How to Take HGH Injections Safely

Teaching You How to Take HGH Injections Safely Is Simple

It’s said that you are never too old to learn something new, and the Nexel Medical professionals who can teach you how to take HGH injections safely know that this is true. Every day, we teach adults who have come to us for medically prescribed growth hormone replacement therapy how to self-administer their treatments – and the majority of them are people who have never previously administered injections of any kind to themselves.

But using injectable human growth hormone is much less daunting then it initially sounds. To use it legally, it must be legitimately prescribed for you by a licensed US physician; and this a decision made by federal drug regulating agencies to ensure its safe and appropriate therapeutic use. Together with members of the US medical community, they have concluded that the unsupervised and indiscriminate use of injectable human growth hormone is unsafe, as is the case with many other powerful prescription medications.

Yet they have also concluded, based on the evidence produced by decades of scientific research and numerous controlled clinical trials, that it is safe for adults with a verified growth hormone deficiency disorder to use bio-identical growth hormone treatments. However, every adult using these treatments has needed to learn how to take HGH injections safely, typically from the medical provider who has prescribed their program of hormone replacement therapy.

Because the injections are administered using very small needles, most patients discover that they become virtually painless, especially after they have conquered their initial feelings of trepidation and unfamiliarity. What can make it even simpler to safely self-administer your treatments is the reassuring support and guidance that you will receive from an experienced and caring provider like Nexel Medical, where we are always available to offer our patients personal assistance with every aspect of their HGH therapy.

Follow These Common Sense Tips for Safely Injecting HGH:

Follow These Common Sense Tips for Safely Injecting HGH

  • Always wash your hands with warm water and soap prior to preparing and administering your injections.
  • Choose a clean and well-lit area, such as the surface of your bathroom counter, for preparing your injectable HGH solution.
  • Assemble all your materials in advance and check the expiration date on your vial of medication; also check for any cloudiness or impurities before you inject. Don’t use any solution that you are suspicious of.
  • Because they are administered subcutaneously (into the skin’s fatty layer), how to take HGH injections safely is to hold your needle or injection pen at a 45-degree angle to avoid injecting too deeply into your muscle.
  • Always check for any air bubbles in your solution. These must be eliminated before administering your injections by gently pushing your plunger until they are gone.
  • It is important not to let anything touch the tip of your needle or syringe, thereby contaminating it. If this happens accidentally, discard your injections apparatus and begin again.
  • Never inject into an area where you have bumps, bruises, unhealed wounds, or pain. Choose a suitable injections site; clean it with an alcohol swab; and allow it to air-dry before injecting your medication.
  • Follow the measuring and mixing instructions that come with your recombinant HGH carefully; properly store any leftover solution that you plan to use for your next treatment by refrigerating it.
  • Dispose of your injection materials properly as they are hazardous waste. Use a sharp’s container and when it is full, contact your local waste management agency regarding its proper disposal.

How Often Can You Safely Take Your HGH Injections?

Anyone who relies strictly on information obtained online to find out how often they should take HGH injections is going to end up totally confused. Some websites say once a day, some say twice a day, some say seven days a week, and others say three, four or five days a week. The point is that you should rely solely on your hormone therapy doctor for this information because it is absolutely critical to how to take HGH injections safely and effectively.

All dosage information and instructions should come straight from the doctor who has prescribed your therapy because no one else has as gained much insight into your best course of treatment. Most of the websites that feature forums or blogs about the frequency and/or amount of human growth hormone that an adult should take are directed to – and often created by – the bodybuilders who use injectable HGH illegally and without medical supervision.

So they attempt to act as their own treatment “supervisors” in these online exchanges of opinions and theories about using human growth hormone to achieve physical gains. In doing this, it not only exhibits a complete disregard for the physiological role that growth hormone plays in every adult’s health; it also promotes widespread misinformation on a topic that deserves better.

Using human growth hormone illegally and casually disregards its legitimacy as a safe and effective treatment for a recognized medical disorder. The US medical and pharmaceutical communities considers the unauthorized use of HGH injections to be extremely unsafe; and in all of the clinical studies that have been performed, the patients followed their dosage instructions exactly as prescribed. Their dosages were individually prescribed and based on their personal requirements, just as your treatment should be. And this is precisely how Nexel Medical’s doctors prescribe treatment for each of our patients.   

Here’s What Else We Have Simplified About Using HGH Therapy.

Nexel Medical has simplified everything about how to use HGH injections safely, because people living in a digital world have come to expect immediate access to everything they need in life. And it is this constant connectivity that has allowed us to create procedures for receiving treatment that all US adults can now easily access online.

The first step in every safely administered growth hormone replacement program is to have a blood test that measures your current hormone levels. Our doctors can have this test performed for you right in your local area and you can request it right from the Nexel Medical website. You can also call us and request it from one of our clinical advisors, because we will always provide personal assistance to adults seeking treatment along with our online convenience and accessibility.

The other simple steps for receiving treatment for growth hormone deficiency are to have a medical exam from one of our doctors in your area, and to submit your medical history to us – you can use our convenient online form (located on our website) for this. That’s all there is to it – a local blood test, a local exam and providing us with your health history. Your Nexel Medical doctor will review and evaluate your information and arrive at a diagnosis.

If HGH therapy is indicated, you will receive a prescription for injectable human growth hormone from Nexel Medical, and you can also order your prescription treatments from us online. This is the simpler, more efficient way for how to take HGH injections safely and legally. So simple, in fact, that you can actually begin the process immediately.

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