Testosterone Therapy for Men

The Health Benefits Testosterone Therapy for Men with Low T

Men’s health becomes more complicated with age, because your body’s organs and systems gradually but progressively function less efficiently. Yet the health benefits that are provided by testosterone therapy for men who have developed Low T levels can help to bring your male hormone supply back into the proper balance that supports better physiological function during your adulthood.

As many medical authorities including hormone replacement specialists point out, however, those health benefits only apply to men who have been clinically diagnosed with testosterone deficiency. In those individuals, the benefits have been shown to outweigh any risks that have been associated with TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). But too many men are unaware of this fact and assume that TRT is primarily an effective way to increase a lagging libido that any man is middle aged or older can simply get a prescription for and immediately start enjoying its sexual benefits.

Testosterone deficiency should not be thought of as a sexual problem; it’s an adult health problem. While it’s true that some of the most apparent and well known symptoms caused by low T levels are a decrease in sexual desire and erectile issues that inhibit sexual performance, this is a hormonal disorder can often be accompanied by a number of health implications. Having inadequate male hormone production can contribute to heath problems such as diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. It can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. And it can deplete your energy and stamina.

However, it has been suggested that too many men who have normal testosterone levels are using TRT primarily to give a huge boost to their sex lives without realizing that excessively increasing your male hormone levels can be as damaging to your overall health as leaving your Low T levels untreated. So it is important to only use testosterone therapy for men if you have been clinically tested and shown to require it, and to only receive a prescription for this treatment from a doctor who is experienced in and ethical about providing hormone replacement therapy legitimately. It’s the best way to gain all of the health benefits without exposing yourself to both short- and long-term health risks.

Should You Use Testosterone Injections or Testosterone Creams?

Should You Use Testosterone Injections or Testosterone Creams

Perhaps the availability of topically applied transdermal treatments had something to do with increasing the interest in testosterone therapy for men throughout the US. Prior to the availability of prescription strength creams and gels to treat Low T, only the injectable form of testosterone was available to men who required this medical treatment. These prescription gels and creams have been aggressively marketed and many men find the idea of using a treatment that does not have to be injected to be more appealing than using testosterone injections. But the fact is that each of these forms of TRT offers patients both advantages and disadvantages.

The issue with transdermal creams and gels is that they tend to have a variable rate of absorption, which means that they will be more effective for some men and less effective for others. They also require being applied by patients much more frequently than administering injections, with some creams requiring twice a day applications. Patients also have to be very careful about not transferring a topically applied testosterone treatment to others, such as your spouse, through physical contact and must take care to thoroughly wash their hands after every application. However, the transdermal medications for Low T have been shown to be a better choice for patients who may have cardiovascular risk factors.

What both patients and their doctors have historically appreciated about the use of testosterone injections is that they are typically self-administered by patients just once a week and consistently produce desirable male hormone levels. These injections also don’t require the precautions that must be heeded when using a gel or cream form – it’s just one quick injection and you’re done. However, it’s possible for some soreness or tenderness at the injection site to be experienced by some patients; but this is usually gone within a few days.

It’s a very good idea to discuss the pros and cons of the different forms of testosterone therapy for men that are now available (recently both a time-release pellet form of treatment and a nasal gel have been approved for use) with your hormone replacement therapy provider before you decide on the type of treatment that will best meet both your medical requirements and your lifestyle requirements. 

Does Using Testosterone Treatments Cause Any Side Effects?

While the medically unauthorized and illegal use of testosterone in any form can lead to some very undesirable side effects, the legitimate and medically controlled use of testosterone therapy for men will typically cause very few associated problems. While not common, some patients have reported experiencing sleep apnea, enlargement of the breast tissue and acne; however, these side effects can usually be eliminated quickly simply by stopping the patient’s treatment.  

Doctors have discovered that TRT can sometimes increase the patient’s risk for developing blood clots and/or stroke. Some HRT doctors will advise patients in whom this risk is present to mitigate it by periodically donating blood. But on the positive side, they have also discovered that the perception that testosterone replacement therapy leads to prostate cancer is a scientifically unfounded one, since no significant evidence has been produced that supports this lingering perception.

However, it would be difficult to overstate the potential risks and side effects that anyone who is purchasing and using testosterone treatments without medical authorization will be exposed to. The first risk in in using a prescription-only substance that has been obtained illegally; these products are often contaminated, expired or have been manufactured by companies in countries that do not follow the same strict standards of the pharmaceutical products manufactured here in the US. But even if the product is authentic, the second risk is in using it without having been tested for testosterone deficiency, which could increase your male hormone levels excessively and subsequently lead to the production of too much estrogen in your system. Excessive estrogen can cause hypertension, mood swings, fluid retention, and a number of other health issues.

The only way to utilize TRT safely and effectively is to be properly tested for Low T and to consistently follow your doctor’s dosage instructions. Using the correct dosage is the single most important factor in successful testosterone therapy for men who have developed a medically confirmed male hormone deficiency.

Finding Experienced Doctors Who Prescribe Testosterone Therapy

Helping adults to sustain optimal hormonal balance is a highly specialized type of medicine; this is why many primary care providers and general practitioners often do not test for Low T or prescribe testosterone therapy for men. They are more likely to suggest that a male patient who has been experiencing symptoms that could be symptomatic of male hormone deficiency see an endocrinologist, urologist or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specialist.

It’s good advice. There is no better way to ensure the success of your TRT program than having it managed by an experienced and knowledgeable medical professional whose sole focus is the treatment of hormone disorders. In the past, this has been difficult for many adults to accomplish, primarily because they are living in areas that don’t have hormone replacement specialists nearby. However, today’s American adults have a treatment resource that previous generation didn’t have available to them – highly qualified online medical providers who can prescribe and manage your treatment remotely.

Online TRT providers such as Nexel Medical accomplish this by being digitally connected to a network of local medical testing labs and doctors who can perform the preliminary testing and examination procedures for their patients. This allows all adults in the US who have developed Low T symptoms to undergo the required treatment procedures locally and still benefit from having a respected HRT specialist that will individually prescribe and supervise their medically correct treatment digitally. It also allows patients to conveniently order their prescribed testosterone medications from licensed online pharmacies and have them promptly shipped and delivered to them.

This is the contemporary and efficient way to receive top-level testosterone replacement therapy from providers with the highest levels of medical expertise in successfully treating hormonal disorders. And it also offers a very fast and easy way to get answers and information on TRT in advance of committing to a prescribed program of treatment; when you contact Nexel Medical directly, one of our clinical advisors will be very happy to assist you with any information you need.

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