How to Qualify for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Learn How to Qualify for Testosterone Replacement Therapy Use

The lifelong pursuit of healthiness and happiness is essentially ingrained in Americans from the moment of birth; yet one of the events that obstruct that pursuit is the development of Low T and its symptoms. Is this has happened to you, learning how to qualify for testosterone replacement therapy is the first step in a process that can get you back on track for living with greater health and wellbeing.

Since it is not until the arrival of symptoms that most men realize that something has changed for them physiologically, virtually every adult who is seeking medical treatment for testosterone deficiency is going to have a number of unwanted associated symptoms to report to their medical provider. These will typically include wellness issues such as erectile dysfunction; low energy; disinterest in sexual intimacy; loss of muscle tone; reduced strength; excess weight; and feelings of emotional anxiety or depression; all of these issues are consistently reported by adults who have developed a medically significant level of male hormone loss.    

Your testosterone therapy replacement (TRT) doctor will want to know what your symptoms are and if indicated by them, the next step will be to have a testosterone blood test performed, which will measure your body’s available hormone supply. It is the evaluation of both your symptoms and the results of your blood levels test that provides TRT doctors with an accurate indication of your individual condition of hormone deficiency.

But before a program of Low T therapy can be prescribed for you, your doctor must also review two other important physiological factors: Your current condition (this means having a physical exam performed) and your past medical history (this means providing your doctor with an accurate and complete history of your health care). At Nexel Medical, every perspective patient of ours is required to complete these four steps in how to qualify for testosterone replacement therapy because each of them is critically important to providing you with a medically responsible program of treatment for your symptomatic male hormone imbalance.  

Finding Out What Type of Testosterone Therapy Is Best for You

Finding Out What Type of Testosterone Therapy Is Best for You

As you are probably aware, there are now more choices in the forms of Low T treatments that doctors can prescribe for patients; for many decades there was just one form available, the use of testosterone injections. While that form remains widely used by patients, because it is both effective and affordable, the newer choices that TRT patients have include implanted pellets; skin patches; topical gels (and creams); and an oral form that is placed between the gums and cheek tissue for gradual absorption.

The forms that are used predominantly by today’s patients are the injections and the topically applied forms. In addition to knowing how to qualify for testosterone replacement therapy, it is really helpful for patients to give some consideration about what form of treatment they would prefer to use. There are aspects of ether of these forms of treatment to consider, which are how often they need to be self-administered; their record of therapeutic results; their cost, since the use of TRT is a long-term commitment for most patients; and their compatibility with your lifestyle. For instance, using the topical forms requires certain precautions in order to avoid cross-contamination with people who are likely to come into close physical contact with, such as your family members.

The primary form of treatment that is prescribed for our patients at Nexel Medical is the use of testosterone injections. Our patients are very satisfied with the results they receive from using this form of prescription treatment and since many medical insurers decline full coverage for treatment of the adult-onset version of testosterone deficiency, the affordability of using injections versus a cream or gel form is something that our patients appreciate.

However, we understand that some of our patients who have learned how to qualify for testosterone replacement therapy simply don’t want to use self-administered injections, at least not until they have tried using a topical form first. Unfortunately, the topical medications don’t share the consistent record of success that the injectable medications have shown, so it is not unusual for a patient to switch from using the gels to the injections. The TRT doctors at Nexel Medical have one treatment goal and it is to provide each patient with their best results, whichever form of treatment it is that ends up working out in the best way for each of them. If you have any questions about any of the forms our TRT that our doctors prescribe, please feel free to call us and one of our clinical advisors will be happy to answer your questions.

Why Sustaining Replenished Testosterone Levels Is Essential

In the instance of therapeutically replenishing an adult’s progressively depleted male hormone supply, the process for treatment is an ongoing one. While TRT can sometimes improve your body’s ability to increase its production of this critical biological substance, you should know that it’s far more likely that you will require an ongoing program of treatment, as the majority of patients do.

Most adults who have contact us to find out how to qualify for testosterone replacement therapy also have questions about what to expect when using this treatment. We explain to them that what TRT does is to supplement your body’s Low T levels, over a predetermined and closely monitored cycle of treatment that usually lasts for about 6 months. This cycle is then followed by a period of not using treatment while your body enjoys the benefits of having healthily restored testosterone levels. However, since you body’s ability to produce adequate amounts of male hormone on its own has diminished, your supplemental supply will eventually be used up and require an additional cycle of treatment. These cycles will continue for as long as you are using a medically prescribed TRT program.

Without continuing treatment, your symptoms will return and the health benefits that your treatment has been providing to you will progressively decline as well. So even though using testosterone therapy is usually going to represent making a long-term commitment, it’s a commitment that you are making to yourself for the purpose of living more healthily and more rewardingly.   

How Nexel Medical Provides Adults with Testosterone Therapy

At Nexel Medical, we have not only made it easier for adults to find out how to qualify for testosterone replacement therapy, we have also made it much easier for adults in the US to receive it. Our doctors have accomplished this by creating innovative, digitally-assisted procedures that make it possible for every adult who is qualified to use medically prescribed and supervised TRT to be able to access it locally, regardless of where in the country they may be living (including the states of Hawaii and Alaska).

Using our process for testing and treatment, you can make your initial contact with one of our helpful clinical advisors either by phone (we have a toll-free number) or email (using the contact form that can be found right on our website). If you have specific concerns or questions you would like to ask, we suggest calling us so that we can better assist you. You will be able to request having a local testosterone blood test performed from your clinical advisor, along with having a local physical exam performed. You can also discuss your current symptoms with your advisor and if you would like to, you can submit your medical history to Nexel Medical by completing the form for this purpose that is also found on our website. This is that is going to be required of you in regard to how to qualify for testosterone replacement therapy that will be prescribed and managed by the TRT doctors here at Nexel Medical.

So with Nexel Medical as your TRT provider, you are going to be able to complete the procedures for receiving doctor prescribed Low T treatment without ever needing to leave your local area. And you will be receiving your therapy from some of the country’s most experienced and knowledgeable hormone replacement therapy doctors. It would be hard to imagine a more convenient or efficient method for medically restoring your testosterone supply to a more beneficial state and thereby eliminating the troubling symptoms that have been hindering your pursuit of ongoing health and happiness.

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