Where Can I Get HGH Injections by Doctor Prescription

Are you one of the many busy adults who need a fast and easy way to access the health benefits provided by HGH replacement therapy? Nexel Medical has prepared this guide on where to get HGH injections prescribed, which covers the key fundamentals that adults considering this treatment need to know.

It takes just a few minutes to explain the basic information that you should have about using a medically prescribed program of injectable HGH to treat growth hormone deficiency. You’ll learn why so many adults are now using it; where to find hormone therapy doctors; how the process works; what it typically costs; and how long a therapy program runs.

Perhaps you will have further questions regarding your own specific symptoms or health circumstances once you have reviewed this information. If you do, one of the experienced HGH therapy advisors at Nexel Medical will be pleased to personally assist you by phone or email.

But first, take a few minutes to better understand the key elements of using human growth hormone injections.

Why Are Adults in the US Paying the Cost of HGH Injections?

Why has the use of injectable HGH been gaining more popularity among American adults? It’s because they want to restore their growth hormone to the levels that make them feel better, stronger and smarter. Now that medical science has been able to identify the many ways in which human growth supports physical and emotional health, adults with growth hormone deficiency have a truly viable medical treatment option available to them.

So they are using HGH therapy to obtain the many health and vitality improvements they deliver and eliminate their symptoms of growth hormone deficiency. These symptoms can be intrusive and unhealthy; they include weight gain, energy loss, mental sluggishness, reduced immunity, and an increase in the visible signs of aging.

By medically increasing an adult’s below normal HGH levels, hormone replacement therapy doctors are able to restore them to healthful state that an optimal growth hormone supply provides. The patient’s symptoms disappear and are replaced by a substantially rejuvenated condition of vitality, energy and healthfulness. In using HGH injections therapy to restore hormonal balance, adults are also protecting themselves from the onset on certain degenerative diseases that people with hormone deficiencies are more susceptible to.

Where Do You Find Doctors Who Can Prescribe HGH Therapy?

Where Do You Find Doctors Who Can Prescribe HGH Therapy

It has become infinitely easier to find doctors and clinics specializing in HGH therapy due to the Internet. While adults in major metropolitan areas might have access to endocrinologists and hormone therapy medical providers, it has been much more of a challenge for people not living in or near these areas to find local HGH doctors.

With the online accessibility of fully licensed medical professionals who can correctly prescribe HGH treatment, the increase in interest among US adults has been dramatic. People who have been told by their regular physicians to simply accept the symptoms of hormonal decline find that they now have a choice. They can go online to find HGH therapy providers who treat patients in their area and get tested locally. Based on their test results and symptoms, an experienced hormone doctor will determine if they medically qualify for prescription treatment.

What Is the Process for Getting HGH Injections Prescribed?

The process is a simple and straightforward one, but each of the steps is required in order to receive a medically correct diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency. Throughout the US, a doctor’s prescription is always legally required for the purchase, possession and use of HGH injections.

So once you have contacted an online medical provider that meets your standards of care, you will be scheduled to have a laboratory blood test performed in your local area. This simple blood draw test will measure the amount of growth hormone in your system.

You will also be scheduled to have a physical exam performed locally, in order to provide your HGH doctor with accurate and current information on your health status. Your medical history will be requested and your doctor will want to know what symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

After evaluating this this information, the doctor will be ready to prescribe a customized hormone replacement program of HGH therapy for you. At that point, you will be able to legally purchase your prescribed HGH injections through a secure online pharmacy, which is what most patients do.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Injectable HGH Therapy?

The cost of using human growth hormone injections depends upon the severity of a patient’s hormone deficiency. Milder case of growth hormone deficiency will obviously require lower dosages and/or shorter durations of therapy. More severe cases will require higher dosages and/or longer therapy programs.

Unfortunately, many health care insurers do not cover the cost of using HGH therapy, which can range on average of between $400-$800 per month. It all depends on each patient’s specific requirements and individual goals for treatment results; thus every case will vary somewhat when it comes to cost.

It is virtually impossible for any provider to predict what a patient’s treatment will cost before fully evaluating their present condition. However, they should be able to provide accurate figures on cost once the diagnosis has been made.

Is HGH Replacement Therapy a Long-Term Commitment?

It is as long-term as your personal commitment to your health is. What HGH injections therapy accomplishes is to restore the growth hormone that your endocrine system is no longer producing on its own. The goal of therapy is to increase your levels to within the high normal range; at that point, treatment can be stopped. Again, the length of time it takes for a patient to reach that range will vary but a typical therapy cycle can run between 5 and 8 months.

Yet over time, your replenished growth hormone levels will gradually decrease. So most patients will resume therapy when they notice their deficiency symptoms starting to reappear. Because blood testing is the only accurate way to measure growth hormone levels, it is used before, during and after a patient’s treatment cycle to determine their human growth hormone status.

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