What Patients Are Saying About HRT from Nexel Medical:

I wanted to express my gratitude to the hormone therapy providers at Nexel Medical who gave me back my lifestyle. Once I hit my forties, I also felt as though I had hit some sort of a wall that was telling me that my best days were behind me. My constant irritability (for no reason), constant exhaustion and almost total lack of sexual desire were causing my wife to all but give up on our marriage. When my older brother suggested that Low T could be the reason for the changes I was experiencing, I went online and found Nexel Medical. Shortly after that, I had a testosterone blood test performed at a local lab that was scheduled by my clinical advisor at Nexel Medical and my brother was right after all – I was diagnosed with Low T. I have been using the testosterone replacement therapy program your doctors prescribed for me for 6 months now and my attitude about life has completely changed. I have not felt this alive and virile in a very long time and I can honestly say that my marriage has never been better. Thanks for showing me that Low T is only a bump in the road because it can easily be corrected.

– Tom W. in San Francisco, CA

Some of my friends thought I was a little crazy when I told them that I had found my HGH therapy doctor online. But I liked what I saw on your website and was even more convinced I was on the right track when I called and spoke to one of your advisors who explained everything I needed to know about getting treatment for growth hormone deficiency. After witnessing the results of my therapy, my friends no longer think I was crazy and one of them recently contacted Nexel Medical about getting tested for HGH deficiency. Just wanted to tell you that it feels great to have made the right decision about choosing Nexel Medical. I have never felt or looked better!

– Michael B. in Dallas, TX

I don’t think that most women understand the health problems that growth hormone deficiency can cause. I know I didn’t, until my symptoms started mounting up. I came across your website while I was researching the symptoms of HGH deficiency and it was like a revelation to me. I am not a person who likes to tell her friends what to do but when I hear them complaining about symptoms like the ones I had, I can honestly tell them that I am now symptom-free because of the HGH therapy program Nexel Medical prescribed me.

– Kathy F. in Philadelphia, PA

Retiring early and moving to Florida was all that my wife and I could talk about. When we were finally able to do it, we wondered where our energy and vitality had gone because they clearly hadn’t made the move with us. Thank goodness we made new friends in our active lifestyle community who were using HGH injections therapy, because it made us both realize that we were of the age when hormonal disorders become more common. Our friends referred us to Nexel Medical and within just a few months of starting treatment, we were feeling excited to be alive again. That’s the best way I can think of to explain how HGH therapy has made us feel. Thanks!

– Roy Z. in Orlando, FL

Even though there are endocrinologists and great hospitals located within my city, I was interested in exploring a less traditional route to hormone replacement therapy. I was concerned that at my age of 35, my symptoms of Low T might not be taken seriously by conventional medical practitioners and started researching today’s online providers. The Nexel Medical treatment process just made more sense to me. It was fast, efficient and more personally attentive than eventually seeing an overscheduled medical specialist in my area. I just want others to know that using an online medical provider for your hormone replacement therapy isn’t about not having any other choices – it’s about making a great choice.

– Dylan G. in Chicago, IL

Low T is the right name for it. I never felt as low about everything in my life as I did right before getting tested for testosterone deficiency. It was actually a huge relief when I understood that a treatable hormone condition was responsible for all of my symptoms. Thank you for making it easy for a busy guy like me to get testosterone injections prescribed for me. I have left my Low T symptoms in the past and I’m looking forward to whatever life brings me. I have no doubt that receiving a prescription for testosterone therapy is the reason why.

– Gary T. in Phoenix, AZ

Who knew that testosterone deficiency could be a “female problem” – I sure didn’t. After turning 60, I reassessed my health care requirements and decided that it was time for me to check on my hormonal balance. I found the Nexel Medical website and decided to call your toll-free number to get some basic information. I am so glad that I did. I have to compliment Nexel Medical on your personalized service. After speaking with one of your HRT therapy advisors, I felt as though I had gained a personal advocate who would walk me through the entire process. That’s exactly what happened and after a year of using the HGH and testosterone treatments that were prescribed for me, I feel as though my health is better now than it was 20 years ago. You have my sincere gratitude.

– Maggie H. in San Diego, CA

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