Is the Cost of Using Testosterone Therapy Affordable

The medical treatment options for Low T have expanded and now include patches, pellets, gels, and oral applications in addition to testosterone injections. But when most men want to know if the cost of testosterone therapy affordable, they are usually referring to the use of injectable testosterone.

Since all of the options mentioned above will require a prescription from a qualified physician, you will want to check with your medical insurance provider to find out what your coverage parameters include. Given the ongoing modifications in coverage that most insurers now routinely make, it is unwise to make any assumptions about what your own plan will or will not cover in regard to the cost of your medical treatment requirements.

If you will be self-paying for your testosterone therapy, you will find that using bio-identical testosterone injections is typically going to be the most affordable form of ongoing treatment. As the option that has been in use the longest, injectable testosterone has also proved to be highly effective in alleviating Low T symptoms. The average (although no man with testosterone deficiency is clinically “average”) cost of testosterone therapy is several hundred dollars a month; by today’s standards for prescription drug costs, that is probably less than many adults spend on their prescribed medications each month.

However, it is up to every individual hormone therapy patient to decide what is affordable to them. Most adults would agree that it is always more affordable to stay healthy than to allow medical problems to progress and cause further harm to their health.

Testosterone Injections Usually Cost Less Than Topical Forms

Testosterone Injections Usually Cost Less Than Topical Forms

There are a variety of reasons why your own physician might not be the doctor you choose to provide your testing and treatment program for Low T, including the cost of testosterone therapy. Many men are actually now finding it more convenient to simply go online and choose a hormone replacement specialist who can prescribe and supervise their treatment remotely.

Similar to traditional medical practices, the online TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) medical providers overwhelming prescribe the injectable form of treatment over the topical and other forms that have been developed in recent years. In doing this, they are not only responding to those adults who generally want to access the most affordable means of restoring their male hormone levels, but also responding to the injectable form’s history of effectiveness and safety.

While the various Low T treatment options all have their pluses and minuses, most patients prefer the results as well as the convenience that self-administered testosterone injections provide to them. Oral forms have been linked to liver damage; topical forms can be messy and troublesome; and the pellets are still a relatively new option.

Yet it is wise to discuss these options with your TRT medical provider to answer lingering questions or concerns you might have. At Nexel Medical, we encourage people to contact our clinical advisers for precisely this purpose because we believe that we well-informed patients will have a more productive and rewarding therapeutic experience.

Finding Quality Testosterone Therapy Providers Online

Don’t allow the cost of testosterone therapy to become your only criteria when you are trying to find a testosterone replacement specialist online or anywhere else. Your health and vitality deserve to have quality health care and the treating of Low T should always be seen as taking care of your hormonal health.

Naturally, men who are interested in using this highly effective hormone therapy are primarily seeking symptom relief – and that is because the symptoms that accompany a male hormone deficiency can cause more than just sexual performance problems (like that wasn’t bad enough). The medical treatment of endocrine disorders is no place for amateurs because hormone imbalances can affect your entire body’s function.

So it is critical to put your faith in only experienced and professionally qualified hormone replacement doctors who know what they are doing. Some of these, such as Nexel Medical, can be found online and are proud to provide patients with high quality testosterone therapy at a fair and affordable cost.

Health care is as much about respecting yourself as it is about staying strong for the people in your life who depend on you. Obtain TRT from a professionally respected source and you will never have any regrets about putting price ahead of your self-respect and wisdom.

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