Low Testosterone Treatment Costs

How Your Low Testosterone Treatment Costs Are Factored

Who ever thought that “comparison shopping” by price would apply to the medical treatments needed by people in the US? Yet price differentials are just one of the many factors that influence high cost of our nation’s health care, so it is important to understand the factors that can determine your low testosterone treatment costs. Your insurance may cover all or some of the costs involved, but as many adults are discovering, it may not. So the first thing that any adult who wants to use TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) should do is to contact their health care insurer directly and ask for details about your potential coverage for using Low T medical treatment.

Once you understand what is or is not covered, you will want to focus your attention on finding a medical provider for your treatment because the provider you choose will affect your cost. As most of us know from personal experience, the costs associated with hospitals, clinics and doctors’ practices can vary extensively. Yet because we all want to have the very best medical providers available whenever we need to have treatment or a procedure performed, it can almost feel wrong to base our choice of provider on finding the lowest cost.

However, there are ways to keep your low testosterone treatment costs fair and reasonable without sacrificing any medical quality when making the decisions that are associated with using a TRT program. In addition to the doctor or clinic you choose, the form of prescribed treatment that you decide to use will make a significant difference in how much you ultimately spend on eliminating your Low T symptoms. Even the clinical lab you use to have your treatment’s periodic blood testing performed has an effect on your overall costs.

So because of the way our country’s current health care system is structured, it is not just wise but necessary for adults who are considering the use of testosterone replacement therapy to understand the various aspects of the cost involved. At Nexel Medical, we are always glad to explain these cost factors to our perspective patients. 

Which Type of Low Testosterone Treatment Is Right for You?

Which Type of Low Testosterone Treatment Is Right for You?

Why would the form of prescription medication you decide to use have a significant effect of your low testosterone treatment costs? Is it because of the wide price variation in all prescription drugs that we as Americans have become frustrated by – but accustomed to? It is actually more than that. Since there are various ways that your Low T treatments can be absorbed into a patient’s system, adults can now choose from using the original way to increase their testosterone levels, which is using injections; using transdermal skin patch; using topically applied gels; or using pellets that are implanted subcutaneously.

All of these forms have different costs attached to their use but cost should definitely not be the only factor that determines which form you decide to use. Injectable testosterone is both highly effective and affordable but some men just don’t want to use injections. However, the injections are typically only used a few times a month during a patient’s treatment cycle and can be self-administered at home. The topical gels have become very popular among patients now that we have all seen the ads for them, but if this form of treatment is not covered by your medical insurance it can get expensive to use it. The gels require daily, sometimes twice daily, applications so using them can substantially increase a patient’s low testosterone treatment costs.

The implanted pellets and skin patches are not nearly as popular a treatment choice and it is not due to their costs. The patches have been tried and rejected by patients who experienced skin rashes and other complications that made this treatment option unacceptable to them, and the implanted pellets have not been consistently delivering the desired treatment results. The professional input of your TRT medical provider can provide you with invaluable guidance on the form of treatment that will be the most appropriate and beneficial for you to use.

The therapeutic goal of all TRT programs is to medically guide patients to the optimal hormonal balance of their testosterone levels, and to help them sustain that balance throughout the years of their adulthood. For many adults, there will be a cost associated with this – but they understand that it is a financial investment in their ongoing health and vitality. Can you think of a more rewarding investment than that?    

Managing Your Low Testosterone Treatment and Its Costs

At Nexel Medical our doctors know what it’s like when your testosterone supply declines; and we also know what it’s like when you are able to restore it to healthy and balanced levels. A number of our doctors are also Low T patients, which provides us with valuable insight into the challenges and benefits that adults using TRT often experience.

We believe that low testosterone treatment costs should not be an insurmountable challenge for any adult who is suffering from Low T symptoms. With our personal and professional knowledge of the many benefits that TRT provides to adult males, the entire treatment team at Nexel Medical wants to enable all of our patients to reach their treatment goals. But before they can reach those goals, many of them have some decisions to make on behalf of their health. And we can help them to make those decisions.

Our clinical advisors are always available to answer any adult’s questions about Low T treatment, regardless of what they might be. We can explain more about its costs; the relative pros and cons of the various forms of treatment; what’s involved in having a testosterone blood test performed; how our patients learn to prepare and administer their injections; and how the risk for experiencing side effects can be minimized. If you’re wondering if you are too young or too old for using this treatment, talk to us and we’ll be happy to answer your personal questions about TRT.

Don’t allow your concerns about your potential low testosterone treatment costs prevent you from doing something really positive for your continuing health and wellbeing. Contact us and find out how our streamlined procedures are helping to keep the treatment costs down for our Low T patients nationwide – and how the expertise of our doctors is helping them to achieve their therapeutic goals.        

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