How to Do HGH Injections

Do You Know How to Do HGH Injections Therapy at Home

The main challenge of aging is remaining physically healthy and psychologically vital, which are the two qualities of life that adult-onset growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) diminishes. So have you been tested for this condition? And do you know how to do HGH injections therapy at home if it turns out that you are diagnosed with AGHD?

Maybe you’ve been wondering why even your best efforts to stay healthy haven’t been paying off the way that they used to. You’ve been finding that it is much harder to keep off excess weight; to get an uninterrupted night’s sleep; to not pick up every cold or virus that’s going around; even to stay focused on your tasks and responsibilities at work and at home. Those are all classic symptoms of AGHD and a simple blood test can be used to verify this increasingly common hormone deficiency.

Treatment for AGHD is also simple in that once a medical doctor has diagnosed this condition there is only one accepted and proven medical solution: Using injectable HGH (bio-identical human growth hormone) to incrementally and safely increase your body’s deficient growth hormone supply. These treatments are self administered by patients and they have consistently been shown to eliminate growth hormone deficiency symptoms very effectively. But would you know how to do HGH injections at home if you were diagnosed with this disorder? Would you be able to learn how?

You absolutely would, because it is not difficult at all when you have the right instruction and support. When you choose Nexel Medical to provide you with AGHD testing and treatment, you will receive instructions that you can easily follow and patient support services that you can always count on.    

Why Do You Need a Doctor to Prescribe HGH Injections for You?

Why Do You Need a Doctor to Prescribe HGH Injections for You

If adults using HGH replacement therapy are responsible for administering their own treatments, then why is it necessary for doctors to prescribe them in the first place? Simply stated, it is because bio-identical human growth hormone is a controlled substance and it requires the controlled used that medical authorization and supervision provides – just like all of today’s powerful and/or potentially addictive prescription medications do.

Knowing how to do HGH injections is a wonderful thing when you have developed a clinically verified medical need for using them, but they can produce effects that are not wonderful if they used inappropriately. Some examples of their inappropriate use that most of us have at least heard about would be to enhance athletic performance and endurance, or to magnify the results of bodybuilding.  However, it is also inappropriate to use them as an anti-aging treatment when no growth hormone deficiency symptoms have been detected. It is because of the reputation of human growth hormone injections to be able to all of these things that it has become necessary for federal regulators to define the explicit medical uses where it is appropriate for doctors to prescribe them.

But here is the true irony of adults using them inappropriately and without medical testing or supervision: If you don’t have the medical need for them, which is always substantiated through blood testing and a medical evaluation of your symptoms, you most likely won’t benefit from them at all – you could even cause physical harm to yourself by excessively elevating your growth hormone levels. This is why it is more than a legal requirement, it is a very good form of health protection to have to be properly tested and examined before receiving a medical prescription for using HGH injections.  

It also provides you with further protection from harm by having professional assistance available to you in regard to administering your injections; dealing with any possible side effects; and monitoring your blood levels throughout the duration of your treatment cycle.

How Much Does It Cost to Do an HGH Injections Program?

Growth hormone supplementation that is medically monitored benefits the body by restoring all of the biological functions that have been compromised by its loss. But treatment does have a cost associated with it, as many health care insurers have declined to cover it. Certainly one of the first things that any adult who is considering HGH therapy should do is to contact their health care insurer directly to find out if their medical insurance covers all or part of its cost.

So before you learn how to do HGH injections therapy, you will want to obtain a good idea of its potential costs. These will typically include the cost of your testing, your medical exam and your treatments, which can all be estimated but not specifically determined before your doctor has diagnosed your exact level of growth hormone deficiency. The cost of IGF-1 lab testing (which most providers utilize for accurate growth hormone levels blood testing) can vary from region to region or among facilities; but it generally costs between $100 and $200 per test. Ask you medical insurer if the cost of your physical exam is covered; if you have had an exam recently, you might be to forego this requirement.

The cost of your prescription treatments will depend on the brand and dosage that your doctor has prescribed for you, which is going to be based on your individual therapeutic requirements. With no medical coverage involved, an average treatment program can cost several hundred dollars each month, and most treatment cycles run for an average of 6 months at a time.

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