Recognizing HGH Deficiency Symptoms in Adults

At times, trying to understand your body’s hormonal balance can feel like you are trying to learn a new language. Yet it’s a different kind of body language that is required in recognizing HGH deficiency symptoms in adults, and you only have to listen more closely to your body to understand it.

It’s almost too easy to assume that everyone ages at approximately the same pace and in similar ways; but it is actually not true at all. The symptoms of HGH deficiency are often interpreted as signs of accelerated aging, so many adults deal with them by either ignoring them or becoming resigned to them. But they are neither inevitable nor a direct result of your age.

Maybe you have been experiencing:

  • A significant decrease in your energy
  • Changes in your body composition (more fat and less muscle)
  • Less desire for sex
  • More moodiness or episodes of mild depression
  • Memory loss and other signs of cognitive decline
  • Less vitality and lowered immunity
  • Signs of advanced aging in your appearance

These could be symptoms of HGH deficiency making their appearance and if they are, they are reversible with the appropriate medical treatment. That treatment is doctor prescribed human growth hormone injections (in its bio-identical form) and adults can only legally use it if they are clinically shown to have abnormally low growth hormone levels.

But many adults experiencing these changes don’t even bother to have a simple blood test to verify that they have a deficient growth hormone supply, because they assume that all of these changes are simply due to getting older. Yet that assumption overlooks the biological fact that an adult aged 60-something who has sufficient HGH will often feel and appear more vibrant and healthful than an adult aged 40-something whose growth hormone production is unhealthily insufficient.

If you know how to recognize your body’s HGH deficiency symptoms, you can become that 60, 70 or 80 year old person who has the healthiness, energy and appearance of someone who is many years younger. Accurately detecting a treatable health condition is always half of the battle.

The Symptoms of Adult HGH Deficiency Are Progressive

The Symptoms of Adult HGH Deficiency Are Progressive

As a progressive medical disorder, adult-onset growth hormone deficiency is associated with symptoms that become more pronounced over time. This also means that the more advanced your HGH deficiency has become, the more treatment it will require to correct it.

In supporting the case for early detection, many hormone replacement specialists will provide growth hormone levels testing to adults who are still in their early thirties, even though this might seem like an early age to some in the medical field. But research and clinical evidence has shown that while it is less common to develop an HGH deficiency at this stage of adulthood, it does happen.

A strong plus in early detection is that it will require far less treatment to return the patient’s HGH levels to the healthy normal range. Less treatment equates to patients spending less time and less money to sustain their hormonal balance and enjoy the health benefits that properly balanced hormone levels support.

Because HGH deficiency symptoms tend to develop gradually, many adults are well into their 40’s and 50’s before they realize that age might not be the sole source of their health issues. If there are other people in your age group – people you see socially or at work – stand out to you because they just seem to have an endless source of vitality, you can bet that having sufficient growth hormone is a big part of the reason why. Some of them may actually be using HGH replacement therapy already.

HGH Therapy Doctors Can Help You Eliminate Your Symptoms

If any of your acquaintances are already using HGH therapy successfully, you can also be quite sure that it was prescribed for them by doctors who fully understand the health implications of growth hormone deficiency. These would be doctors who are experienced in identifying the symptoms; who are trained in how to properly interpret the results of sophisticated and very specific blood tests; and who know how to prescribe treatment programs that correspond to each patient’s individual requirements.

So where can you find doctors like that? Actually, you can find them right here at the Nexel Medical website. Our hormone replacement therapy doctors are among the most respected in the US and have years of solid medical experience in successfully treating adult-onset health conditions such as HGH deficiency and Low T.

If you believe that you are currently experiencing any HGH deficiency symptoms, wouldn’t it provide you with some peace of mind to get tested locally for this condition and know for sure if you have developed a growth hormone deficit? That will put the personal power of knowledge regarding your state of health back into your hands and allow you to make an informed decision about whether you should be using a program of doctor prescribed hormone replacement therapy.

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