Testosterone Replacement Therapy Prescriptions

Getting Testosterone Replacement Therapy Prescriptions Locally

Does your life seem as though it has become overly complicated at times? The world we all currently share has definitely become a more complicated one in many ways; but one thing that has become much simpler are the procedures for obtaining testosterone replacement therapy prescriptions locally. At Nexel Medical, we believe that this is going to be welcome news for men who would really like to do something about getting rid of their Low T symptoms, but have thought that it was going to be too complicated or time-consuming to accomplish.

However, getting a prescription for using male hormone replacement therapy (or TRT as it is commonly referred to) has now become much easier for men to accomplish than it has ever been – and it is because of the innovative treatment procedures that our doctors have developed. Nexel Medical has made it possible for all men in the US to receive medically prescribed treatment for adult-onset hormone disorders such as Low T and growth hormone deficiency locally and efficiently. And as a highly respected and professionally qualified online medical provider of hormone replacement therapy programs, you can be assured that the quality of the treatment that you will receive from our experienced doctors will be excellent.

So how does this faster and easier way of getting Low T treatment work? It has been enabled with the assistance of today’s digital technologies. Our patients are able to contact us online through our website, or call us to speak directly with one of our TRT clinical advisors and begin the process of having two of the prerequisites of treatment – a testosterone-measuring blood test and a standard medical exam – performed locally, at a date and time that is convenient for them. The results are digitally transmitted to the Nexel Medical doctors where they are carefully reviewed along with the third preliminary requirement, a patient’s medical history, which can be easily submitted to us by completing the form for this purpose that is on our website.

Upon arriving at a clinical diagnosis of Low T, our doctors are legally able to issue testosterone replacement therapy prescriptions to men in every location throughout the US who have been properly determined to require this form of treatment. And our patients can use their valid prescriptions to conveniently and legally order their TRT medications online for prompt delivery to them. There is nothing at all that is complicated about accomplishing any of this.

The Types of Testosterone Therapy Drugs That Doctors Prescribe

The Types of Testosterone Therapy Drugs That Doctors Prescribe

Before men with Low T symptoms receive their testosterone replacement therapy prescriptions, most if not all of them would have given some consideration as to what form of treatment they would prefer to use. For decades, the only form of treatment that was available to them was the use of injectable testosterone, which the majority of patients learned to self-administer since using treatments in this form typically requires being administered at least once every two weeks. But in recent years new forms of treatment, including the use of gels, creams and implanted pellets, have become quite popular among patients.

All of these forms come with their own pluses and minuses for patients to consider. Testosterone injections have remained a popular choice because they tend to be the most affordable form that a patient can use; many men also appreciate that they only have to think about their treatments a couple of times a month versus every day. On the other hand, using the cream and gel forms of treatment does require daily applications along with being careful to take precautions against inadvertently cross-contaminating a family member through skin-to-skin contact with these medications. The pellets are one of the newest forms and are still being studied for their effectiveness and ease of use.

Yet there is no reason to allow yourself to become confused by your various TRT treatment options, either before or during your therapy. You can easily discuss the pros and cons of all of these forms of treatment with one of our clinical advisors here at Nexel Medical, even if you have not yet made your final decision about using a testosterone replacement therapy program. We are always happy to provide adults with the latest information on the treatments that are now available to them, and to explore which of these could be the most appropriate and beneficial choice for them.

What’s the Cost of Getting a Prescription for Low T Therapy?

The cost of obtaining testosterone replacement therapy prescriptions can vary widely, depending on the medical practice or clinic that you choose for your treatment. At Nexel Medical, our goal is to make TRT an affordable medical treatment for the thousands of adults each year from all across the US who develop testosterone deficiency symptoms.

The various cost factors include having testosterone blood tests performed at a local medical testing lab before and during your treatment; the cost of having a preliminary medical exam performed by one of our doctors in your local area; the cost of your prescribed medications; and the dosage that your level of deficiency requires. Because these can all be somewhat variable, depending on where you are located and what form of treatment you use, it is not possible for us to estimate a single cost estimate for TRT that will uniformly apply to all patients. However, once our doctors have arrived at a confirmed diagnosis of your condition and have determined your therapeutic requirements, your clinical advisor at Nexel Medical will be able to provide you with an exact cost for your treatment program.

Of course, some of our patients have health care insurance plans that cover either the full or partial cost of obtaining their testosterone replacement therapy prescriptions as well as the cost of their prescribed treatments. We advise all of our patients to check with their medical insurance providers to see if their treatment will be covered, and to what extent, even before they begin the preliminary procedures that are required for using TRT. If you will be responsible for the cost of your treatment, keep in mind that the two things that you are going to be investing in are vitally important – because they are nothing less than your ongoing health and lifestyle satisfaction.

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