Is it Legal to Buy Human Growth Hormone (HGH) injections for Sale online?

  • It is not legal to buy human growth hormone injections for sale online without a prescription. Patients must also have a blood test done, a medical exam, fill out a medical history form and receive medical supervision.
  • It is only legal to work with clinics that have licensed doctors who specialize in human growth hormone deficiency treatment. Patients are required to see a doctor in person to follow the necessary procedures to become prescribed for HGH injections, including having a full medical exam.

Following the correct protocol when buying human growth hormone injections for sale online is vital for patient safety. Purchasing and using HGH injections is only legal when a person is diagnosed with a GH deficiency, has a prescription and receives medical supervision – all from a licensed doctor.

When Is It Not Legal To Buy HGH Injections For Sale Online?

It Is Not Legal to Buy HGH Injections for Sale Online without a Doctor's Prescription

It is not legal to buy HGH injections without getting blood tested, completing a medical exam and filling out a medical history form. Additionally, it is not legal to get human growth hormone injections for sale online unless a person gets a valid diagnosis of a GH deficiency, a doctor’s prescription and receives medical supervision.

There are very strict rules and regulations to follow when purchasing human growth hormone injections and it is not legal to buy them unless all required steps are fulfilled. If a person is caught using HGH injections that were not obtained legally, there can be monetary fines imposed and even jail time given, according to reputable news sources.

Buying illegal injections can also cause physical harm to a person who uses them. One of the reasons buying HGH injections without a doctor’s diagnosis, prescription and medical supervision is not legal is because it is not safe.

Why is it not safe to use illegally bought HGH injections?

  1. Without a diagnosis of having a growth hormone deficiency, a person may not need HGH injections. If they take them anyway, this could cause the person to gain a toxic amount of the hormone in their system. Too much HGH in the body can lead to many negative side effects.
  2. If a person is buying illegally obtained HGH injections, they might be getting them from overseas, from the online black market or from unqualified sellers. These medications may not be bio-identical, real, authentic or even contain enough or any HGH medication. They may not be 191 amino acid sequences – which is the only kind of HGH medication a person should ever administer into their body.
  3. Illegally purchased HGH injections may be delivered into the body at the incorrect dosage. If a person is not blood tested to check for a GH deficiency, he or she will not know how much (if any) HGH medication they need to take to raise and balance out their levels appropriately.

It is never legal to buy HGH injections for sale online. This means that the physician must read blood work to diagnose a GH deficiency. The professional must write a prescription for the correct medication and dosage and then provide medical supervision when the injections are being used.

How To Buy Legal HGH Injections For Sale Online

Purchase Doctor Prescribed Legal HGH Injections

Outlined below are the very specific steps that a person must follow in order to buy legal HGH injections for sale online. The required steps are put together by the U.S. government to keep both patients and professionals safe.

Legally buying HGH injections begins when the person contacts an honest, trustworthy and well known HGH clinic. He or she will speak with an expert clinical advisor. This conversation will consist learning all about hormone replacement therapy and exactly what it takes to buy HGH injections legally. This first consultation should be free of charge.

Below is a list of what is involved in the legal purchase of HGH injections online:

  • 1. Call a clinic that specializes in hormone deficiency treatment for a free consultation with an expert clinical advisor.
  • 2. Learn about the necessary testing that is required for doctor prescribed HGH therapy.
    • a. Get a blood test completed which will be set up by the advisor. The test will be done at a reputable laboratory as close to the client’s home or office as possible.
    • b. Complete a medical exam from the patient’s own doctor. Patients will be able to use their own physicians for their physical exam or they may ask their advisor to set up an appointment for them.
    • c. Fill out an online medical history form which can be found on the clinic’s website.
  • 3. The doctor in charge will then review all of the client’s medical information to make a decision on whether or not he or she has a growth hormone deficiency. If the answer is yes, according to the blood work, the doctor will also have to analyze all the other medical data to ensure that the patient is a good candidate for therapy.
  • 4. If the doctor finds that a patient would do well with human growth hormone therapy with HGH injections for sale online, he or she will need to diagnose the patient and write an accurate prescription.

After the doctor has written a prescription for HGH injections, this when a patient will know he or she is going to be purchasing legal and safe shots for therapy. In addition, the client will be receiving medical supervision from the licensed doctor throughout the entire hormone replacement therapy protocol.

Why Must You Follow Steps To Purchase HGH Injections For Sale Online

Following certain steps to buy HGH injections for sale online is the law. After testing is completed, a doctor will know that the client needs HGH medication. Then the kind of medication and dosage to take is prescribed by the doctor.

With all the misuse and abuse of human growth hormone injections going on in the U.S., the government has put into place required steps to buy HGH injections. All prospective patients of HRT must get tested, receive a diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency, and get a legal prescription to buy HGH. If a person goes about getting their HGH injections in any other way, this is considered illegal.

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