How Much Do HGH Injections Cost

Find Out How Much Do HGH Injections Cost and Why

When any US adult wants to find out how much do HGH injections cost it is usually because they have already found out that their medical insurance does not provide them with coverage for the cost of using doctor prescribed human growth hormone replacement therapy. That is just the current reality that we are all living with in regard to paying more out of our own pockets for our medical care.

But because injectable HGH therapy is federally regulated as prescription medical treatment, its cost to any patient will specifically depend on each patient’s therapeutic requirements. Qualified hormone therapy doctors determine a patient’s individual requirements based on the results a specialized blood test that measures the exact level of deficiency and they arrive at the correct dosage to prescribe. That is the point at which how much a patient’s cost for their treatment can be determined.

Understandably, many people who ask how much do HGH injections cost would like to at least have a cost estimate or approximate cost range for this specialized treatment before they make a commitment to using it. In an ongoing program of human growth hormone injections, the cost that a patient will absorb, assuming their insurance is not involved, will primarily be the cost of their prescribed medications which can range anywhere from several hundred to close to a thousand dollars per month. It will ultimately be determined by the amount of injectable HGH they will require to restore their hormone levels to the healthy range and to keep them there.     

Do Some Injectable HGH Brands Cost More Than Others?

Do Some Injectable HGH Brands Cost More Than Others

Reputable HGH therapy providers, which are the licensed medical doctors and clinics here in the US experienced in this area of medical practice, only prescribe the high quality injections that are manufactured by US pharmaceutical firms under strict biochemical guidelines. These manufacturers of high quality bio-identical human growth hormone include of Sandoz, the makers of Omnitrope; Pfizer, the maker of Genotropin; Eli Lilly, who manufactures Humatrope; Serono, the producers of Saizen; and Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of Norditropin.

In estimating how much do HGH injections cost from these various manufacturers, be aware that these brands are actually all relatively similar in price and your doctor might have a reason to believe that you would respond to one brand over another. What can often cause medications costs to go a bit higher is the use of pre-mixed HGH that often comes in click-pen delivery system, which many patients find very easy and convenient to use. For these patients, paying a little more per dose of their medication is well worth the ease and convenience they gain in self-administering their prescribed treatments.

Purchasing cheaper injections manufactured outside of the US, which some people are admittedly doing online, can lead to very expensive problems. They can be illegally purchased from sellers that can be found on the black market who are unauthorized to be distributing human growth hormones. However, they are cheaply made, inauthentic, and may contain bacterial residue and other contaminants that could be extremely harmful. It is clearly illegal to purchase these products and federal authorities have been aggressive in pursuing criminal charges against both the sellers and buyers of these products.

What Other Costs Are Involved in Using HGH Injections?

The other costs that are usually associated with using a medically prescribed growth hormone replacement program would be:

  • The cost of having a diagnostic blood test performed to measure your available growth hormone supply. At Nexel Medical, an IGF-1 blood test is used for this purpose because it consistently produces a more reliable measurement. Nexel Medical schedules these tests locally for their patients and can provide them with a cost estimate once the exact location of the test has been determined. Patients are encouraged to check with their medical insurance providers to determine if coverage or reimbursement for this test is available to them.
  • The cost of having a standard medical exam performed by one of our locally based physicians. If you have had one performed by your own physician recently, you might be able to save yourself the cost of this requirement. Discuss this with your hormone therapy provider to see if this will be possible.
  • The cost of periodic IGF-1 blood testing to evaluate the progress of your hormone replacement therapy. The cost for each test would presumably be the same as the initial test if it is performed by the same facility.

The only other cost to factor into how much do HGH injections cost is a minimal one, and it is the cost of any related supplies you would need to administer your treatments to yourself. These are very affordable items such as alcohol wipes, a sharps container for the safe disposal of hypodermic needles or injection pens, and bacteriostatic water to mix the powdered recombinant HGH with before injecting.

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