What Do Doctors Recommend for Low Testosterone

What Do Doctors Recommend for Raising Low Testosterone Levels?

Depending on the number of doctors you ask the question of what do doctors recommend for low testosterone treatment, you could receive a variety of answers that vary significantly. The answer you receive would also depend on the type of doctor who is giving it, because the opinions of medical practitioners can be as individualized as every human is.

So whose perspective do you want for providing you with answers to your questions about Low T, as testosterone deficiency is commonly called? Your first instinct would probably be to ask your primary care provider; however, many PCPs refer their patients to specialists who have specific training and experience in hormone disorders such as Low T. Perhaps who have a health care relationship with a long-time family doctor or even a personal friendship with one. Would you feel confortable asking them what their opinion is of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy)?

If you were to ask a TRT specialist what do doctors recommend for low testosterone medical treatment, you would get a comprehensive answer that taps into that doctor’s extensive professional training, knowledge and experience in treating adult-onset hormone disorders like Low T. You’d learn that the use of bio-identical testosterone to increase low androgen levels has been in medical use for decades, and that is has been consistently shown to be a treatment that is both highly effective and low-risk. And you would also find out that there are now several options being used for treating adults with Low T symptoms that were not available to patients a decade ago.

You would be able to find out which of these options is most widely prescribed by the doctors who have chosen to specialize in hormone replacement therapy, which many adults would consider to be more pertinent information than what doctors who only rarely or occasionally prescribe Low T treatments for their patients. So where can you find truly relevant answers to all of your questions about increasing low testosterone levels? From online TRT medical specialists, such as the highly experienced doctors and clinical advisers that you can access at the Nexel Medical website.

What Type of Doctors Specialize in Low Testosterone Therapy?

What Type of Doctors Specialize in Low Testosterone Therapy?

Endocrinologists, urologists and hormone replacement therapy doctors all possess specialized training and experience in in the treatment of symptomatic testosterone deficiency. It would be relevant to ask any of these types of physicians what do doctors recommend for low testosterone levels because they routinely treat adults for this condition. With their greater understanding of the complexities of the human endocrine system, these are the doctors who can answer your questions in ways that general practitioners or specialists in other fields of medicine cannot.

They are significantly more familiar with the undesirable implications that hormone disorders can have on an adult’s overall health and vitality, and are more experienced in recognizing the symptoms of a condition like Low T. While your regular doctor is far more likely to attribute symptoms such as low energy, reduced sex drive, weight gain, and emotional changes to the stress in your life or unhealthy lifestyle habits, a knowledgeable TRT doctor is far more likely to recognize these issues as the commonly experienced warning signs of a testosterone deficiency.

A doctor who specializes in TRT will be better equipped to explain the testing procedures as well as what your current treatment options are, if your test results confirm that your male hormone levels have become too low to help support your ongoing vitality and healthfulness. You will not only be able find out what do doctors recommend for low testosterone, you’ll be able to find out why they recommend certain forms of treatment more often than others. Most importantly, when you choose one of these types of specialists for your Low T testing and treatment, you can be assured receiving individualized treatment rather than simply receiving a prescription for using a topical cream that you’ve seen advertised on television. For instance, a TRT specialist is far more likely to prescribe the use of testosterone injections, since they have the most consistent and established record for clinically proven effectiveness.

There is much more to receiving safe and successful treatment for your testosterone deficiency symptoms than just handing you a prescription and wishing you well. And no one knows this better than the experienced medical practitioners like Nexel Medical who specialize in TRT programs for adult patients. Our doctors are fully licensed and can legally treat patients for Low T nationwide; and using our innovative treatment process, adults living in every state can easily access our medical services online. 

Is Getting Your Low Testosterone Levels Tested Complicated?

Using the Nexel Medical process, getting your testosterone levels is very uncomplicated. Actually, we have uncomplicated everything about using TRT, from your local blood testing and physical exam to receiving your diagnosis and recommendations for prescription treatment. We take care of everything for you, including providing you with a fully licensed US pharmacy from which you can conveniently and cost-effectively order your prescribed medications online.

Your first step is simply to contact us directly and ask one of our clinical advisors to schedule a diagnostic blood test and physical exam for you in your local area. If you have other questions in addition to what do doctors prescribe for low testosterone levels, and it doesn’t matter how many you have, your clinical advisor will be happy to take the time to make certain that all of your questions are answered completely.

The testing involves a simple to perform blood sample drawing; depending on your results, your doctor may require an additional blood test to verify them. Testosterone levels, like those of many of our other hormones, fluctuate throughout the day and your doctor may need to confirm your Low T diagnosis with another blood test. After evaluating your testing and physical exam results, along with your current symptoms and your medical history (which you can submit to us online), your Nexel Medical doctor will determine if you are medically qualified for using TRT. If you are, you will receive a legal prescription for the form of treatment that you and your doctor have decided on.

Deciding on your form of prescribed treatment will involve first and foremost the consideration of your personal requirements for therapy, as well as a discussion of the pros and cons of the various options that are available to you. You can either have this discussion with your clinical advisor at Nexel Medical when you are asking about what do doctors prescribe for low testosterone, or you can wait until after you have received your diagnosis from your Nexel Medical doctor. Either way, it will be helpful for you to find out what each form of treatment’s the advantages and disadvantages are.

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