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Locating Doctors Who Prescribe HGH Therapy in Your Area

Your first doctor (aside from the one who delivered you) was probably a pediatrician and if you live long enough, your last doctor might very well be a gerontologist. But you could develop the need for doctors who prescribe HGH therapy for adults with chronic growth hormone deficiency symptoms at almost any point during your adult years.

This hormone disorder rarely develops while adults are in their twenties and early thirties; but at any time after that, both men and women become increasingly susceptible to the loss of their body’s healthy growth hormone production. As a result of that, many adults find themselves struggling with chronic symptoms of growth hormone deficiency such as extremely low energy, stubborn belly fat, mental lethargy, uneven emotional balance, and reduced disease resistance. The abnormal loss of growth hormone, which does decline naturally in virtually all adults as they age, also accelerates the outward signs of aging.

For adults with a degree growth hormone loss that is excessive for their age group – and the norms have been clinically established – finding doctors who can prescribe HGH therapy, the only known medical treatment for this condition, is essential. Finding them locally is also essential, since most Americans today who are middle-aged and older are busier and have less free time available than ever before.

So it’s understandable that many adults suffering from deficiency symptoms tend to try to overlook or adjust their lifestyle to them, rather than seek out the appropriate medical treatment from the doctors who are professionally qualified to prescribe it. But shy should anyone age faster than they have to … accept the loss of their vitality and sex drive … watch their muscle tone disappear while their mid-section continues to expand … or lose their mental edge and emotional wellbeing if they don’t have to? Getting HGH therapy from experienced hormone replacement doctors such as those found at Nexel Medical can help to reverse all of the symptoms of adult-onset growth hormone deficiency.

Why Doctors Have to Prescribe Human Growth Hormone

Why Doctors Have to Prescribe Human Growth Hormone

If simple daily injections, and very small and relatively painless ones at that, are the answer to restoring an adult’s too low growth hormone levels, then why can’t human growth hormone be purchased over the counter by anyone who thinks they need this treatment? Why does it require the involvement of licensed medical doctors who prescribe HGH therapy to authorize the replacement of what your endocrine system is no longer capable of producing?

There are several reasons for this decision that has been made by federal drug regulating agencies here in the US and is backed by this country’s medical community. Bio-identical human growth hormone can be harmful to people is they use amounts that would be considered medically excessive; and it will be essentially ineffective if a person is using too small an amount. The goal of hormone replacement doctors is to help adults who have a clinically verified growth hormone deficit to regain, and retain, the hormonal balance that is right for them.

So this involves the utilization of simple blood draw tests that measure the amount of growth hormone present in any patient’s system; but this medically sophisticated testing must be performed under the right clinical conditions by a licensed medical lab. Successful treatment also requires doctors who know how to correctly interpret each patient’s test results, and know how to medically evaluate their individual symptomology. It’s also possible for an adult with below normal growth hormone levels to not experience symptoms, just as it’s possible for an adult with borderline GH levels to have developed a variety of chronic growth hormone deficiency symptoms. Experienced doctors who prescribe HGH therapy, such as Nexel Medical’s, know when to prescribe treatment; when not to prescribe treatment; and how much treatment to prescribe on a case by base basis.

But the crucial question remains: Can you find doctors like these in your local area? Yes, you can.

Nexel Medical’s Local HGH Therapy Doctors Are More Experienced

Growth hormone and testosterone replacement therapy are the sole focus of our medical practice at Nexel Medical, so our expertise comes from many years of combined professional experience in prescribing medically correct hormone replacement programs. In recent years, we have made these programs locally available to all adults living in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, by utilizing the universal connectivity of the Internet.

We created our Internet presence to serve as an online introductory visit to our professional medical practice, which is capably headed up by our nationwide network of fully licensed doctors who prescribe HGH therapy to adults who are 30 and older. As specialists in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, we believe in making accurate and up-to-date information pertaining to the medical use of human growth hormone and testosterone. We’ve even included an easy-to-use contact form on our website to allow adults to immediately request specific information or the scheduling of a locally performed hormone laboratory test.

The depth of our doctors’ experience comes from the thousands of adults all across the US that we are successfully treating for their hormone disorders. We also provide our patients with a secure online pharmacy source where they can conveniently and very securely purchase their prescribed hormone medications. Nexel Medical has locally accessible doctors who prescribe HGH therapy in all 50 states, and that is because the purchase and use of injectable human growth hormone legally requires a valid medical prescription in every one of them. But it is also because we are dedicated to making sure that adults receive the benefits of using HGH safely and appropriately.

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