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At Nexel Medical, we believe that your medical information should be protected as a private component of your personal history. This is why we will never share any of the personal information you have provided to us with any other entity without your prior and express consent. Nexel Medical and our professional service providers located throughout the United States collect and store pertinent data only as required for the delivery of hormone replacement therapy programs to our adult patients and to improve our level of professional services to our patients.

As challenging as it is in our digital age, we have taken every precaution to ensure the security of our professional website. Yet patients are advised to remember that there is a degree of inherent risk that secure information can sometimes be compromised by unauthorized users whenever information is transmitted over the Internet. If you have any concerns regarding the digital security of your information, we urge to contact Nexel Medical directly at 1-212-477-7000 to discuss them.

The following details of our Privacy Policy are in accordance with the best practices used by online providers of medically prescribed HGH and testosterone therapy programs.

How Nexel Medical Is Allowed Use Your Personal Health Information:

We are legally permitted to utilize and disclose your medical information for the purposes of treatment, health care operations and payment of services. We may further disclose your information for the purposes of notifying a family member or a designated personal representative in the event of your experiencing a health emergency or death.

As a medical provider, we are also required by law to disclose your information in regard to judicial proceedings or other matters pertaining to law enforcement, in the event that it has been requested from us by the appropriate law enforcement officials or agency; however, we will limit the information we disclose strictly to the legal requirements of the particular circumstances. In regard to our Public Health obligations, we are at times required to disclose patient information to public health authorities, for the purpose of controlling and/or preventing disease, disability and injury. For the purpose of Public Safety, we may be required to disclose health information to assist with identification or other law enforcement procedures.

Nexel Medical will notify you in the event of a breach of your secured medical information by email or by any other means of communicating with you that has been provided to us. In conformance with our legal obligations and requirements as a health care provider, including but not limited to those described above, we will not disclose or utilization any information that identifies you without your written authorization. You may also revoke your authorization at any time, by requesting so in writing.

At Nexel Medical, We Want You to Know Your Rights:

Patients are guaranteed certain rights in regard to their health information and it is important to Nexel Medical that you are aware of them. We will provide detailed information specifying all of these rights, as well as detailed information specifying all of our legal requirements regarding the disclosure of your personal information, to any patient who requests it. You may do this by contacting your clinical advisor at Nexel Medical.

The following outline lists your basic health care information rights:

  • You have the right to request particular privacy protections (in writing), such as restricting the disclosures and uses. Our policy is to comply with your request, unless compelled by reasons relating to legal matters or your medical treatment to disclose your information. We serve the right to accept or deny any request on an individual basis and you will be notified of our decision and why.
  • You have the right to inspect, correct and duplicate your personal health information, with very limited exceptions. Submit your request for information to us in writing and specify which format you would prefer to receive it in (electronic or hardcopy). If any fees for preparation will apply, you will receive and estimate and explanation of the charges in advance.
  • You have the right to file a complaint with your local DHHS Office of Civil Rights if you are not satisfied with the manner in which any complaints about your health care information has been handled by Nexel Medical. We will make every effort to resolve your concerns or problems and you will never be penalized for filing a complaint with us or with the DHHS.

If you have any further questions or comments in regard to your privacy rights as a Nexel Medical patient, please feel free to discuss them with your clinical advisor at any time. We respect your privacy and ant you to feel completely comfortable and secure as a hormone therapy patient of Nexel Medical.

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