How Often to Take HGH Injections

How Often to Take HGH Injections and Other Important Tips

It is not that there isn’t an abundance of information already available on using bio-identical human growth hormone; it’s that much of it is misleading, contradictory or just simply not very helpful. So if you would like to hear how often to take HGH injections and other important tips about using growth hormone replacement therapy straight from the hormone therapy doctors who prescribe them, please read on.

These tips, just like the innovative treatment procedures that Nexel Medical has created for their patients, are simple, straightforward and very easy to put into practice. What gets very complicated is when people decide that they can just order injectable human growth hormone online – even though doing this without a prescription is illegal – and essentially become their own doctors. This means that they will be deciding how often to inject themselves with whatever substance they have purchased … they will decide what dosage to use … and they will deal with whatever unpleasant side effects or medical complications that might very well occur by using their self-styled HGH therapy illegally.

Really, does this sound like a sensible idea to you? Here is why it isn’t. The medically unauthorized and unsupervised use of injectable human growth hormone that has been illegally obtained is very high-risk on many levels. It can get you into legal trouble; it can cause harm to your health to use real HGH improperly; and it can cause you to experience even worse harm if you end up injecting yourself with something that isn’t human growth hormone but some other substance.

So here is the most important tip anyone can receive on how often to take HGH injections: Follow your hormone therapy doctor’s instructions closely and consistently. If you don’t already have a doctor who is in proficient in prescribing HGH replacement therapy, get one. You’ll find doctors who can capably prescribe and supervise your treatment at Nexel Medical.   

What Is the Proper Dosage of Injectable HGH for You To Take?

What Is the Proper Dosage of Injectable HGH for You To Take

Apparently some adults have decided that not only can they act as their own growth hormone replacement therapy doctors, but they can attempt being biochemists as well. After purchasing what they believe to be safe and pure HGH online (good luck with that), they will then decide what their proper dosage should be.

Time for another important tip on how HGH injections are responsibly dosed – it takes much more than guesswork. Here is how experienced physicians arrive at the optimal dosage for each of their adult growth hormone deficiency patients by:

  • Having a blood test performed on the patient to measure his or her IGH-1 levels, which are the clinically accepted indicators of how much growth hormone is present within their system.
  • Performing a medical exam to evaluate their current physical condition.
  • Evaluating each patient’s personal symptoms and medical history.

Experienced hormone therapy providers know how to interpret each patient’s blood test results within the context of their age, weight and other pertinent individual factors to arrive at the medically correct dosage of injectable HGH for that patient.

This cannot be accomplished through guesswork; by picking up information from online bodybuilding blogs; or even by going to a legitimate medical website and seeing if there is an “average” dosing given for human growth hormone injections. That’s not the way it is prescribed any more than it’s the way to learn how often to take HGH injections.  The only way that these injections will safely provide real health benefits to adults is when they are used under clinically and legally correct medical conditions. 

How Long Will Your HGH Therapy Program Last?

The blood test that was initially used to help diagnose your condition of GH deficiency will be periodically performed and utilized by your doctor to monitor your treatment’s progress. Your doctor will want to increase your growth hormone levels to their optimum, but not excessive, amount. There is a clinically established healthy range that hormone therapy providers are familiar with and use to reference where any individual patient’s GH supply should be.

A patient’s treatment cycle lasts until that point has been reached, because increasing their levels any higher will not provide any additional health benefits. In general, most patients reach their optimal HGH levels within 5 to 6 months of treatment; but hormone replacement medical professionals don’t deal in generalities. So periodic testing, along with each patient’s measurable results and improvements, are how experienced hormone therapy professionals such as those at Nexel Medical determine when it is best for the patient’s treatment cycle to end.

These doctors are legitimately qualified to make professional judgments on things like how often to take HGH injections; when to stop taking them; and when to resume therapy in ways that no one else is – especially not someone who is buying and using injectable human growth hormone illegally.

So the final tip is this: Smart people know what they don’t know. HGH replacement therapy is not something to play around with; it is serious medical treatment that is legally allowed for certain recognized medical conditions. Get the best hormone therapy doctor you can and put your treatment in their hands and you will most assuredly end up getting the best results.

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