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What HGH Replacement Therapy Clinics and Doctors Can Offer You

Could your life be more satisfying? One of the most common complaints that adults with growth hormone deficiency share is that they no longer have the energy to enjoy their lives the way they want to. But what HGH replacement therapy clinics and doctors can offer to the men and women who are suffering from this medical condition is the opportunity to reclaim a more satisfying lifestyle, one that is supported by continuing energy and vitality.

Growth hormone loss is a progressive biological process and as people age, this loss incrementally diminishes a person’s vitality and energy. In some adults, the loss occurs earlier than others and to a more significant extent, often resulting in the symptomatic disorder known as adult-onset growth hormone deficiency. Adults with this condition have growth hormone levels that fall below the normal range for their age (the ranges have been clinically determined and used as a reference tool by medical professionals). To measure a patient’s GH levels, there are various blood screenings that hormone replacement therapy doctors can use; at Nexel Medical, we utilize an IGF-1 blood test because it has proven to provide our doctors with clinical reliability and accuracy.

If you are one of the growing number adults who decide to have this test performed and it leads to a diagnosis of GH deficiency, there will be a great deal that experienced and medically licensed HGH replacement therapy clinics and HRT providers like Nexel Medical can do for you. With the use of a properly prescribed and managed human growth hormone replacement program, we can help you to reclaim the energy, vitality and enthusiasm for life that you had before your deficient GH levels took it all away.

That is how essential it is to sustain an adequate supply of growth hormone; without it your body doesn’t function nearly as well and eventually a chronic state of physical and mental lethargy becomes your new normal. The physical, mental and emotional signs of premature aging make their appearance and settle in for the duration of your life. But you can reset this process and revitalize your wellness and energy with the help of qualified HGH therapy medical professionals.

What Are the Latest Advances in Recombinant HGH Therapy?

What Are the Latest Advances in Recombinant HGH Therapy

The term recombinant human growth hormone refers to form that is prescribed for all HGH therapy patients, which is one in which the bio-identical compound is mixed with sterile water and then injected. Since these injections utilize small doses that are administered often on a daily basis, it makes sense for HGH replacement therapy clinics and private practice physicians instruct their patients on how to correctly prepare and self-administer their prescribed treatments. The hypodermic needles that are used are very small and relatively unobtrusive ones, much like the needles that diabetic patients use to self-administer their insulin dosages.

While most growth hormone therapy patients find it very easy to learn how to prepare and administer recombinant human growth hormone, there are now delivery systems available that some patients find much easier and more convenient to use. These are the click-pens that require no pre-mixing before injecting; are very portable; and some of these newer delivery systems are even needle-free, using pressure to administer the medications.

HRT doctors and clinics also have a variety of pharmaceutical brands from which to select as the best choice of treatment for each individual patient; brands such as Saizen, Genotropin, Humatrope, Norditropin, and several others. These brands that are produced by US pharmaceutical firms are the only ones that doctors can legally prescribe for patients in the US. While HGH is now being manufactured in other countries, including China, Mexico and a number of other countries, these products do not comply with our federal drug standards are not considered safe or legal for patients of HGH replacement therapy clinics and doctors in the US to use.

Unfortunately, these are the highly questionable forms of human growth hormone that some adults obtain and use illegally, often purchasing them online. However, federal regulations here in the US clearly state that it is illegal for anyone to purchase, possess or use any form of HGH without having a valid medical prescription that authorizes them to do so.

Why Your Doctor Doesn’t Provide HGH Testing and Treatment

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a highly specialized field of medicine, utilizing bio-identical versions of human hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and growth hormone to replace what a patient’s endocrine system is no longer capable of producing. General practitioners and primary care physicians are typically not trained or experienced in treating specific hormone disorders, so consequently they will often refer their patients to an endocrinologist or other type of medical specialist when a hormone disorder is suspected.

PCPs and family doctors can sometimes come across as dismissive of conditions such as adult-onset growth hormone deficiency, which is often when patients turn to HGH replacement therapy clinics and doctors for help. Asking their regular physician to have a blood test such as the IGF-1 test that Nexel Medical utilizes for patients is almost always unproductive because the doctor is either unfamiliar with the testing used for GH deficiency or has no experience in the treatment of this disorder. So proactive patients have learned to look elsewhere for medical help with their symptoms.

Ultimately, this ends up being an advantage for patients since it requires them to seek out the medical professionals who are the most qualified to diagnose and successfully treat them for their hormonal disorders. Until now, however, the disadvantage has been in finding these qualified specialists in their local areas and admittedly, it hasn’t always been an easy task. But the arrival of online-based clinics and doctors that can treat patients remotely using a combination of digital technology and local medical testing labs (for the required testing) and local doctors (for the required medical exam) has changed everything.

Online medical providers such as Nexel Medical are able to provide safe, effective and legally prescribed human growth hormone and testosterone replacement programs for US adults regardless of where they are located in all 50 states. There is simply no faster or more convenient means for adults to medically obtain relief from their unhealthy and vitality-draining GH deficiency symptoms than using a qualified and fully licensed online HRT provider like Nexel Medical.  

Regain the Benefits of Vitality from Our HGH Therapy Doctors

How does vitality enhance your life? In just about every way that you can think of, your vitality is the engine that drives the train. And the only way to regain your vitality if GH deficiency has diminished it is through obtaining the professional assistance of HGH replacement therapy clinics and medical doctors.

This is how fast and convenient accomplishing that can actually be for you – you simply contact an online provider like Nexel Medical that accepts patients from anywhere in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) and request to have a growth hormone deficiency test performed at a medical lab that is in or near your local area. We can also schedule a medical exam for you locally and the results of both your blood test and your exam will be digitally transmitted to your prescribing physician at Nexel Medical. You can also submit your medical history to us digitally and we have an online form on our website that you can use for this purpose – you simply complete and submit this form to us.

With all of the pertinent information at hand, your Nexel Medical doctor will be able evaluate your overall physical condition; assess your current symptoms; determine the extent of you growth hormone deficiency; and prescribe the appropriate course of treatment for you. At any point during this process, any questions or concerns that you might have will be promptly and courteously taken care of by your clinical advisor at Nexel Medical. If you are uneasy about self-administering your treatments, we provide our patients with both video step-by-step instructions that are posted online as well as the option of using one of the pre-mixed and simpler to use click-pen systems.

And your prescribed medications can be ordered online through our licensed Internet pharmacy, giving you a secure and convenient way to purchase your treatments and have them delivered to you. At Nexel Medical, this is what our HGH replacement therapy clinics and doctors can do for you, all in the interest of offering you greater satisfaction with your health and your lifestyle. 

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