HGH Replacement Therapy Benefits

How Adults Benefit from Receiving HGH Replacement Therapy

Don’t automatically blame your age for slowing you down; it could be a growth hormone imbalance that has been making you feel as though you’ve lost your youthful vitality forever. If testing shows that you have developed a clinically significant growth hormone deficiency, you can regain your vitality by receiving the many HGH replacement therapy benefits that this treatment provides to adults. The test is a simple blood draw test and it is able to detect how much growth hormone your body is still producing; and regardless of your age, you can benefit significantly from using medically prescribed corrective treatment.

Those benefits have been clinically established by both scientific research and controlled medical trials and while that is reassuring, what most adults with growth hormone deficiency symptoms want to know is what their own personal benefits will be. They want to know if their symptoms will disappear … if their appearance will improve … how long it will take to experience the benefits … things like that.

So this information will focus more on the personal aspects of what HGH replacement therapy benefits can do for patients and less on the science that made this form of hormone replacement therapy viable and successful. At Nexel Medical, our experienced HGH therapy doctors and clinical advisors have helped hundreds of adult patients to regain their more youthful vitality and many of those patients have been happy to share their therapeutic successes with us.

Yet while each patient will have treatment experience that is uniquely his or her own, the impressive amount of feedback that hormone replacement specialists have been able to compile from their patients indicates that there are many benefits from using injectable human growth hormone therapy that are universally shared. You’ll learn what the vast majority of adult patients have gained from their individually prescribed treatment programs so that you’ll know what to anticipate in regard to your own potential results.

Would Having More Energy and Endurance Benefit Your Life?

Would Having More Energy and Endurance Benefit Your Life

You’ve noticed it and what’s more, your friends and co-workers have noticed it, too. When you wake up feeling exhausted day after day, struggling to get through the workday and too tired to enjoy time with your family and friends after work, your growth hormone deficiency could be to blame. And one of the most often mentioned HGH replacement therapy benefits is the resurgence of energy and endurance that it provides.

The lower your energy has become because of your hormonal imbalance – and sometimes it can be more than one imbalance – the more dramatic your improvement will be. At times patients can still be in their 30’s and have both symptoms and a measurable level of GH deficiency, enough to warrant medical treatment. They will experience a noticeable improvement in energy from their treatment, but for a patient who is 20 or 30 years older than that and has progressively lost more growth hormone over the years, the improvement in energy received from using HGH therapy will be significantly more dramatic.

Essentially all adult patients who are using doctors prescribed human growth hormone injections therapy have reported that the improvements in their stamina and energy have allowed them to live healthier and more active lifestyles. They report that they sleep better and are waking up feeling refreshed and eager to take on the day. They tell us how much more fulfilling their lives have become because they have the energy to enjoy their family time; outings with their friends; take up new hobbies and recreational activities; and have become more involved in volunteering in their community causes.

This renewed vitality is one of the most gratifying HGH replacement therapy benefits that both men and women, whether they are working or retired, receive as a result of their treatment. And they all agree that being able to once again be fully engaged in life is an extremely revitalizing experience. So if dragging yourself through your life has made you feel old and worn out, imagine how much younger and more resilient you’ll feel when you have a reliable source energy and stamina that you can always count on.  

How Will You Benefit from Rejuvenation at the Cellular Level?

There is a substantial amount of science behind growth hormone replenishment, and there is definitely an art to prescribing the dosage that will maximize any patient’s HGH replacement therapy benefits. It’s important to understand how the art and science of this treatment physiologically work from the inside outward.

Experienced HRT doctors understand that very patient will respond individually to therapy because of the individual nature of the human body. Your body’s growth hormone supply plays a pivotal role in the proper function of all of your organs and systems, which all rely on healthy and robust cell regeneration. So the goal of effective growth hormone therapy is to elevate a patient’s GH levels to the range that will maximally support their body’s healthy cell renewal activity. It is when that activity is being supported by sufficient growth hormone that patients are rewarded by its benefits – benefits like these:

  • A rapid and effortless loss of excess fat due to improved metabolic activity
  • The return of healthy muscle tone and a healthier, leaner physique
  • The return of smoother and more supple skin
  • Improvements in immunological function, providing greater resistance to illness and faster recovery time
  • Healthier hair and eyes
  • An increased libido

Sound and reliable healthiness starts from deep inside your body, where critical hormones all have a particular function to perform. As adults age, our bodies progressively produce less of these critical biological substances. Even so, not all adults suffer from the extent of growth hormone deficiency that typically causes the unwanted symptoms associated with medically significant hormone loss. But for those adults who already have these symptoms along with those who will eventually develop these symptoms, the benefits of using human growth hormone injections can result in a substantial degree of deep-rooted physiological rejuvenation. And it’s a state of rejuvenation that will continue for as long as you sustain your body’s critical growth hormone supply.

HGH Therapy Also Provides Cognitive and Psychological Benefits

You walk into a room and forget what you were after … you run into an old acquaintance and can’t remember their name … it’s harder for you to keep up with new developments and projects at the office … you experience moodiness and even feelings of mild depression for no apparent reason. These are all examples of what adults can go though as their growth hormone supply diminishes; but some of the most unpublicized HGH replacement therapy benefits are the ones that improve your mental function and emotional wellbeing.

You, along with the people around you, might attribute your lack of mental focus and more frequent moodiness to having too much on your mind or just getting older. However, when others who are your age and even those who are considerably older seem to mentally sharper than you are; emotionally steadier than you are; and even far less forgetful than you are, they might just have more growth hormone than you do. GH deficiency can negatively affect your cognitive function, because your brain is one of those organs that rely on this hormone in order to continue to perform optimally. Likewise, your psychological wellbeing is supported by the proper function of your body’s organs and systems, which as we know require properly balanced hormone levels.

So before you write yourself off as starting to experience senility or having gone past your physical and mental prime, you should probably consider having a simple blood test performed that can measure your body’s current growth hormone levels. Biological impairment and decline does not automatically occur as soon as you turn 40 or 50 or 60 or even 70 – it occurs when something has developed that is diminishing your body’s physiological functions. The fact that it is now possible for adults to utilize the HGH replacement therapy benefits to restore those functions means that no one has to allow a growth hormone deficiency to prematurely age them and steal away their lifestyle quality.

One of the most gratifying experiences that is shared by the doctors and clinical advisors at Nexel Medical is to hear form our patients that their HGH therapy has provided them with a second chance to life a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle. It’s second chance that is now available to any adult who has developed a symptomatic growth hormone deficiency.

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