10 Benefits of Increased Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Levels

Benefits of Increased HGH Levels

Increased HGH (human growth hormone) levels can be the answer to a sustainable improvement in vitality for adults aged 40 and older. The benefits they can receive from sustaining higher growth hormone levels have been clinically documented.

Yet how are adults able to increase their growth hormone levels and gain the benefits associated with doing this? Only one method has been clinically proven to measurably increase low HGH levels and deliver the benefits.

That method is the use of self-administered daily injections of bio-identical HGH. However, it is a form of medical therapy that must be legally prescribed and supervised by a licensed US physician.

Is increasing your growth hormone levels worth the effort? Take a look at these 10 major benefits that adults can receive from having higher levels:

1. Builds Muscle Strength

Treatment to increase growth hormone levels has been proven to rebuild muscle strength and increase exercise capacity. As a result, body composition is noticeably improved.

Studies performed on healthy adult men have indicated that growth hormone replacement therapy can deliver measurable results in muscle mass, strength and tone.

2. Promotes Weight Loss

Increased HGH levels also help adults to maintain a healthier weight overall and gain a leaner, more youthful physique.

Even adults who have unsuccessfully attempted to lose weight are finally able to keep the unwanted pounds off.

3. Stimulates Sexual Desire

With higher levels of growth hormone, a satisfying and active sex life can be enjoyed indefinitely. It provides both men and women with a boost to their libido.

It can also help men to resolve any sexual performance issues they may have developed.

hgh increase energy

4. Increases Energy and Stamina

People with higher HGH levels tend to have a greater supply of energy and endurance. This is because the optimal function their systems and organs is being supported.

The result is boosted energy, strengthened muscles and increased bone density.

5. Reverses the Visible Signs of Aging

Increasing low HGH levels has a rejuvenating effect on adult hair and skin.

The skin of adults using supplemental growth hormone gains more density, elasticity and smoothness. Their hair often becomes fuller and healthier, as well.

6. Supports Better Cardiac Function

Using treatment to increase low HGH levels has been linked to improvements in cardiovascular function.

It can also protect against heart disease by improving the cholesterol profiles of adults.

7. Provides More Restful Sleep

Having higher HGH levels improves the ability to sleep more restfully, allowing adults to awaken feeling more refreshed and energetic.

Getting adequate sleep is also critical in supporting cognitive function and memory retention.

8. Enhances Emotional Wellbeing

Boosting HGH levels provides adults with a sense of greater emotional stability and wellbeing. It reduces the brain’s production of dopamine, a substance that can contribute to mental unrest.

hgh promotes faster healing

9. Promotes Faster Healing

Robust growth hormone levels promote faster recovery. A major component of lifelong vitality is the ability to bounce back quickly from illness and injury.

Many adults gain this advantage through the ongoing use of HGH injections therapy. 

10. Lowers the Risk for Type II Diabetes

Having higher growth hormone levels helps to eliminate excess belly fat, a major cause of insulin resistance.

By increasing low HGH levels in adults, the risk for developing Type II diabetes can be significantly reduced.

When Are the Benefits Received and How Long Do They Last??

Adults who are following a treatment program will typically experience some of these benefits after the first few weeks. Benefits continue to build month by month, as treatment progresses.  

They are usually maximized by the completion of a 6-month treatment cycle.

In order to sustain benefits indefinitely, the ongoing use of supplemental HGH therapy may be required. This should only be done under the appropriate medical supervision.

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