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Do You Know How Much Testosterone Therapy Benefits You

Do you really know how much a doctor-prescribed testosterone therapy program can benefit you? In general, most men understand the role of testosterone in making them feel strong and virile. Yet when their testosterone levels have declined to an unfavorable extent, they might not understand all of the health implications. The hormone therapy doctors at Nexel Medical do understand them, and one of the first questions we pose to each of our patients is do you understand all the benefits of testosterone therapy?

In our professional role as fully licensed doctors who specialize in adult hormone replacement therapy, it is our duty to explain hormone disorders, and their medical solutions, to our patients. With testosterone therapy patients, we have found that many of them are focused on correcting one or two especially troubling symptoms such as erectile dysfunction or loss of muscle tone. Yet in being focused so narrowly, many men miss the larger picture of how testosterone deficiency affects their entire personal biology.

In prescribing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for our patients, Nexel Medical takes a “whole body” approach to hormonal wellness. We want our patients to understand the health repercussions that are attached to developing male hormone deficiency; and we also want them to fully understand all of the health benefits of testosterone therapy that will be delivered by their doctor prescribed program.

Test Your Testosterone IQ – Do You Know About These TRT Benefits?

Do you know about the improvements in sexual desire and function it provides?

This IQ test starts with an easy question because most men know that testosterone is required for fueling their sex drive and sexual performance. Men who have developed ED (erectile dysfunction), an abnormally low sex drive, and have clinically verified Low T levels are excellent candidates for testosterone replacement therapy. However, a physical examination and full review of the patient’s medical history are required before a valid prescription for using testosterone can be issued by the physician.

(2) Do you know that testosterone therapy also improves your bone density?

In both younger and older men with testosterone deficiency, the prevalence rates for bone fractures, osteoporosis and osteopenia are notably higher. In fact, men with low testosterone levels have a 50% greater chance for developing osteoporosis than men with normal levels. Medical research has substantiated that testosterone plays a major role in BMD (bone mineral density; so keeping your testosterone levels normalized helps to keep your bones stronger for longer.

Do you know what bodybuilders know about testosterone?

They know that it has a dramatic effect on improving body composition, overall strength, and lean muscle mass. However, it is both illegal and unsafe to use testosterone medications for this or any other non-medical purpose. Both the injectable and topical forms of bio-identical testosterone are classified and very powerful medications that must be used under a doctor’s supervision. Using them solely to excessively increase normal testosterone levels can lead to far greater health problems.

But using testosterone therapy correctly will produce many desirable physical changes in a patient’s body composition, such as decreasing fat mass, increasing lean muscle mass and enhancing strength parameters.

Do you know that testosterone therapy can improve mood and energy?

In men with testosterone deficiency, studies have shown that using TRT has a positive effect on improved moods and general wellbeing, while reducing their chronic irritability and fatigue. Yet the studies that have focused on the relationship between low testosterone levels and chronic depression have been somewhat less conclusive. However, randomized control trials have consistently supported the benefits of testosterone therapy in regard to quality of life measures, such as emotional wellbeing and dependable energy levels.

Do you know that TRT makes you less susceptible to metabolic syndrome?

Men with testosterone deficiency often present many of the components of metabolic syndrome, which are hypertension; obesity; insulin resistance; and impaired glucose regulation. Testosterone replacement therapy provides patents with a substantially reduced risk for developing these conditions.

It should also be noted that a meta-study performed in 2007 concluded that there is no evidence showing that using TRT increases the patient’s risk of stroke, angina, myocardial infarction, or cardiovascular disease. In fact, it was shown by this study to be beneficial to men who had chronic stable angina, since it provided them with an increased and angina-free tolerance for exercise.

Do you know that restoring your testosterone levels can makes you sharper?

The relationship between low testosterone and cognitive deficits is one that researchers are continuing to define. While the clinical trials performed to date have been of relatively short duration, they have shown that testosterone supplementation appears to provide improvements in cognitive function. These include improved verbal and spatial memory, along with mathematical reasoning. Adequate testosterone levels have also been shown to correlate with faster mental processing speeds.

It is important to be aware of all of the benefits of testosterone therapy because you are not just going to be treating your troublesome symptoms; you are going to be correcting their biological cause. The goal of medically prescribed TRT is to make patients healthier overall and the hormone therapy medical professionals at Nexel Medical never lose sight of that goal.


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