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How to Get a Doctor’s Prescription for Hormone Therapy

Most of the adults who want to find out how to get a doctor’s prescription for using either HGH (human growth hormone) or testosterone therapy already know that it is legally required in the US. But they are often dismayed when they discover that their own health care providers are either unwilling or unqualified to prescribe hormone replacement therapy for them.

Yet this does not have mean that they have hit a wall in terms of being able to legally obtain a prescription for these types of medical treatments. They may already be feeling like they have hit the wall with their health and vitality due to the development of a health-depleting growth hormone or testosterone deficiency (sometimes both). However, they shouldn’t become even more discouraged about their situation because there are other options for receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that are now available to them.

One of those options is, to their initial surprise, just as convenient and often even more convenient than seeing their local physician is. It is being able to contact an online medical provider of HRT programs, which is completely legal and often much faster than making an appointment with their regular doctors.

Professional HRT providers like Nexel Medical are efficiently filling the treatment gap that has traditionally existed for people who want to get tested and treated for adult-onset testosterone and HGH deficiency. Eligible adult patients (eligibility is determined by hormone levels testing and a clinical evaluation of symptoms) can now get a doctor’s prescription from licensed HRT medical professionals online instead of feeling stonewalled by their previously limited access to this important and health-sustaining medical treatment.

Avoid These Mistakes When Using HGH or Testosterone Therapy

Avoid These Mistakes When Using HGH or Testosterone Therapy

It is a mistake to believe that a getting doctor’s prescription for HRT is only a legal requirement, because it is a vitally important medical requirement as well. Not using bio-identical HGH and/or testosterone correctly can impact your health and your lifestyle in a number of unanticipated and unwanted ways.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that adults make in regard to using injectable hormones and how you can avoid them:

Mistake: Seeing the wrong doctor for hormone replacement therapy.

It is not always easy to change doctors, particularly if you are in an HMO and have to use doctors within their network. Yet limiting your health care options is not in your best interests and specialized medical problems like hormone deficiencies often require specialized medical attention. Put your health first; do your homework; and find a doctor that is both respectful and responsive to your personal requirements. The Internet is a terrific and readily available research tool for this purpose.

Mistake: Using illegal sources that sell HGH and testosterone injections.

Don’t confuse medically and legally self-administered hormone treatments with buying these products illegally on the street or online and using them without any medical supervision. Hormone replacement therapy involves much more than just giving yourself injections once you get a doctor’s prescription; it requires the proper monitoring of your blood’s hormone levels and using the medically correct protocols.

Mistake: Taking an “on-and-off” approach to HRT programs.

Understand that for most adult patients, hormone replacement therapy is going to be a lifelong commitment. The cycling of any patient’s use of injectable human growth hormone and testosterone is a critical component of a safe and effective therapy program and hormone therapy doctors are the ones who know best how to prescribe and monitor treatment ongoing treatment cycles.

Mistake: Using improper dosages.

This is another good example why only qualified doctors are legally allowed to prescribe hormone therapy programs. Using too little or too much of the prescribed medication will not produce the desired results and could very well contribute to additional health problems. Bio-identical hormones are not doctor prescribed based on average doses; they are prescribed to directly respond to the individual’s patient’s own requirements. Guesswork just won’t cut it – doctors rely on monitoring a patient’s therapeutic progress by evaluating their clinically exact blood test results.

Mistake: Ignoring or overreacting to side effects that might appear during therapy.

Hormone therapy doctors are trained in how to manage the potential side effects of treatment and most of them can be managed quickly and efficiently. If side effects occur during treatment, ignoring them can be dangerous and overreacting to them is unnecessary. Simply contact your doctor right away if any problem occurs during treatment and let them handle it correctly; that is what they have been trained to do.

When you know how to get a prescription from a doctor who is proficient in HRT, your hormone therapy has a much greater chance of delivering all of the beneficial results you are looking for. Many respected online providers such as Nexel Medical are able to provide locally available treatment to patients that is as easy to access as calling your local doctor’s office – just call Nexel Medical instead.

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