How to Give HGH Injections

Learn How to Give HGH Injections the Correct Way

Instead of focusing solely on the fact the human growth hormone replacement therapy has to be administered by injections to be medically effective, it helps to take a broader view of this treatment. While all patients will have to learn how to give HGH injections the correct way, this aspect of therapy should not become the main thing that anyone who is considering using it should focus on.

In fairness, those who are currently using injectable human growth hormone probably felt a little apprehensive about self-administering their treatments before they began their medically prescribed treatment program. But they quickly realized, once they had injected themselves a few times, that there is really nothing to it. It only takes them a few minutes – even less if they are using one of the injectable pen devices – to correctly prepare and take the bio-identical human growth hormone treatments that their doctors have prescribed. Many patients have made taking their treatments in the morning a simple part of their morning routines.

Yet feeling a little anxious about how to give HGH injections to yourself is completely natural if you have never done it before. However, there are numerous videos posted online that detail exactly how it should be done; it’s a good idea to review one or two of them beforehand to gain some familiarity with the procedures that are used. It’s the fear of the unknown that causes us to imagine that something is far worse than it actually is, and this certainly applies to the idea of using injectable HGH treatments on a regular basis. When people are able to look beyond the mechanics of treatment, they can allow themselves to take a wider view of the many exceptional benefits that using medical treatment for growth hormone deficiency will provide to them.      

Some Important Pointers on Giving Yourself HGH Injections

Some Important Pointers on Giving Yourself HGH Injections

We mentioned that Nexel Medical is a supportive provider of adult hormone replacement therapy programs, are here is why that should matter to you. Our caring team of doctors and clinical advisors can provide you with a level of patient support that is second to none; and so if you ever need personal assistance with how to give HGH injections or information about anything else, we are always going to be available to you.

Yet we know that if you are motivated to conquer your growth hormone deficiency symptoms, you will easily be able to follow your daily injections routine. Here are some of the key pointers you can refer to that will make you feel like an old pro at self-administering your treatments in no time at all:

  • The process that you will utilize to give yourself the shot of bio-identical HGH will depend upon exact brand and delivery method that your doctor has prescribed for you. If you have a preference between using treatments that must be mixed and using those that don’t require pre-mixing, mention this to your provider before your prescription has been issued to you.
  • Regardless of which version you choose, the steps to administer your injections are the same. Many patients choose the belly area as their injection site because it is easy to access and they can alternate above or below the navel, and on either side. The injection site’s location should be changed daily to avoid the discomfort of using the same spot all the time.
  • The tiny needles used cause minimal to no pain, especially after the first few injections. Once the injection site has been cleaned with an alcohol swipe, just pinch the skin and insert the needle at a 30 to 45 degree angle.
  • You will dispose of the used needle and syringe in what is called a Sharps container, which is typically included with the purchase of your prescribed medications. The hole made by the tiny needle is so small that no bandage will be necessary. It is basically a very small jab and you’re done.

New Products Have Made Administering HGH injections So Easy

If you have seen any of the ads showing how portable and user-friendly some of the newer injectable insulin delivery systems have become, then you already have an idea of how much easier using injectable human growth hormone now is. A whole new generation of growth hormone deficiency patients is now “coming of age” (today’s adult patients of HGH therapy are typically well above the age of 30) and they are discovering that today’s treatment options are exceptionally fast and very easy to use.

Speed and simplicity definitely equate to convenience and this is what many patients really appreciate about prescription HGH medications that can now be obtained pre-mixed and ready to go. Let’s be honest, no one wants to spend more time than necessary on personal medical routines – we all just want to be healthy and to remain healthy. But when we find that need help with that, making it as unobtrusive to our lifestyles as possible lets us focus on the other important things in our lives. You can fit HGH replacement therapy seamlessly into your lifestyle, as long as you have an innovative and supportive medical provider who will be guiding and assisting you whenever you need it.

Experienced and caring hormone therapy providers like Nexel Medical make certain that all of our patients learns how to give HGH injections to themselves correctly, of course; but we also offer support that is much broader in scope than that. We encourage them to focus their newly rediscovered energy and vitality on being the best possible versions of themselves by eating right … staying active … pursuing their passions … and achieving their goals.  Using our doctor prescribed HGH therapy programs is about more than learning how to self-administer injections to replenish a vital hormonal resource; they are about taking that resource and doing the most with it.

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