What Is HGH Therapy And How Does It Work

What Is HGH Therapy And How Does It Work

Growth hormone therapy, also called HGH therapy is the medical process of taking doctor prescribed injections of bio-identical human growth hormone medication in order to raise and balance growth hormone levels that are too low. The injections of HGH are taken subcutaneously, which means right under the skin. The process is a simple one and most do not find it painful.

The medications that are prescribed for HGH therapy are 191 amino acid sequences that are exact replicas of what the body naturally produces. This is why the system will accept the injections so well. The body does not see the medication as a foreign substance when a person takes the correct dosage of 100 percent pure HGH.

When delivered just under the skin, the HGH medication enters the blood stream and gently raises as well as balances out the growth hormone that is already in the body. Doctors need to be very careful to prescribe the exact amount of HGH that a person needs. The right dosage needed is discovered through the patient’s blood work.

What Does HGH Do To Your Body?

What Does HGH Do To Your Body?

Correctly prescribed HGH replacement therapy adds back the missing growth hormone to the body that has been depleted due to a slowing pituitary gland. When the hormone is balanced correctly through the properly administered HGH dosage, it can give a person renewed quality of life that they lost. Good health diminishes in physical, emotional, mental and sexual ways because of the decrease of the necessary GH due to aging. Below is a list of what HGH injections can do for the body.

Human growth hormone can:

  • Create more energy
  • Help with stamina and endurance
  • Increase exercise capacity
  • Help with excess weight loss
  • Help to increase lean muscle mass
  • Strengthen bone mineral density
  • Lower the risk of breaking or fracturing bones or developing the disease of osteoporosis
  • Increase sexual drive and sexual libido
  • Help with erectile dysfunction
  • Help with vaginal dryness and make sexual relations more comfortable and enjoyable
  • Reduce hot flashes and night sweats
  • Create longer and stronger erections and orgasms
  • Help with the ability to have sexual fantasies
  • Decrease body, joint and muscle aches and pains
  • Create sharper vision
  • Lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels
  • Lower the risk of developing atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Help with healing of injuries, wounds and bruises
  • Help to minimize depression, anxiety, irritability, agitation, anger outburst and mood swings
  • Increase the clarity of the mind (a decrease in that mental foggy feeling)
  • Increase the ability to concentrate, focus and remember
  • Help with stronger skin elasticity
  • Lessen fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and saggy skin
  • Give a healthier glow to the skin

All of these pros of HGH therapy have proven to improve overall quality of life. When feeling lethargic, weak, in pain and/or depressed, it is often impossible to keep up with your daily life’s activities and relationships. Looking and feeling older can often impede upon self esteem and the way one feels about him or herself.

Understanding what is HGH replacement therapy is important to help avoid the pitfalls of growing older. This kind of therapy has been changing the lives of countless number of people without any negative side effects.

  • Who can benefit from therapy?

Almost anyone, male or female over 30 with a growth hormone deficiency can benefit from HGH therapy. Anyone interested in this kind of treatment must first contact the clinic to discuss subjects related to HGH such as what is HGH therapy, how much does HGH therapy cost and is HGH therapy covered by insurance?

After the initial phone conversation with an expert clinical advisor, a person must get tested. Only those whose blood work shows a growth hormone deficiency will go on to get a medical examination and fill out our medical history form. A person must be in otherwise good health to qualify to be a patient who will benefit from HGH therapy.

  • What is the cost of HGH therapy?

The cost of HGH therapy will vary amongst every individual. The price of therapy will include everything from testing to medications to medical supervision throughout the process. One person may be on a medication that costs a bit more or less than another person. In addition, he or she may be taking that medication for a longer period of time than someone else.

The best way to find out what is the cost of HGH therapy is to have your own conversation with an advisor and go over the steps to getting tested and to become a patient of the clinic. This is the only time an accurate cost can be given to a patient.

  • Does insurance cover HGH therapy?

Since all people have different types of health insurance coverage, it is difficult to say whether or not insurance will cover HGH therapy. Some companies may have clauses in their written rules that will allow for some coverage of HGH therapy.

Insurance claims can always be made by your HGH clinic, but no guarantees of payment to them can ever be made. It is best to prepare monetarily for your therapeutic experience and wait to see if insurance will assist with the cost.

How To Start Growth Hormone Therapy?

When the symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency impede upon one’s activities, relationships and overall quality of life, learning how to start HGH therapy is often highly recommended. Here are the steps for starting the process of HGH therapy:

  • Step 1: 

Fill out the online contact form found on this page or you can call us as well.

  • Step 2:

You will have your first conversation with an advisor for free. You will discuss what is HGH therapy and ask all the questions you have about this kind of innovative treatment. Your assigned clinical advisor will give you all the information that you will need in order to make a well informed decision as to what is best for your health.

  • Step 3:

You will get an appointment set up for you by your advisor to complete a blood test. The appointment will be at a LabCorp clinic in your area. The test is quick and easy. It is just like getting a routine blood sampling like you would at your yearly doctor’s checkup.

  • Step 4:

You will get a medical examination completed by a doctor of your choice. If you do not have physician, your advisor can set an appointment up for you with a local doctor.

  • Step 5:

You will fill out a medical history form. This form can be found right here on our website. Your advisor can assist in this process. Your information will be sent to our doctors through a secured connection right through the Internet.

After the above five steps are taken, you will need to wait for all of your health information to go back to the clinic to be analyzed by a physician. The blood work will tell if you have a growth hormone deficiency and the medical exam and history will tell if you are in good enough health to benefit from human growth hormone therapy. If everything comes back demonstrating that you will are a good candidate for HGH therapy, treatment can begin.

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