How Fast Does HGH Injections Work

Today’s Q & A: How Fast Does HGH Injections Therapy Work

In this lightening-fast world we all live in, at least half of the questions we ask each day seem to focus on how fast something will occur. So it’s not surprising to the doctors who specialize in growth hormone replacement therapy that one of the first questions many patients ask is how fast does HGH injections therapy work? Yet after explaining that hormone therapy, like all other types of medical therapy, is a progressive treatment process, they are happy to tell their patients that most of them will start to notice the results of their treatment very quickly.

During a typical 6-month cycle of HGH therapy, the first results begin to appear within the first month of daily use. In fact, many patients have reported experiencing a definite increase in their energy, within just days of starting treatment; and since significant energy loss is one of the most commonly shared symptoms of growth hormone deficiency, this quickly observed increase serves as a wonderful incentive for patients to continue on with their therapy.

By the second month of therapy, patients are not just feeling the improvements it delivers but are starting to exhibit them in their personal appearance, as well. Then, throughout the third, fourth, fifth and sixth month of their prescribed programs, the physical, emotional and cognitive improvements that patients receive continue to multiply and intensify. After six months, the physical transformation can be a substantial one and it is often evidenced by better muscle tone; less excess body fat; smoother and healthier looking skin; healthier eyes and hair; and greater flexibility.

But in describing how fast does HGH injections work, let’s not overlook the other improvements that will be evident during and after six month of treatment, because they are every bit as important to your overall health and vitality. These can include the return of your sex drive; the ability to think more clearly; a sense of greater emotional wellbeing; and improved immunity to colds and other common illnesses.         

Q & A: How Long Do the Benefits of HGH Injections Last?

Q & A: How Long Do the Benefits of HGH Injections Last

Those are pretty amazing benefits to receive in exchange for a six-month program of medically prescribed HGH therapy, aren’t they? But most patients want to know how long will all of these lifestyle-enhancing improvements continue to last? Well, while the answer depends on each patient’s individual response to their treatment, it also depends on how much a patient does to extend the benefits of their treatment.  

There are a number of lifestyle habits that will either support or undermine your body’s ability to sustain the increased growth hormone levels that treatment has produced. So once you have seen for yourself how well and how fast does HGH injections work, that should motivate you to maintain those benefits by making positive changes to your diet and avoiding unhealthy fast food and fried foods; getting eight hours of sleep every night; sticking to a daily exercise routine; and reducing the sources of stress in your life. Sleep, diet, exercise and stress all have an effect on your hormonal balance.

You can do a lot to extend the positive benefits that your course of HGH replacement therapy has resulted in; but eventually, your growth hormone levels will probably require replenishment through the use of additional treatment cycles. Your doctor can determine when it would be beneficial to resume therapy by having a simple blood test performed to measure your current IGF-1 levels, which are a stable and accurate indicator of your body’s growth hormone status.      

Q & A: What’s the Right Adult Age for Using Injectable HGH?

There is no right or wrong age for using HGH injections to medically increase an adult’s deficient growth hormone supply, but it is very unusual for anyone under the age of thirty to experience a progressive decline into abnormally low GH levels – unless they have suffered an injury or illness that has effected their pituitary gland’s functions (since this is where growth hormone is produced). So consequently, many hormone therapy doctors and clinics do not recommend or prescribe treatment for adults who are not yet over the age of thirty.

Age can be a contributing factor in how fast does HGH injections work, as can a patient’s weight and overall physical condition; but the most compelling physiological factor in treatment is the extent of a patient’s growth hormone deficiency. Granted, the level of deficiency typically worsens with age as this condition tends to progress slowly buy steadily. An adult who has been GH deficient for several decades for getting tested and starting a treatment program will probably experience a more dramatic degree of improvement than an adult who has not. But it will also take longer to get extremely low HGH levels back into the normal and healthy range.

So there is a lot to be said for the early detection of abnormally low growth hormone levels and it can happen at almost any adult age. The bottom line is that of you are over thirty and have been exhibiting symptoms that are consistent with the accelerated loss of your growth hormone supply, then you should get yourself tested for this treatable and health-depleting disorder.

Q & A: Where To Find Doctors Who Can Prescribe HGH Injections?

It hasn’t always been easy for adults in the US to find local doctors who can prescribe HGH injections therapy, but fortunately those circumstances have really changed with the near universal availability of Internet access. Most adults are now finding their HGH therapy providers by going online and seeing who offers medically prescribed hormone replacement programs in their local areas.

One of the names they will find by going online is Nexel Medical, because we provide this treatment to adult patients in all 50 states. We perform all of our testing procedures locally and the same goes for the initial medical exam that all patients are required to have prior to their treatment. But accessing Nexel Medical for your local testing and treatment is as simple as completing and digitally submitting our quick and easy contact form (it’s right on our website), or just calling us directly at our toll-free number, which is also prominently displayed on our website.

If you have a number of questions about how fast does HGH injections work or any other aspect of using a growth hormone replacement program, just call us and speak with one of our clinical advisors. You will be provided with factual information and personal assistance on whatever your questions or concerns might be. This is how adults are finding the specialized medical providers they need in today’s fast-moving times. It is convenient; it’s efficient; and it is very easy to accomplish. Everyone is welcome to gather all of the information they need in regard to using HGH injections from the experienced and highly qualified medical professionals at Nexel Medical, and there is no obligation attached to it in any way.

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