How Much Does HGH Injections Cost

An Inside Look at How Much Does HGH Injections Therapy Cost

It is unfortunate that there is so much misinformation on the Internet, but it is to be expected in a worldwide digital forum that is largely uncontrolled. So where can people get an inside look at how much does HGH injections therapy cost online that they can rely on for accuracy?

You have probably seen prices online that vary greatly and wondered why such a discrepancy exists. Some websites say it will cost a few hundred dollars a month to use injectable human growth hormone; others say it is more like a few thousand dollars. Who are you supposed to believe?

How about getting information on cost and other treatment factors from some of the doctors who routinely prescribe this treatment for their adult patients who have developed a clinically significant growth hormone deficiency? Would you accept the reliability of information on using HGH replacement therapy from experienced and qualified medical professionals who have been prescribing it here in the US for years?

At Nexel Medical, we actually specialize in human growth hormone replacement therapy programs for adults over 30. We also specialize in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) because it is not unusual for adults to develop both types of hormone deficiency simultaneously. From a cost point of view, it is more likely that a patient’s TRT program will be covered by their medical insurance than their HGH therapy. Perhaps this is due to the fact that testosterone therapy has been in medical use for a comparative longer period of time than human growth hormone therapy.

However, we are here to focus more closely on the price factors involved in using HGH, specifically how much does HGH injections cost. We understand the relevancy of this issue, particularly in light of the widespread reluctance and/or refusal of health care insurers to recognize its therapeutic value in helping hormone deficient adults to get and stay healthier for longer. Yet the cost of this treatment has already proven its value among the many thousands of adults using it who are thrilled to be experiencing many genuine improvements in their health and lifestyle enjoyment.

How Can You Compare the Cost of HGH Therapy to its Benefits?

How Can You Compare the Cost of HGH Therapy to its Benefits

That is great for them, you might be thinking. But what you are really interested in is what you will experience in exchange for the cost of using a medically prescribed HGH injections program. Until you try it for yourself, there is probably no way that you can really be certain if the benefits of treatment justify its cost.

Yet you can start by imagining how much better you would feel if you were entirely free from the growth hormone deficiency symptoms that you’ve developed over time. Things like your chronic lack of energy; your disinterest in sexual intimacy; the stubborn weight you’ve added around your mid-section; your reduced immunity to common illnesses and colds; a reduction in your memory and other cognitive functions; an increase in the visible signs of accelerated aging you see staring back at you in the mirror every day.

As hormone therapy doctors, we strongly believe that you will experience a measurable improvement in all of these symptoms and others that are typically caused by having abnormally low growth hormone levels. We have seen it happen time after time in the men and women we treat all across the US. However, there is nothing like personally experiencing it for yourself; and that is perhaps the only authentic way to compare how much does HGH injections cost to the value of the benefits it delivers.

Most HGH therapy cycle run for approximately 6 months, with patients typically starting to experience tangible benefits within the first few weeks. As treatment progresses, the benefits increase; so it is fair to say that you will absolutely know if your investment in your health and vitality is paying off within a relatively short period of time.

Why Do HGH Injections Cost Less in Mexico and Canada?

The short answer is also the obvious one: Virtually all prescription drugs cost less in Canada and Mexico than they do in the US. Also, some medications that require a prescription in this country often don’t in places like Mexico and China, which is another country that has entered the HGH online marketplace with a very noticeable presence.

However, bio-identical human growth hormone is a controlled substance in every state of the US, per our federal regulations. So buying it in other countries is not a legal option for US residents. Even if you are traveling to other countries where you can purchase HGH without a prescription, or intend to get a prescription for it and purchase it while you are in that country, it will be illegal to re-enter the US with it.

Buying HGH illegally is not a viable or sensible option to how much does HGH injections cost in the US in the minds of most people. In this country, there are strict medical and legal guidelines attached to the medicinal use of injectable human growth hormone and it is illegal to buy or use any HGH medications that have not been pharmaceutically manufactured to meet our stringent prescription drug regulations.

The foolproof way to find out the cost of your own HGH injections therapy is to get medically tested and examined; receive your diagnosis from a qualified hormone therapy doctor; and receive a cost that is based on the exact dosage and program of therapy that has been prescribed for you and is based on your individual therapeutic requirements. You can contact Nexel Medical directly for all of these services and discuss the specific cost aspects of your treatment with one of our clinical advisors.

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