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What Are the Real Results of HGH Injections Therapy Use

In medicine, treatment results can be measured in a variety of ways. There are results that can’t be seen but are nonetheless real, such as lowering a patient’s high blood pressure and there are results that are apparent. So what are the real results of HGH therapy use? Are they all obvious ones or are some of them the type of results that take place internally?

Actually, using human growth replacement therapy produces both types of results. Growth hormone is a biological substance produced by humans that promotes cell renewal, the fundamental physiological function that keeps our bodies revitalized. It helps to keep our organs and systems functioning in ways that support our ongoing healthfulness and even though you cannot see your growth hormone levels becoming depleted, you can certainly see the results caused by that depletion.

Having an inadequate supply of this critical hormone results in changes that can initially go unnoticed, but become more pronounced and obvious as your growth hormone deficit progresses. If you and your HGH therapy doctor decide that it would be advantageous for you to undertake a treatment program, you won’t see your growth hormone levels increasing (except by the clinical measurements produced by the periodic blood tests that will be performed during your treatment); but you will definitely witness a visible improvement in your deficiency symptoms.

The results of HGH therapy that you will observe will progress and increase exponentially as you go through your treatment cycle, which typically runs for approximately 6 months. Our doctors want to make sure that you know what to expect for results, as well as when you can expect to experience them and how long they will last, which we will take a closer look at next.  

How Long Do the Results of HGH Therapy Typically Last?

How Long Do the Results of HGH Therapy Typically Last

In the same way that the goal of physical therapy is to restore maximum physical function, the goal of human growth hormone replacement therapy is to restore maximum hormonal balance – and function. The therapeutic results of HGH therapy are generated internally, where having healthier levels of growth hormone allows all the cells of the body to function better; these are the therapeutic results that cause patients to feel noticeably better. However, every bit as gratifying to patients are the results of treatment that show up externally.

Here is what you can expect from your treatment – but remember that each individual patient will respond to therapy in their body’s own unique way:

  • Some results will begin to become apparent within the first month of your therapy program and continue to build week by week as your treatment continues. Most HGH therapy users notice higher energy levels and improvements in emotional wellbeing soon after the start of their program.
  • After a few months of using treatment, patients begin observing improvements to their physiques, which are becoming leaner due to the additional growth hormone that is encouraging excess fat loss and improved muscle tone. Many patients also notice improvements in cognitive function, like having a better memory, and are sleeping much better at night – as well as enjoying a more active sex life.  
  • As the 6-month treatment cycle enters its final months, most patients are approaching the point of receiving maximum results from their use of HGH injections therapy. By the end of the cycle, the results reflect what maximum physiological rejuvenation looks and feels like. Regarding the exterior results, skin is noticeably smoother; belly fat has melted away; muscles are firmer; eyes glow with vitality; and often hair color returns to graying hair. On the inside, your replenished growth hormone supply is doing its job by making you feel mentally sharper; physically vibrant and energetic; and emotionally steady.     

When Can You Begin an HGH Therapy Treatment Program?

Most hormone replacement therapy specialists agree that treatment is rarely medically indicated for adults under the age of 30. Growth hormone deficiency symptoms typically appear when adults have reached the ages of 40’s and 50’s; and the results of HGH therapy can only be expected when a clinically verified level of deficiency exists. This can occur to adults whose ages are still in the 30’s, but it is a far less prevalent than in older adults.

Aside from age, two factors determine the appropriate time for an adult to use human growth hormone replacement therapy: a person’s blood test results and the severity/frequency of a person’s symptoms. When symptoms like chronic fatigue, mild depression and feelings of detachment, mental fogginess, and weight gain are having a negative effect of lifestyle enjoyment as well as healthiness, it is probably time to have your growth hormone levels tested for deficiency. If the results confirm this the presence of this disorder, treatment with injectable HGH can begin immediately.

HGH therapy programs generally advise patients to use treatment for 6 months, incrementally restoring their growth hormone levels to healthy balance, followed by a “resting period” of a year without using the injectable treatments. Treatment then resumes for 6 months and is followed by another 1 year without treatment, and so on. By measuring a patient’s growth hormone levels through intermittent blood testing, hormone therapy doctors are able to determine when it is time to resume a new treatment cycle.

The greater the extent of deficiency, the more pronounced any patient’s results of HGH therapy are likely to be. On the other hand, by detecting this disorder in its early stages, fewer treatments will be needed to restore the patient to optimal hormonal balance. Since most primary care physicians do not test their patients for hormone deficiencies, adults who suspect that they are experiencing HGH deficiency symptoms have to be proactive about getting tested for and receiving medically prescribed hormone replacement therapy.

Where Can You Find HGH Doctors Who Are Focused on Results?

It requires specialized medical training along with years of practical experience to possess the type of professional qualifications that produce the best results of HGH therapy programs. So where can you find medical providers like that? At Nexel Medical.

Our HGH doctors are among the most respected and best qualified hormone replacement physicians in the US – and they are capable of treating adult patients throughout the US. You’ll find them just by accessing our website; once you have done that, you can avail yourself of our locally available testing for growth hormone deficiency quickly and conveniently. A physical exam is also going to be required before treatment can be prescribed for you, and if you have not had one performed recently by your own primary care physician, we can schedule that you locally, as well.

Nexel Medical will be supervising your therapy every step of the way and we are always available to our patients for any advice, support and assistance that they may find themselves needing along the way. As a hormone replacement therapy patient of Nexel Medical, our doctors will keep track of your progress to ensure that you are receiving the maximum results from your prescribed treatments. We will be right there with you as your energy returns; as your mental function sharpens; as a leaner and healthier physique reveals itself; as you interest in sex returns; and as a newly rejuvenated appearance has everyone asking why you look so much more youthful and refreshed – and how you did it.

You can tell them that it’s the magic of getting your hormone levels back in balance because that is exactly what the results of HGH therapy can do for you. At Nexel Medical, our entire focus is on helping adults who have developed symptomatic hormone disorders such as growth hormone and testosterone deficiency to be transformed back into the healthier and more vibrant versions of themselves.

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