Prescription for Low Testosterone

Why Do You Need a Prescription for Low Testosterone Treatment?

What is your version of the good life? Does it include you being able to stay healthy, strong and vibrantly sexual throughout all of the stages of your life? Your male hormone supply is what can make that possible for you; but if you have Low T symptoms, why do you need a prescription for low testosterone treatment? Shouldn’t men be able to use these treatments whenever they feel that they need to in order to improve their declining vitality and virility?

Not according to the medical and pharmacological communities, whose members understand how powerful these treatments are and how unsafe they can be when they are used improperly. When controlled substances such as bio-identical testosterone and other pharmaceutically produced steroids are obtained and used “off-label” or illegally instead of under medical supervision, they can cause serious health issues for the users. These treatments were created for use by patients who have clinically verified and symptomatic Low T levels, not for bodybuilders, athletes or anyone else to use illegally for reasons of performance or muscular enhancement.

Here is why a prescription for low testosterone treatment is required for use by anyone living in the US – it is because its illicit and uncontrolled use by adults typically becomes abuse very quickly. They use these treatments without having their male hormone levels measured by a blood test and often end up increasing their male hormone levels excessively. Sustaining excessively high testosterone levels, which is not what the use of medically prescribed Low T treatments does, can eventually lead to stroke, heart failure, liver toxicity, and other undesirable developments according to a number of studies.

So to use this TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) safely and effectively, it has to be prescribed according to the recommended medical protocols and individually dosed to correspond to each patient’s therapeutic requirements. This is not only the federal regulation that applies to every person in the US; it is also the only medically responsible and beneficial way to use supplemental testosterone treatments in all of its forms.

What Is the Cost of Treatment for Low Testosterone Levels?

What Is the Cost of Treatment for Low Testosterone Levels?

Some men try to justify their illegal use of steroid hormones by saying that it saves them money; but even if it does, at what cost? In order to avoid the cost of getting a valid medical prescription for low testosterone therapy, they must buy these substances from illegal sellers, either online or from some other questionable source. They have to hope that what they are purchasing and intend to inject themselves with is authentic, because it is being sold without being federally inspected and verified – because they have no guarantees about this.

They are often purchasing substances that have been manufactured in other countries that are not likely to follow the same pharmaceutical standards as those applied to drugs and controlled substances that are manufactured here in the US. They could be contaminated, expired or they could intentionally mislabeled; and they could even be some other substance altogether. All things considered, they could be very dangerous for anyone to use. If this is the case, and it often is, the fact they might cost less then legally prescribed testosterone treatments should be irrelevant.

Furthermore, the cost of using a medically prescribed program of testosterone injections is very reasonable and many men have health insurance that covers the cost of their treatment. But even men whose insurance does not provide coverage for using TRT find that they can easily afford the cost of getting a prescription for low testosterone treatments, especially if they intend to use self-administered injections. The use of the topical forms of therapy, meaning the testosterone gels and creams, can be higher versus the injectable form. This is because (1) they need to be applied daily, instead of using an injection a few times a month and (2) they are newer pharmaceutical products and have not been around long enough for the price to drop significantly.

A medical provider cannot provide any patient with an exact cost for their treatment prior to testing their level of deficiency and determining the specific form and dosage of the treatment program that will be prescribed for them. But once treatment has been prescribed, every patient should be able to find out exactly what the cost of his treatment is going to be.

Should You Use an Online Doctor for Your Low T Treatment?

What many men have discovered is that they can now get medical treatment for their Low T symptoms from fully licensed US doctors that can be conveniently accessed online. In doing this, they gain the advantage of receiving their prescription for low testosterone treatment from experienced TRT medical specialists; the convenience of having their blood testing and medical exams performed in their local areas; and the added advantage of being able to purchase their prescribed treatments at very competitive prices from licensed Internet pharmacies based in the US.

Being able to do this, legally and with confidence, has been a game-changer for many men who require this treatment for correcting their hormonal deficiency. Some of them would have otherwise had to go through considerable inconvenience and disruption in their schedules to see a TRT specialist; some were reluctant to discuss their Low T symptoms with their regular physicians; and some were not motivated enough to seek treatment for their symptoms until they realized that there was now a faster and simpler way for them to do it, using experienced medical professionals who have based their professional practices online.

In our increasingly digitally connected world, it makes perfect sense to be able to utilize the Internet for much more streamlined access to getting a valid prescription for low testosterone replacement therapy.  You can implement the simple steps involved in getting your prescription by contact Nexel Medical by phone or email and asking one of our clinical advisors to schedule your local blood test, which is the first essential step that’s required. And if you have any additional questions about using treatment for your Low T symptoms, we encourage you to ask those as well; we will always be happy to answer them for you.

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