How Long to See Results from HGH Injections

Hot Question: How Long to See Results from HGH Injections Use

Are you a goals-oriented person? Is one of those goals to reclaim your maximum vitality, the vitality that your growth hormone’s decline has wiped out? Many adults with abnormal growth hormone loss have been asking hormone therapy doctors this hot question: How long to see results from HGH injections use?  They all share a common goal of becoming healthier and more vibrant, and they want to know how long it will take them to reach that goal.

Nexel Medical also has a goal, and it is to provide each and every one of our patients with safe and effective human growth hormone replacement therapy. We define a successful program of therapy as one that delivers measurable symptoms improvement through the use of patient-administered injectable bio-identical HGH treatments. So we totally understand why virtually all of our patients want to know how long it will take them to reach their goals.

Here is how that works: Most HGH therapy programs are based on a progressive treatment cycle of approximately 6 months, during which the patient’s abnormally low growth hormone levels are gradually increased to their optimum level of hormonal health. As the patient’s levels continue to be safely increased through the use of daily injections, the results of their treatment become more apparent. Take a look at the following summarization of what most patients experience from month to month in regard to how long to see results from HGH injections therapy:

During Month 1: 

Improvement in energy and stamina; more restful sleeping

During Month 2:

Weight loss begins; sexual desire improves

During Month 3:

 Muscle tone and size improve; mental processes are enhanced

During Month 4:

Healthier appearance to skin and hair; improved body flexibility

During Month 5:

Weight loss, reduction of excess body fat, and loss in inches is apparent

During Month 6:

Optimum growth hormone levels have been reached. This results in additional benefits including improvements to vision; greater emotional stability and sense of overall wellbeing; increased exercise tolerance; improved heart rate; reduction in joint pain; and greater resistance to disease and injury.

How Long Does It Take to Get HGH Injections Prescribed?

How Long Does It Take to Get HGH Injections Prescribed

Sometimes even our daily goals can be difficult to meet, especially when the responsibilities we have to work and family start to pile up. But it’s important not to ignore the responsibility that all adults have to take care their own continuing healthfulness.

Perhaps you have put off getting tested or treated for your growth hormone deficiency symptoms simply because you don’t know how long it would take to get HGH injections prescribed for you. Your concerned that the procedures will require taking too much time away from your job, or that treatment will somehow interfere with your personal life.

But you will never reach your goal of experiencing for yourself how long to see results from HGH injections therapy if you don’t make finding out how long it will really take to for you to get tested, examined and treated for your growth hormone deficiency your first goal. And at Nexel Medical, you are going to like the answer to that question – because we have created a streamlined, very convenient and local-based process that will require very little of your time to complete.

And here is how fast and simple it is to use our process: You just call or email us and we can get you started. We can schedule a local blood test and exam for you, right in your area, and our doctors will get to work on determining if you have a clinical and treatable level of growth hormone deficiency. They will also want to review your medical history, which you can easily submit to using the form on our website. You will receive your diagnosis from Nexel Medical within a very short period of time and the correct course of treatment will be prescribed for you. Then you can immediately order your prescribed HGH injections from us online and they will be promptly shipped and delivered directly to you.

How Much Longer Will You Wait To Use HGH Injections Therapy?

We realize that most people have multiple goals that have to be occasionally shifted to accommodate life’s changing circumstances; but your wellness should always be goal #1. How can you hope to meet any of your other important goals if growth hormone deficiency is causing your overall physiological condition to prematurely and progressively decline?

At Nexel Medical, our main goal is to help you meet your health goals – so why not call us, speak to one of our clinical advisors, and tell us what we can do to help you get there? Do you need us to schedule your blood test and medical exam at a particular date and time to accommodate your busy schedule? Done. Would you like to obtain more information on how to administer your treatments? We can provide that to you. Do you have additional questions regarding how long to see results from HGH injections or about how long your treatment benefits can be expected last? We are always glad to answer any and all of your questions; and most of all, we would be very gratified to help you achieve your goal of sustaining maximum vitality and health.

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