Frequently Asked Questions About HGH and Testosterone Therapy

These common questions have been compiled by the clinical advisors at Nexel Medical based on patient input and not intended to represent medical advice. Only a licensed and qualified hormone replacement therapy physician is capable of providing you with individual medical advice on your condition and treatment.

    What healthcare services does Nexel Medical provide?

    Nexel Medical specializes exclusively in the treatment of adults (who are 30 and older) for hormone disorders such as growth hormone and testosterone deficiency. We provide our medical services to patients living in all 5o states through our Internet-assisted treatment procedures and also assist patients with safely purchasing their prescribed medications online.

    How do I know if I need hormone replacement therapy?

    Symptoms are typically the first clue that an adult may have developed a hormone deficiency. Yet blood testing is required in order to clinically verify that this condition is present and having a medical exam will help to further confirm your diagnosis. Both growth hormone and testosterone deficiency are disorders that require blood testing for confirmation.

    Can anyone learn how to safely self-administer the injectable treatments?

    It is much easier than most people realize. The needles that are used for administering HGH   injections subcutaneously are very small and the treatment medications are simple to prepare at home. Testosterone replacement therapy utilizes intramuscular injections that most patients become adept at administering with very quickly. There are also a variety of pre-prepared click-pens and other easy to use devices that make the self-administering of treatments quick, simple and virtually pain-free.

    What can I expect to receive for benefits from hormone replacement therapy?

    Hormones are essential in sustaining the optimal biological function of your systems and organs.  This means that developing an inadequate hormone supply diminishes your health while accelerating the process of biological aging, internally and externally. So the benefits of HRT are all very rejuvenating because they promote healthy cell renewal activity at the deepest physiological level. Both testosterone and growth hormone therapy have been shown to increase energy levels; restore libido; help to melt away accumulated fat; improve mood and cognitive function; and promote a leaner and healthier physique.

    Are there any health risks involved in using HRT?

    All medical treatments are accompanied by a degree of risk that can range from minimal to   maximal. HRT falls into the low-risk category, as long as it is being medically supervised and used exactly as prescribed. This is an important qualifier because unfortunately, many fake and illegal hormone medications are now being sold online. People who illegally obtain and then inject themselves with these dangerous and unregulated products are placing themselves directly in the path of high health risks – and legal prosecution.

    Is it expensive to use hormone therapy if it’s not covered by my insurance?

    Expensive is a relative term as it applies to individual patients. Some, but admittedly not many, healthcare insurers will cover the cost (in total or part) of HGH and/or testosterone replacement therapy. Most insurers will categorize these treatments for adult-onset hormone deficiency as non-essential in order to avoid providing coverage. So self-paying patients will typically spend several hundred dollars per month for their treatment – because they believe that is it far less expensive than a lifetime of poor health that is marred by debilitating and chronic diseases. Many hormone therapy providers are very willing to work with patients to make their prescribed therapy programs affordable to them.

    What about the procedures used for treatment – are they time-consuming?

    With the advent of the online accessibility of experienced and qualified hormone therapy providers like Nexel Medical, the procedures couldn’t be any simpler. Patients can accomplish them from home and their hometowns. For instance, you simply contact Nexel Medical by phone or email and ask us to schedule a diagnostic blood test and physical exam in your local area. You can complete and submit your medical history to our doctors online and if you medically qualify for HRT, your prescription for therapy will be issued. You will immediately be able to legally purchase your prescribed medications from our online pharmacy, which will be promptly shipped to you at home. It’s really that fast and that simple – don’t you wish that all health care could be this efficient?

    Who should avoid using testosterone replacement therapy?

    No medical therapy is universally safe and effective for all people, so it is important to know when TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) is not recommended. Typically, the people who should avoid using a testosterone replacement program are those who have experienced:

    • Prostate or breast cancer
    • Severe urinary tract symptoms related to prostatic hypertrophy
    • Severe congestive heart failure
    • PSA elevations that are unexplained
    • Hyperviscosity
    • Obstructive sleep apnea

    There are additional pre-existing medical conditions that may also prohibit the advisability of using TRT and other types of hormone replacement therapy. This is why it is critical to provider your hormone therapy doctor with a thorough and accurate medical history.

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