Be Aware of Your Real HGH Deficiency Treatment Options

It’s a fact that you now need to be aware of your real HGH deficiency treatment options because of the widespread pervasiveness of industry fraud. The Internet has enabled scammers to defraud people on a global level while hiding behind dubious websites. It is happening with HGH (human growth hormone) right now, because there is nothing that drug scammers like better than a popular but legally restricted medication that they can fake or import illegally.

So the doctors across the US who legitimately prescribe injectable HGH therapy for their medical patients want this message to be heard loud and clear: Don’t buy or use any form of HGH that has not been specifically prescribed for you.

With this message, they of course want to help prevent unsuspecting adults from getting scammed; but they want, even more, to prevent people from causing harm to their health. They know that injecting substances that have not been pharmaceutically approved or inspected by federal regulating agencies in any way is an extremely risky practice. Furthermore, it infringes on the integrity of the only recognized medical treatment that has been proven to be effective in treating growth hormone deficiency, which is the use of doctor prescribed human growth hormone injections.

In essence, this is the only legitimate HGH deficiency treatment option that is legally available to patients today. Fortunately, the statistics show it to be very effective and safe for patients who follow their prescribed protocols as directed to use.

Fake HGH Injections Can Cause Some Real Side Effects

Fake HGH Injections Can Cause Some Real Side Effects

Multiple reports from medical and scientific organizations have debunked the potential effectiveness of so-called growth hormone boosters, releasers and ingested supplements. Both disciplinary actions and legal prosecution are ongoing in shutting down the marketers of these products based on their false claims. So let’s set aside all of these products as the fakes that they are, and hope that anyone who is gullible enough to purchase and use them isn’t unintentionally taking something that contains harmful substances.

Yet that still leaves the many websites that are peddling illegally manufactured or imported injectable HGH to customers that don’t have, and don’t plan to get, a legal medical prescription for using them. Their customers usually include bodybuilders and other adults who want to inject human growth hormone for body and performance enhancement purposes, along with those who think that it’s just too much trouble or too expensive to have a genuine HGH deficiency treatment program prescribed for them by their doctors.

However, the potential risks and side effects of using illegal, fake or impure injectable human growth hormone are numerous – and they are compounded by the fact that people who use HGH illegally are most likely not have the regular blood testing performed that keeps track of their growth hormone levels. Even if they have managed to somehow obtain real, pharmaceutical grade HGH injections illegally (meaning without a medical prescription and supervision), using them incorrectly can result in side effects and problems that can range from fairly mild to serious.

Real HGH Treatment Must Be Prescribed by Real Doctors

Intelligent and informed adults understand that their growth hormone deficiency symptoms deserve the attention of real medical doctors who are skilled in prescribing real HGH deficiency treatment programs. They are not interested in scams; they are not looking to self-medicate themselves with illegal products; and they are not going to put the cost of treatment over the cost of losing their good health and rewarding lifestyles.

No one can obtain the real benefits produced by medically prescribed HGH injections unless they do these two simple things: (1.) Find a doctor or clinic experienced in the testing and prescribing of human growth hormone replacement therapy. (2.) Follow their treatment program exactly as it has been prescribed.

Doing these two things really is as simple as it sounds when Nexel Medical is the provider that you choose for your treatment. It takes just one phone call or email to us to begin your pre-treatment procedures, and we will be there to assist you every step of the way.

We will personally guide you to all of the genuine health benefits that HGH therapy provides to adult who are clinically shown to be growth hormone deficient – and everything about our therapy programs is the real deal.

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