How Does HGH Injections Work

Exactly How Does HGH Injections Therapy Work

If you have been curious about exactly how does HGH injections work, you are certainly not alone. You’re actually just one of the thousands of US adults who have become very interested in finding out more about how HGH replacement therapy could benefit you.

It’s good to be curious about new things – that’s what helps to keep us young at heart. But if you have developed a growth hormone deficiency disorder, you probably have also developed some of its related symptoms that are making you feel anything but young. Want to know why?

The growth hormone (GH) supply that is produced by your pituitary gland is a biological substance that is your body’s best friend because it supports your ongoing vitality. But when your body isn’t producing enough of this substance, it can cause your vitality to progressively diminish and be replaced by chronic symptoms such as energy loss, reduced immunity, slower metabolic function, even a reduced sex drive. Growth hormone deficiency can also dull your cognitive function and cause increased moodiness.

Yet it can be medically treated … and explaining exactly how does HGH injections work is actually quite simple. Your doctor prescribes a treatment protocol consisting of daily low-dose injections of bio-identical human growth hormone that will effectively and safely replenish your body’s deficient GH supply. You will be able to self-administer your injections at home (this is also very simple) and with your prescription, you will be able to conveniently order your injectable HGH from a legally licensed US online pharmacy online.

Within the first month of your therapy, you will begin to experience symptom reversal as the many benefits of an increased growth hormone supply get underway in your system. As your treatment progresses, these benefits become more pronounced and you will continue to feel and look healthier and more youthful.

Does Using HGH Injections Work Well for Weight Loss?

Does Using HGH Injections Work Well for Weight Loss

Many adults have become curious about how does HGH injections work for weight loss because they wonder if their inability to shed their stubborn abdominal fat could be due to growth hormone deficiency. It’s quite possible that it could be.

However, here is what you need to know about using human growth hormone replacement therapy for weight loss: It is not one of the FDA-approved uses. So doctors are unable to prescribe injectable HGH treatments for patient strictly as a means to shed excess pounds, even though one of the proven benefits of treatment is the rapid loss of excess localized fat stores.

But this benefit has only been shown to be consistent in adults who have a clinically verified growth hormone deficiency that is either due to a pituitary disorder or the progressive loss of GH that accompanies aging. It has not been shown that adults who are simply suffering from obesity will obtain the same results. Yet an analysis that evaluated the effectiveness of HGH therapy did conclude that all patients could expect to see increases in muscle mass and varying degrees of fat reduction.

So the bottom line on using HGH injections for weight loss is that (1) it is not the accepted medical use; (2) it does, however, increase metabolic function and energy levels that often results in significant fat loss and body composition improvements in the patients who use them; and (3) it also improves muscle tone and promotes lean body mass. 

What About Non-Prescription HGH Boosters – Do They Work?

If you are looking for scientific evidence that the so-called HGH boosters, supplements, releasers and enhancers can actually produce an increase growth hormone levels, you are not going to find any. What you will find, especially on the Internet, is a seemingly endless variety of these products being sold.

Obviously someone – probably lots of people – must be buying them or these websites wouldn’t be in business. Yet unfortunately, what their customers are actually buying is hope in a bottle, tablet, spray, or lozenge. One of these non-prescription products, whether marketed as homeopathic, all-natural, organic, or any other label, is biologically capable of measurably increasing a person’s growth hormone levels

By comparison, the scientific evidence regarding how does HGH injections work can easily be found by anyone who wants to find it. In study after study, in numerous clinical trials performed in the US and in other highly developed countries, the effectiveness of using injectable human growth hormone treatments has been irrefutable. It is because of its extreme effectiveness that federal agencies categorized it as a controlled substance that requires a medical prescription.

If you are going to spend good money for something that can genuinely increase your deficient growth hormone levels, spend it on the only treatment that has been scientifically proven to work: Medically prescribed HGH injections therapy.

Is There a Way to Get HGH Injections That Will Work for You?

There is, if what would work for you is a fast and convenient method for receiving doctor prescribed HGH therapy that you can access from your computer. This is exactly what Nexel Medical provides to qualifying adults nationwide – and all that you need to qualify is a diagnosis of adult-onset growth hormone deficiency.

Our innovation has been to allow you to complete your diagnostic procedures, which consist of having an IGF-1 blood test and a physical exam, locally. Where you live doesn’t matter because Nexel Medical has established a collaborative nationwide network of local doctors and testing laboratories that can perform these procedures for you quickly and conveniently.

Upon receiving a diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency from our fully licensed and experienced medical doctors, you will be issued a prescription for injectable HGH treatments that you can securely purchase online. In less time than you thought was possible, you can be finding out for yourself how does HGH injections work to restore your vitality, health and energy.  

Does this work for you? If so, you can get underway today by completing the medical history form on our website and submitting it to us. Are you curious about learning more about HGH replacement therapy? Then just call us and one of our helpful clinical advisors will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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