Hormone Therapy: How to get Started

Learning How to Get Started with HRT

Anyone can learn how to get started with a hormone replacement program prescribed by Nexel Medical in just a few minutes and the simple procedural steps won’t take much longer than that to accomplish. In its speed and efficiency, our process for receiving HRT reflects exactly how the best hormone therapy programs should work in safely, effectively and conveniently allowing adults to sustain healthy hormonal balance.

There is always a harder way to accomplish things and an easier way, and most of us would prefer using the easier way as long as it won’t have a negative affect on the results we get. So at Nexel Medical, we made sure that our easier way for adults to get doctor prescribed treatment for growth hormone and testosterone deficiency would also allow our patients to receive the very best results.

The delivery of health care in the US has been just as transformed by the digital age as any other aspect of contemporary life. What we have done at Nexel Medical is utilize digital technology to make it far easier than it has ever been for adults who require medically prescribed and supervised hormone replacement therapy to access it.

Using our streamlined three-part process, you can get underway with starting a health-restoring HRT program today. You won’t even have to do it alone; our professional team of clinical advisors is always at the ready to assist you with all three parts of this very straightforward treatment process. So for anyone who wants to know how to get started, just read on and all will be explained.

Part One: Getting Your Hormone Levels Tested Locally

Without testing any person’s current hormone levels, doctors would essentially have no clinical basis for diagnosing any type of hormone deficiency. Symptoms are an important diagnostic factor, to be sure; but most symptoms can only be attributed to a specific medical condition through clinical testing of some sort.

Fortunately, the testing procedures that are used in how to get started with detecting hormone disorders are simple to perform on patients. All it takes, when using the Nexel Medical process, is a quick visit to a local medical testing lab or clinic and having a small blood sample drawn. Our clinical advisors are here to do more than simply tell people how to get started; your clinical advisor will schedule your blood test for you after determining the date and time that will work out the best for you.

The results of your local test will be reviewed and evaluated, along with your symptoms, by the Nexel Medical doctor who will also be supervising your treatment program.

Part Two: Getting Examined by a Local Physician

Part Two: Getting Examined by a Local Physician

It is also medically correct for you to be examined by one of our local physicians in your area before receiving a prescription for HRT. Your physiological factors are an important factor in receiving the individualized treatment that safe and effective hormone replacement therapy requires. So unless you are able to provide us with the results of a recent medical exam, our clinical advisor will also schedule this exam for you with one of our locally available doctors, again to be done at your convenience.

In order for your Nexel Medical doctor to have your entire health profile at hand, we will need for you to provide us with your personal medical history. We have also made this step fast and easy for you by providing you with an online form on our website that you can complete and submit to us digitally. You can also choose to have it faxed or emailed to us from your personal physician if you would prefer to do that.

Part Three: Getting Your Prescription and Treatments Online

The third part of the process is the easily the most rewarding, because it encompasses receiving your prescription to use hormone replacement therapy and being able to order your prescribed medications right from your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Once you have been diagnosed with a growth hormone or testosterone deficiency, you will receive a valid prescription for hormone replacement therapy by your Nexel Medical doctor. This will usually be in the form of injectable bio-identical hormone treatments that will have been prescribed specifically for you in accordance with your individual dosage requirements. All of our medical HRT programs are self-administered by patients under our medical supervision, and we provide both personal and online accessible administering instructions for any patient who may need them.

These three simple parts to how to get started with our treatment process for adult-onset hormone disorders have allowed people who didn’t think that they had the time or the means to receive help for their symptoms to rethink the whole idea of using HRT. No one can be completely healthy if their hormones are out of balance and Nexel Medical has made it substantially easier for adults in this condition to reach new levels of health and vitality.

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