How Many HGH Injections Per Week

Anticipating How Many HGH Injections Per Week Should You Use

Most people prefer to know what to anticipate when they are dealing with health-related issues. So if your current health issue involves getting medical treatment for a symptomatic growth hormone deficiency, you probably would appreciate knowing more about how many HGH injections per week should I use, what will it cost, and are there any other treatment options that will work as well for me?

We’ll start with how many human growth hormone injections are typically prescribed per week for adults who are clinically verified to be growth hormone deficient. Every patient’s exact dosage is going to be individually calculated by their HGH therapy doctor, which will account for variations. The general guideline that is has been suggested by the latest studies is that smaller doses administered more frequently are the best way to provide benefits while reducing the risk for side effects. 

Conservative doses of between 4 – 8 IU (international units) per week are generally divided into two daily injections (morning and evening) for either 5 or 6 days consecutively. There will usually be either one or two days of the week with no injections given.

But bear in mind that individual factors in regard to the patient’s condition and age can affect the physician’s dosage recommendations; for example, older patients generally require lower doses than those who are younger. Qualified hormone replacement therapy doctors are well aware of the latest dosage findings on how many HGH injections per week their patients should be using and typically begin a patient’s treatment cycle with low doses that are incrementally increased to ensure the treatment’s full effectiveness.

What Will Be the Cost per Week for Using HGH Injections?

What Will Be the Cost per Week for Using HGH Injections

This can also something only be anticipated in general terms because the cost of a patient’s weekly injections will depend on the brand they are using; how much they are using; and the pharmacy they are using to purchase their prescribed HGH injections from.

It also depends, of course, on whether a patient has health care insurance that will cover some or all of the cost of their overall treatment program, including the periodic blood tests that are used to evaluate the patient’s HGH levels. As with all health insurance questions, people need to speak directly with their insurer about their coverage benefits.

Standard vials of injectable human growth hormone can range in price; an average daily dosage can cost between $28 to $40 dollars. However, the final determination on issues such as how many HGH injections per week to use and which brand of medication should always be based on each individual patient’s therapeutic requirements and goals, and how to best meet them through treatment.

If you are going to be financially responsible for the cost of your HGH therapy program, let your doctor know this upfront and express any concerns you might have. Most legitimate hormone therapy providers will try to assist you in any way they can.

Can You Get the Same Results from Non-Prescription HGH?

Some adults turn to what they believe is a cheaper alternative for increasing their deficient growth hormone levels and purchase the so-called HGH boosters, releasers and supplements that are sold without prescription. Not only is it appealing to be told that these products can increase growth hormone without using injections, they usually cost less than the bio-identical HGH injections that are only available to people when prescribed by licensed medical doctors. 

Many of these products also cost hundreds of dollars per month to use. But they come with any scientific proof that they work because there is none. Biologically speaking, human growth hormone cannot be absorbed by the body through any other means than by using it in its injectable form, unlike testosterone therapy, for instance, in which topically treatments can be almost as effective as using testosterone injections.

If you have reservations about how many HGH injections per week you will need to use, or whether you will be solely responsible for the cost of your treatment, explore them with the professionals who can help you before looking for another option – because as far as safely receiving medically effective treatment for growth hormone deficiency, non-prescription products are not the answer.

Talk to your health care insurer, and then talk to a qualified and experienced HGH therapy provider like Nexel Medical to get real answers instead of empty and expensive promises. HGH injections therapy works, and it can work for you.

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