HGH and Testosterone Replacement Therapy

HGH and Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Partners in Health

The best partnerships are mutually beneficial and as partners in your health, you can receive an impressive amount of benefits from using medically prescribed HGH and testosterone replacement therapy. Over the course of the past two decades, hormone therapy practitioners in the US have seen an increasing number of adults, both men and women, develop symptomatic hormone disorders and deficiencies.

Whether the incidence is increasing due to environmental factors that can have a negative effect of hormonal balance, or the higher stress levels that today’s adults have to deal with, the only medical treatment that can correct hormone disorders such as Low T and growth hormone deficiency is that of therapeutically restoring the patient’s hormonal balance through supplementation. In both instances, bio-identically produced versions of testosterone and human growth hormone are used to replace what the patient’s endocrine system is no longer capable of biologically producing. And in both cases, the partnership between a medical hormone replacement program and any individual adult patient results in delivering improved health and vitality to the patient.

The partnership between an HRT patient and his or her therapy may be a one-sided one, with patients receiving all of the benefits and rewards. But that doesn’t mean that patients don’t have to contribute to this partnership; both HGH and testosterone replacement therapy programs tend to be ongoing forms of treatment because while they can often encourage the body to begin increasing its own production of these critical hormones, just as often the body’s own production remains inadequate to maintain healthfulness. So patients have to accept that these two as well most forms of HRT require a commitment from patients – and whether or not the cost of these medical treatments will be covered by the patient’s health care insurance is by no means assured.

You Can Have Low T and Low Growth Hormone Levels Concurrently

You Can Have Low T and Low Growth Hormone Levels Concurrently

As hormonal partners, testosterone and growth hormone share some common biological traits but they are not the same biochemical substances; so this means that HGH and testosterone replacement therapy programs are not treatments that can used interchangeably, as some adults mistakenly believe. However, they can be used concurrently for adult patients, males and females, who have developed both of these types of hormonal deficiency.

While it is less common than it is in men, women can also become susceptible to testosterone deficiency particularly post-menopause. Men can develop Low T levels at almost any adult age and in both men and women, a symptomatic growth hormone deficiency can develop at any time after the age of 30. Both of these hormone deficiencies share some of the same symptoms, such as reducing sexual desire and performance; causing a loss of energy and stamina; and having a negative influence on emotional wellbeing. When HRT doctors have reason to suspect that more than one type of deficiency could be present, the prudent course of action is often to test the patient for both.

Having more than one type of hormone deficiency is certainly not a cause for alarm; it simply means that your body’s endocrine system is no longer as efficient and productive as it once was. However, it is a cause for concern because hormonal balance is an essential factor is the continuation of an adult’s vitality and healthfulness. And since hormone imbalances can be detrimental to your emotional wellbeing as well, leaving them untreated can result in experiencing a chronic condition of mild depression or anxiety. Dual deficiencies can definitely intensify the symptoms that are typically associated with Low T and growth hormone loss; but dual treatment programs such as using HGH and testosterone replacement therapy concurrently can quickly and effectively eliminate troublesome symptoms and replace them with a renewed sense of overall wellbeing.

These two forms of HRT are very compatible and not at all unsafe for most patients to use simultaneously – your doctor will determine this. As in all forms of medical treatment, it is essential to follow your therapy programs exactly as your doctor has prescribed them and use only the dosages that have been indicated for you.

Our Doctors Understand How HGH and Testosterone Therapy Work

Good partnerships are based on good faith and at Nexel Medical we believe that the partnership between you and your HGH and testosterone replacement therapy medical provider is one that should always be based on mutual respect and trust. You need to able to trust in the professional experience and capabilities that your HRT doctor possesses, because you are placing one of your most valuable possessions, which is your health, in their care. And because both of these types of therapy are self-administered by the patients who are using them, your doctor needs to trust that you will follow your program faithfully and correctly.

At Nexel Medical, our doctors, clinical advisors and patients all share the same common goal – improving the health of our patients. This cannot be achieved by using a program that has not been properly prescribed or one that is being incorrectly followed. To that end, we provide our patients with not only our medical expertise but also with compassionate assistance whenever they need it. Whenever any one of our patients has a question … needs clarification on their treatment’s dosage … expresses a concern … or needs any kind of guidance on their treatment, the patient support that Nexel Medical excels in proves to be the strong and reliable partner that every patient wants.

As medical experts in the field of bio-identical hormone replacement, Nexel Medical is one of the best partners that any adult can have when they are facing the health-depleting effects of Low T and growth hormone deficiency. No adult has to face these health challenges alone; not when they can be treated safely and effectively by HRT medical providers that are only a phone call or email away. So if you need a partner to help you regain your maximum vitality and wellbeing, contact Nexel Medical and discover how easy and beneficial it can be to partner with us in maintaining your health.

Our treatment process for receiving HGH and testosterone replacement therapy is locally accessible to every adult in the US who is struggling with the effects of hormone deficiency. And the quality of our medical care is second to none.

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