How Many HGH Injections Should I Take

Medical Q & A: How Many HGH Injections Should I Take

Wondering how many HGH injections should I take should definitely be considered a medical question because any other use of them is legally prohibited throughout the US. Yet unfortunately, this doesn’t change the fact that injectable human growth hormone is being illegally sold, faked, purchased and used largely through the Internet.

This situation is unfortunate because it taints the legitimate medical use of HGH injections by patients who have clinically substantiated growth hormone disorders. So when a body builder or professional athlete asks this question, it is usually coming from a legally unapproved usage. Is that an unfair generalization to make? Not really, because any patient who is legally using a doctor prescribed injectable HGH replacement program would already know the answer to that question.

When qualified hormone replacement therapy doctors prescribe bio-identical human growth hormone injections for their patients, they are explicit about providing them with the exact dosage and administration instructions to be followed. As a progressive and carefully tracked medical therapy, the precise dosage is always be carefully calibrated by his or her prescribing physician.

Pharmaceutical human growth hormone is measured in mg (milligrams) and IU (International Unit); this is how US doctors prescribe it for their patients. As treatment for adult-onset growth hormone deficiency, relatively conservative dosages are used because it is the safest and most effective means of increasing deficient hormone levels while minimizing the risk for side effects.

Since growth hormone replacement therapy is always prescribed individually, based on each patient’s individual therapeutic requirements, the only person who is qualified to answer any patient’s question of how many HGH injections should I take is their hormone therapy doctor. Don’t let anyone at your gym or in your social circle tell you something different because unless they also happen to be your hormone therapy doctor, they would have no idea what your medically correct HGH dosage should be.

Are Different HGH Dosages Prescribed for Different Reasons?

Are Different HGH Dosages Prescribed for Different Reasons

The goal of medical treatment for adult-onset growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) is to elevate the patient’s back to their healthier normal range per the clinical guidelines for their age group. The dosages required to do this will be as varied as the patients using therapy. HGH injections are also prescribed for several other explicit medical conditions, some of which can be quite serious. Those patients’ dosages would be individually ascertained based on their specific medical requirements. 

However, in the case of AGHD, the excessive elevation of any patient’s GH levels is never recommended. In the first place, there have not been any clinical trials or scientific evidence that have shown any benefit to excessively increasing growth hormone levels to way above normal. The general daily dosage range is approximately 2-3 IU compared to the 4-6 IU range that is illegally used for body building and athletic performance enhancement, and to the 8-16 IU range that is used short-term for promoting the healing of severe burns and other bodily injuries.

So you can now see why the answer to how many HGH injections should I take is always best left to the medical professionals who prescribe it on a patient-by-patient basis. The dosages are indeed different depending on the specific case requirements. They monitor the progress of each patient’s HGH treatment cycle by performing periodic blood testing that accurately measures the amount of growth hormone present in their system. A dosage that is too low will not produce the desired therapeutic results and one that is too high is more likely to trigger unwanted side effects.

Can I Keep My Costs Down by Using Fewer HGH Injections?

Using less than the prescribed dosage of HGH injections is more likely to result in wasting money rather than saving it. It makes no sense to have the prerequisite diagnostic testing, medical exam and medical evaluation of your symptoms and overall physical condition is you do not plan to follow your treatment program exactly as it has been prescribed for you.

Consistency is one of the key components of all successful therapy programs, whether it’s physical therapy, psychological therapy, or hormone replacement therapy. Making a commitment to your HGH replacement therapy program means following it precisely as it has been prescribed for you. This is the only way to maximize your potential results and receive all of the benefits that this treatment has been shown to deliver. And isn’t this your entire reason for undertaking human growth hormone therapy?

If you want to enjoy the energy, the weight loss, the mood elevation, the brain sharpening, the libido awakening, and the many other benefits that using growth hormone replacement therapy provides, then have your treatment properly prescribed and stick to your individual treatment program – the rewards will come. So the only correct answer to how many HGH injections should I use is to always and only use exactly what your hormone therapy doctor has directed you to use.

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