How Do HGH Injections Work

Getting Real Answers on How Do HGH Injections Really Work

We all develop our own comfort zones as we go through life, some of which are healthier for us than others. But has getting real answers on how do HGH injections really work taken you outside of your personal comfort zone? Has trying to get to the bottom of what’s involved in using real human growth hormone injections therapy exposed you to an HGH “industry” online that you never realized existed?

You would not be the first person to perform an online search for basic medical information on using growth hormone replacement therapy only to discover that there appears to be an entire Internet-based industry of both legal and illegal providers of human growth hormone treatments and products. And it’s usually a two-fold discovery; the first discovery is that there are so many legitimate hormone replacement therapy medical providers that now have very informative websites and the second discovery is that so many HGH websites are blatantly selling it illegally to people who don’t have a prescription for it.

It is probably unwise to expect real answers, or even genuine products, from websites that are illegally selling prescription drugs. But even the medically legitimate hormone therapy websites sometimes seem to be presenting conflicting information about growth hormone replacement therapy. However, what is consistently stated across the board is that HGH injections therapy does work – and it works exceptionally well – at reversing the often-debilitating symptoms that have been directly associated with adult-onset growth hormone deficiency.

So let’s get down to providing you with some real answers, with none of the sales hype, about how do HGH injections work in maximizing your health and vitality. The HRT doctors at Nexel Medical believe that you deserve to have an honest medical opinion on the benefits provided by using bio-identical growth hormone replacement therapy.

How Many Benefits Will You Really Get From HGH Injections?

How Many Benefits Will You Really Get From HGH Injections

There are two categories of “HGH hype” that people will typically encounter as they search for information on the real health benefits that human growth hormone therapy provides. One category encompasses all of the non-prescription supplements and other products being sold that claim to be capable of increasing any adult’s growth hormone levels. The other category covers the overstated claims made by some of the sources that provide adults with a legal means to obtain a prescription for using injectable.

What is unfortunate in the instance of making overly exaggerated claims about the benefits of HGH injections therapy is that it diminishes the importance of the real benefits – the ones that medical scientists and researchers dedicated years investigating and then documenting. They were the first to clinically establish how do HGH injections work and their painstaking medical research consistently proved that replenishing deficient growth hormone levels produced a remarkable array of health benefits.

These authenticated benefits require no exaggeration and it is unfortunate that anyone feels it necessary to pile on the marketing hype just to capture the attention of US adults. The genuine health benefits that HGH therapy produces include:

  • Substantial improvements in healing capacity
  • Visible improvements in skin texture, elasticity and smoothness
  • Significant increases in energy and stamina
  • Noticeably improved muscle tone and lean body mass
  • Enhanced sexual desire and performance
  • Significantly reduced risk for developing heart disease
  • Improvements in emotional stability and cognitive function

What the use of HGH injections cannot do is transform 60-year-old adults back into the 20-year-old versions of themselves; cause seriously obese adults to lose weight and gain muscle overnight; or keep people forever young. Those claims are pure hyperbole and should be taken as such.  

Do You Really Need to Be Concerned About Any HGH Side Effects?

You should always be aware of the potential side effects of any prescription medication you are going to be taking, even if the likelihood of experiencing them is rare. But statistically speaking, the incidence of side effects among adults using HGH injections under the supervision of their doctors is extremely low. So it is not necessary to be overly concerned about side effects when using injectable human growth hormone; and in the event that any side effects do occur, they are usually quite easily managed by either reducing your dosage or pausing your treatment – your doctor will know what to do.

However, just as you need to read the insert that now comes with virtually all prescription medications that people in the US take, you should be aware of the minor and usually temporary side effects that can occur when using a prescription growth hormone replenishment program:

  • Joint pain or stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Irritation or soreness at the injection site
  • Sore throat; nasal congestion

More serious side effects are extremely rare but nonetheless, you should know that some of them are:

  • Breast tissue enlargement
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Breathing problems
  • Changes in your vision

Not mentioning these possible side effects would present an incomplete picture of how do HGH injections work. Knowing about them should reinforce to you why it is critical that your growth hormone replacement therapy should always be doctor prescribed and supervised.

How Much Should Your HGH Injections Therapy Really Cost?

This is another area where exaggeration often clouds the real picture. The cost of using human growth hormone injections has been described in the past by the media as something that only wealthy people and celebrities can afford to do.

Fortunately, the increase of adults being diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and receiving treatment for it has forced the media to back off somewhat from making such preposterous claims. While it is true that many health care insurers decline to cover the cost of HGH replacement therapy making most patients responsible for the cost of their treatment, most of these patients are not celebrities, movie stars or ultra-wealthy. Most are simply adults who prioritize their wellness and vitality, and are very willing to invest in protecting something that really matters to them.

The cost of their treatment depends on their individual requirements for therapy; in general, they are probably spending several hundred dollars a month on their medications. The only other cost involved is the blood testing that is performed periodically to measure the increase in their growth hormone levels because this is the only way to clinically determine how do HGH injections work.

Yet normal, everyday people are using growth hormone therapy and fitting it into their budgets – because it is providing them with a substantial and very rewarding improvement in their health and their lifestyle enjoyment. It is also allowing them to anticipate the years ahead of them with eagerness rather than trepidation about failing health.

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