits of using human growth hormone replacement therapy are more about staying physiologically vital for life than they are about staying young. When your hormones are in proper balance, you don’t have to fear the aging process.

“C” Is About Understanding the Cost of Using HGH Therapy

Before reaching your decision on pursuing the impressive range of HGH therapy benefits, it is essential to understand that there is often an out-of-pocket cost attached to using this medical treatment. Why? It’s because it is common for health care insurers to decline coverage for adult-onset growth hormone deficiency.

As unfair as that might seem, it is further evidence of the reality of what many Americans face with the various limitations of their medical coverage. Yet many adults are willing to assume the financial responsibility of the cost of treatment in order to obtain relief from their chronically bothersome and unhealthy growth hormone deficiency symptoms. So to fully understand what your cost of treatment will be, you should directly contact your medical insurance provider and ask if the testing and treatment of adult-onset growth hormone deficiency are covered by your policy. Also understand that even if it is covered, many hormone replacement therapy doctors and clinics have a standard practice of billing patients for treatment and providing them with the documentation they will need to submit to their health care insurance providers.  

The cost of treatment is fundamentally determined by the individual therapeutic requirements of each patient. Once the extent of a patient’s deficiency has been diagnosed, the treating physician will typically be able to approximate the duration and cost of their treatment. It is obvious from the growing number of people who are opting to eliminate their hormone deficiency symptoms while receiving the many significant HGH therapy benefits that its cost has not been a deterrent. Most patients feel that it is impossible to put a price tag on the value of becoming healthier and remaining more vibrant through adulthood.  

These are the basic aspects of using human growth hormone therapy that all adults should be aware of; but it is expected that you might have additional questions about this treatment. So you are always welcome to contact Nexel Medical with any of your questions and be assured of receiving straightforward and accurate answers from our experienced clinical advisors – because the more you know, the more realistic your expectations of treatment will be.  

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