5 HGH Injection Side Effects You Need to Know

5 HGH Injection Side Effects You Need to Know

There are 5 most common HGH injections side effects that can occur if a patient has a poor experience using these medications via shots. These are rare problems, but it is important to be aware of what they are so that a patient can seek assistance as soon as they notice that they may be having a negative side effect of HGH injections:

  1. Redness at the injection site
  2. Irritation or itching at the injection site
  3. An infection at the injection site
  4. Swelling (also called edema)
  5. Tingling or numbness of the skin at the injection site or another part of the body

The above listed side effects of HGH injections may be caused from using needles that may not be sterile or from not cleaning the injection site on the skin thoroughly. Every patient of HRT should be completely trained on how to use their needles and syringes or their pens before they begin to administer the medications into their bodies.

Patients are always encouraged to ask their advisors questions if they are not sure of any part of their delivery device or how to prepare it properly. Sterilization is so imperative to avoid HGH injection side effects caused from bacteria that might be on the needle or on the skin used as the injection site.

If a person happens to misuse their HGH pen or needle and syringe and they believe they are beginning to feel any side effects from HGH injections, they should call their clinical advisor immediately. However, if any side effects of injectable HGH occur outside of the clinic’s business hours, the patient is encouraged to visit their nearest emergency room. It is important to get a problem checked out as soon as possible so that it does not get worse.

Ignoring an issue that is occurring with your HGH injections or even allowing HGH injections long term side effects to continue without getting help or a doctor’s opinion on the situation can lead to bigger problems in the long run. The HGH clinic that you are using should stress this strongly, as their mission should be to keep their patients safe and protected while participating in hormone replacement therapy.

How To Avoid HGH Injections Side Effects

How To Avoid HGH Injections Side Effects

It is extremely important for patients to use their HGH injections properly. They need to do everything they can to avoid negative side effects HGH injections from using the needles and medications. This goes for the usage of needles and syringes or the more innovative HGH pens. All devices need to be kept clean, sterile and free from bacteria.

In addition, medication vials need to be scrutinized before opening. Patients need to confirm that their solutions are perfectly clear and without any particles in them. This can be bacterial residue that can cause major health problems if used.

If a patient finds particles in their solutions or a vial comes open or seems tampered with, it should be immediately discarded. It is never worth taking a chance of using medications or supplies that may tainted.

One of the most important and vital steps in the injection process is to always keep everything completely clean and sterile.

Here are some tips:

  • Wipe down the counter or table surface where medications and supplies will be laid
  • Thoroughly wash hands with warm soap and water before beginning the medication preparation and administration process
  • Use the provided alcohol pads to clean the surfaces of the medication and bacteriostatic water vials
  • Use the provided alcohol pads to clean the injection site on the body
  • Throw away all used supplies in a sharps container so that no one else can use them and so that you do not reuse anything

Instructions will come with all human growth hormone kits to help patients avoid any injectable HGH side effects, but clients must make sure to be diligent about following the directives. Expert clinical advisors are available to call during business hours for questions about anything that is not perfectly clear when either preparing your injections for delivery or self administering them to the body.

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