How Expensive Are HGH Injections

How Expensive Are HGH Injections When Used to Treat AGHD

Here in the US, doctors are legally allowed to prescribe human growth hormone injections for a limited number of specific medical conditions and adult-onset growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) growth hormone deficiency is one of those conditions. It’s a condition that is increasingly being detected by hormone doctors. So understandably, how expensive are HGH injections when used to treat AGHD is a question that a growing number of adults want to have answered.

For adults whose treatment is not going to be covered by their medical insurance provider, for whatever reasons or loopholes are given, the cost of a month’s worth of injectable HGH treatments will typically start at around $400-$500 per month and go up from there depending on individual dosage requirements. Fortunately for patients being treated for AGHD, lower doses are generally prescribed so their treatment cost will fall at the lower end of the price range. For some of the other approved medical used of injectable human growth hormone, such as treating the muscle wasting that often occurs in AIDS patients, significantly higher doses are usually prescribed.

So while how expensive are HGH injections is certainly a legitimate question for any adult who is experiencing symptoms that are consistent with AGHD to ask, the answer as it applies to each individual patient is bound to vary. Insurance coverage is not the only factor that will determine what a patient’s out-of-pocket costs will be; their dosage requirements along with the recommended duration of their therapy will also need to be considered before an accurate treatment cost can be arrived at for any patient.

At Nexel Medical, it is our practice to provide patients with a cost estimate for their treatment once their testing, medical exam and evaluation of their symptoms has been completed. It is only then that our doctors can finalize their diagnosis and pinpoint the amount of injectable HGH treatments they will require to safely and effectively restore their growth hormone levels to the normal range.

Does Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Prescribed HGH Injections?

Does Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Prescribed HGH Injections

Actually, the way that most adults frame this often asked question is why won’t my health insurance cover the cost of my HGH injections? Needless to say, they are usually not very happy with their health insurance provider when they ask this particular question.

However, since HGH injections therapy is doctor prescribed treatment for a recognized medical disorder, why do many insurers decline to cover its cost? In some instances, insurers have reversed their initial denial of payment benefits when evidence of medical need has been presented to them. In other instances, patients get partial coverage and end up being responsible for a co-payment rather than the entire cost of their treatment. This is another reason why hormone therapy providers can’t really provide patients with an estimated cost before all of the relevant factors have been accounted for.

But in determining how expensive are HGH injections when they are being prescribed for the treatment of AGHD, perhaps the most relevant factor of all is how much will they improve your health outlook? If you have been struggling with a variety of limiting and unhealthy growth hormone deficiency symptoms, it could be worth a lot to have those symptoms eliminated and regain a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle.

Many of today’s highly advanced and effective medications have a significant cost attached to them and until our current health care system undergoes substantial changes, the prescription medication cost situation is not likely to change. Yet declining health and a reduction in your lifestyle satisfaction is a very high price to pay for leaving a condition like AGHD untreated.       

What Is the Ultimate Value of Using HGH Injections Therapy?

What is the value of anything that you invest in? Isn’t that for you, and only you, to decide? Only you can make the determination of the value of successfully reversing your growth hormone deficiency and its symptoms to how expensive are HGH injections going to be. And you might very well discover, once your doctor has reached a diagnosis and come up with an appropriate course of therapy for you, that your treatment is going to be considerably less expensive than you originally thought it would be.

But getting back to the value proposition, how much do you value sustaining your health and your preferred lifestyle? If you want to remain active and vibrant over the full course of your adulthood, then you should consider whether your AGHD symptoms are going to prevent that – and that is another decision that only you can make for yourself. Your family doctor is probably not going to be experienced in diagnosing and/or treating growth adult-onset growth hormone deficiency, so it is going to be up to you to pursue another means for getting tested and receiving treatment. Do you value your health and vitality enough to do that?

If you do, you won’t have to look very far to find highly qualified doctors who are experienced in the successful treatment of AGHD because you have already found Nexel Medical. And we can guide you through the cost, the procedures and the many valid, and valuable, reasons to consider using an HGH replacement therapy program.    

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