HGH Therapy Side Effects

Are the Side Effects of HGH Therapy Anything to Worry About

Endorsements from actual patients who are using human growth hormone injections to correct a growth hormone deficiency imbalance seldom seem to include any mention of experiencing HGH therapy side effects. So does this mean that most adults who appropriately use this type of medical treatment don’t often experience them? That is just what it means. The incidence of experiencing side effects while using growth hormone replacement therapy has been and remains statistically very low for patients.

Yet while statistics would be very difficult to gather on the incidence of side effects among adults who are using human growth hormone injections illegally, comments found on websites and blogs that cater to those who are using these injections without medical authorization or supervision often mention side effects and other complications. This is just another example of why federal agencies have determined that bio-identical human growth hormone is categorized as a controlled pharmaceutical substance that requires medical supervision in order to be used safely and effectively. Using it illegally without exhibiting the clinical need for it for whatever purpose – whether it is to enhance one’s bodybuilding efforts or an attempt to turn back one’s biological clock and fight the signs of aging – is usually not only ineffective, but often results in experiencing undesirable side effects and is potentially unsafe.

So while minimizing the chance for experiencing any HGH therapy side effects is an excellent reason to receive the proper testing and diagnostic procedures before being issued a medical prescription to use HGH injections, there are other excellent reasons as well. The number one reason is that the safety and effectiveness of any patient’s treatment can only be assured by a diagnosis that confirms the presence of a clinically significant level of growth hormone deficiency, along with a treatment program that is being carefully monitored by the doctor who prescribed it.

There is always going to be chance that even under medical supervision, a patient might initially experience side effects such as edema and joint pain. However, these temporary effects are typically indications that a dosage adjustment is required and are quickly eliminated once the patient’s dosage has been lowered. 

So Are the Benefits of Growth Hormone Replacement Genuine?

So Are the Benefits of Growth Hormone Replacement Genuine

Some of those endorsements from patients that you see online or read about in publications are really quite dramatic. People talk about regaining their confidence at work because their mental sharpness has returned … some mention how much better their sex life has been since they’ve been using human growth hormone injections … both men and women note that they’ve been able to finally shed that stubborn belly fat … and everyone seems to note the resurgence in energy that this treatment has provided to them … with hardly anyone mentioning any significant HGH therapy side effects that they have had.

Can every adult who uses growth hormone replacement therapy expect to get the same results from their treatment program? And can the benefits of therapy be as life changing as so many people claim they are? Absolutely. If you have been progressively losing your mental and physical energy; fighting with excess pounds around your mid-section; watching your muscle tone disappearing; saying good-bye to a satisfying sex life; and just don’t have the vitality and resilience you used to have, then getting all of these things returned to you by restoring your growth hormone supply can definitely change your life for the better.

Healthily balanced growth hormone levels are the fuel that your body requires to stay physiologically strong, resilient and vibrant. And once you have refueled your body through the use of injectable human growth hormone therapy, the transformation can be a dramatic one. When adults share their personal experiences in regard to the benefits that HGH therapy has provided them with, their excitement in feeling and looking completely rejuvenated is totally genuine. Wouldn’t you find it exciting to be feeling ten or twenty years younger than you are – and to have people telling you that you are looking much younger, too?

Without a doubt, this type of reaction is a side effect of using HGH therapy that no adult is going to complain about.

Our Doctors Know How to Deliver Your Injectable HGH Therapy

Now you know that it is possible to obtain all of the benefits that people rave about while minimizing your risk for experiencing any HGH therapy side effects by having your treatment prescribed and managed by a doctor – but not just any doctor.

The medical use of bio-identical growth hormone replacement therapy is not something that all doctors are trained in. What you will need is a doctor who is trained and experienced in prescribing human growth hormone injections, which are the only treatments that have been clinically proven to correct GH deficiency. So you are probably wondering where you are going to be able find doctors with these specific qualifications.

You can find them the same way that many of the patients who so enthusiastically endorse the benefits of HGH replacement therapy found theirs, by going online. Even if they were willing to do it, most adults simply don’t have the extra time it would take to leave their local area in order to find their nearest hormone replacement therapy specialist, which could be located hours away or in another state. People have jobs to go to; families to take care of; personal obligations pulling them in many different directions at the same time; and as much as they might want to eliminate their GH deficiency symptoms, they often don’t see a way that finding and visiting a medical specialist is going to happen.

At Nexel Medical, our patients are able to contact us online, or by phone if they prefer, and have us handle of the preliminary details of their HGH therapy quickly and conveniently. We oversee those details for them and schedule the two basic requirements for treatment, a blood test and a physical exam, right in their local areas. It doesn’t stop there, of course. Upon being diagnosed as having a treatable growth hormone deficiency by your Nexel Medical, you will have continuing access to our clinical advisors for information and/or personal assistance whenever you need it. And to save you even more time, you will also be able to purchase your prescribed human growth hormone injections online through our Internet pharmacy.

This is how Nexel Medical delivers the many health benefits of human growth hormone injections to our patients while minimizing the chance for them having any unwanted HGH therapy side effects. If this sounds like a treatment process that you can easily work into your lifestyle, we encourage you to contact us whenever it is convenient for you. 

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