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How to Compare the Price of HGH Therapy to Its Value

How often do you stop and think about the value that you place on staying healthy and vibrant throughout your life? Most of us don’t think about it until something that is health-threatening occurs – and that is usually when people have to compare the HGH therapy price to the value that it represents to them.

Everything that people spend their money on is a value proposition of one sort or another. Whether it is money spent on life’s necessities or its luxuries, we all make conscious judgments every day about where our money goes. So when something unanticipated happens to you, such as the development of disruptive symptoms that are commonly associated with growth hormone deficiency, you might find yourself thinking, for the first time in a long time, about the value that you attach to restoring your good health.

There have been a growing number of American adults who value their health enough to get clinically tested for adult-onset growth hormone deficiency (AGHD), because they have found out that this is a very treatable medical condition. They have also learned that in addition to eliminating their bothersome symptoms, they will receive even more health value in return for their HGH therapy price. Multiple enhancements to their overall vitality, including higher energy levels; increased mental focus; loss of belly fat; improved muscle and skin tone; and a greater sense of emotional wellbeing have all been associated with the use of medically prescribed human growth hormone replacement therapy.

Yet has it been difficult for them to seek out the type of medical specialists who prescribe bio-identical hormone replacement programs for adult patients only?  Does HGH therapy cost more because the doctors who are qualified to prescribe it are hard to find? Not at all – in fact, today’s online hormone therapy medical providers have made treatment both much easier for patients to access and significantly more cost-competitive.

Will Your HGH Therapy Cost Be Covered by Your Insurance?

Will Your HGH Therapy Cost Be Covered by Your Insurance

It might be and it might not be. You will need to contact your health care insurer directly to find out – and it’s wise to do this before even having the preliminary testing for AGHD performed. You can tell them that you have been suffering from growth hormone deficiency symptoms and want to see a doctor to receive a proper diagnosis. Finding out that you either have coverage for this treatment or do not will not change your HGH therapy price, but it will let you know if you are going to be financially responsible for either paying all or some portion of it.

The terms of your health insurance won’t have any effect on the procedures for medical treatment that are utilized by experienced HRT providers like Nexel Medical. A blood test must be performed to measure your body’s available growth hormone levels; a physical exam must be performed in order to evaluate your overall physical condition; your medical history must be provided to and reviewed by your prescribing physician; and your symptoms must be reported to your doctor, as well. Bio-identical human growth hormone is a powerful and controlled pharmaceutical substance and it is critical that it be prescribed for AGHD patients in the correct dosage (per each individual patient’s requirements).

HGH therapy is also not intended for or even therapeutically beneficial to adults who do not exhibit the symptoms and clinical test results that support a diagnosis of AGHD. It can be very dangerous to anyone’s health to excessively or unnecessarily increase normal growth hormone levels, which is something that both doctors and medical insurance providers are aware of. This is undoubtedly why respected doctors are careful to consistently follow the appropriate procedures in treating AGHD, and why insurers are perhaps at times overly cautious about allowing coverage for it.

Get the Best Price and Value from Our HGH Therapy Doctors

Most of us ultimately place value over price; but that doesn’t mean that price doesn’t matter to us. None of us enjoys paying any more than is necessary and potential AGHD patients have every right to have a full explanation of the HGH therapy price that they will be responsible for.

We fully support that right at Nexel Medical and we encourage anyone who is interested in getting tested – and possibly treated – for unwanted growth hormone deficiency symptoms to contact us for a full explanation of what’s involved. If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time … want to reclaim the sharper and more energetic version of yourself … want to get in the best shape of your life … and want your healthy and active sex life to return … then call us for the details on how HGH therapy works.

We have a full staff of experienced clinical advisors who are available to answer your questions, explain our very convenient treatment procedures, and discuss any of your concerns about side effects and the like. We cannot provide you with an exact price for your treatment until the extent of your deficiency has been clinically determined, but we can provide with an estimate of your treatment costs if it turns out that you do qualify for receiving a prescription for using HGH injections therapy.

We can also provide you with excellent value; we have made our procedures easy for you to get performed locally (we will even schedule your appointments for you) and you’ll always have access to ongoing patient support services. At Nexel Medixal, we truly value our patients and their commitment to attaining improved health and increased vitality – in fact, we respect it. You’ll discover this for yourself when you call or email us for information or assistance on receiving the medically prescribed program human growth hormone replacement therapy that could transform your life.

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