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A Smart User’s Guide to HGH Replacement Therapy Programs

Having a high level of intelligence does not always translate to being smart about maximizing and maintaining your healthfulness. Yet being health-savvy means knowing when it is time to reach out for some information and assistance on relatively new medical treatments such as HGH replacement therapy programs.

While it has been in medical use for adults with growth hormone deficiency for about 20 years, and longer than that for children with GH deficiency, it has only been during the last decade that human growth hormone replacement therapy has received so much attention from the media. Once bio-identical treatments became available, versus the riskier biologically harvest treatments that ultimately proved to be too susceptible to contamination to be utilized, medical scientists were then able to conduct the research and clinical trials that proved HGH therapy’s effectiveness in reversing the unhealthy symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in adults.

Today it is becoming increasing common for savvy adults get tested for adult-onset GH deficiency when they have begun to experience some of its telltale symptoms. Here’s what you should look for if you are a man or woman who has entered middle-age and have been wondering if your body’s growth hormone supply is below normal:

  • You are often not able to get an uninterrupted night’s rest and even when you do, you chronically feel fatigued and have very low energy.
  • Your mental capabilities have slowed down and it is harder for you to stay focused.
  • Your immunity to colds and other common illnesses has become weaker and it takes you significantly longer to bounce back from sickness or injury.
  • You have accumulated stubborn excess fat around the mid-section that dieting and exercise haven’t been able to remove, and your muscle tone has diminished.
  • You experience mood swings more frequently and your desire for sexual intimacy has dropped.
  • Your physical appearance is showing various signs of accelerated aging, making you look older than you are.

These are some of the most typical symptoms of adult-onset growth hormone deficiency and having a blood test can verify whether your GH levels have actually become too low to support your optimal health and vitality. Using HGH replacement therapy is what smart adults do to reverse these unwanted and unhealthy symptoms.

The Benefits of Injectable Human Growth Hormone vs. the Cost

The Benefits of Injectable Human Growth Hormone vs. the Cost

It is smart to check into the cost of human growth hormone injections, which are what hormone therapy doctors prescribe to incrementally increase a patient’s subnormal GH hormone levels because medical insurers often do not provide coverage for HGH replacement therapy that is being used to treat an adult-onset deficiency. So always check with your insurance provider first to see if your treatment would be covered if a doctor were to prescribe it for you.

If it will not be covered, you will want to have an idea of how much your therapy is likely to cost and this can only be determined once you have been tested and examined. This is because treatment is prescribed individually for patients and your dosage and length of therapy will be based on the extent of your hormonal deficiency. Other physiological factors can also affect your personal recommended dosage such as your age, weight, and overall condition of health. The approximate cost range for the majority of adult patients is several hundred dollars per month of HGH therapy, which typically follows a 6-month cycle of use (followed by up to a year off until the next 6-month cycle of use).

Now you will want to compare that cost to the benefits that adult patients receive from therapy. Basically, the benefits can be summed up as the successful reversal of all of the symptoms we listed previously and some that we didn’t mention, such as reducing your risk for developing certain degenerative diseases including stroke and osteoporosis in your later years of life. Many patients find these benefits to be so rejuvenating as to be completely transformative; and the increased vitality they receive as a result of their HGH replacement therapy dramatically improves not only their healthfulness but their lifestyle as well.

There is a great deal of wisdom in investing in something that enhances both your health and your quality of life; and this is exactly what the adults who are using doctor prescribed human growth hormone injections are doing for themselves.

What to Know About the Side Effects of HGH Replacement Therapy

The risk for experiencing anything more than minor and temporary side effects when using HGH replacement therapy correctly under medical supervision is actually very low. However, that risk increases substantially for any adult who is using human growth hormone injections without the required medical authorization and supervision, which is illegal in the US.

The risk for those who purchase HGH illegally and use it without any medical controls in place is a serious one, because you can cause significant damage your health by excessively inflating your body’s growth hormone levels. Even experiencing unpleasant side effects isn’t enough to prevent some people from abusing bio-identical growth hormone; but one would think that the possibility of triggering serious and sometimes permanent health complications would prevent otherwise smart individuals from doing buying and using injectable HGH illegally.

In any event, adults who have been properly tested and diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency; who have had no previous health problems that would make growth hormone replacement therapy unwise; and who follow their treatment problems exactly as they have been prescribed for them will rarely experience anything other than temporary issues that making minor adjustments to their dosages can quickly mitigate. However, even minor issues should be reported to your prescribing doctor and any changes to your dosage should only be done under your doctor’s direction.

The smartest move that any adult who wants to receive HGH replacement therapy can make is to receive their medical treatment for growth hormone deficiency from an experienced and highly qualified hormone replacement therapy doctor. But it has not always been that easy for many people in the US to access doctors such as these. Fortunately, there is now a very smart way for all adults who live in the US to find experienced medical providers who specialize in the treatment of adult-onset hormone disorders like GH deficiency and Low T. Now you simply go online and there they are.

What to Expect from Qualified HGH Therapy Clinics and Doctors

If you are a first-time patient of a qualified HGH replacement therapy medical provider, the first thing that you should expect is to have a few preliminary procedures performed. These will include having a blood sample drawn at a local testing lab (to be tested for how much growth hormone you now have in your system); having a basic medical exam performed by a local physician (unless you have had one performed recently and can obtain the results); and submitting your medical history to your hormone therapy doctor or clinic. These are the three essential steps that lead to receiving an accurate diagnosis and having the correct course of HGH therapy prescribed for you.

Online medical providers like Nexel Medical have been enabled by digital technology to have these procedures performed locally for patients and then the results are transmitted to the doctor in charge of their hormone replacement therapy. It’s a very smart idea that wouldn’t have worked before people, businesses, governmental agencies, and professional services all became interconnected through the Internet. Today it allows highly qualified HRT providers such as Nexel Medical to treat patients regardless of where in the US they live and work.

When you are using an experienced and knowledgeable medical practice like Nexel Medical for your hormone therapy treatment, you can also expect to have any of your questions answered promptly and satisfactorily, either before, during or after you have undertaken your course of HGH replacement therapy; and it is because we expect and encourage our patients to come to us for information and assistance whenever they want to.

Yet the most exciting expectation that all adults who have been suffering from the symptoms associated with growth hormone deficiency should have is to feel and look remarkably better – during a 6-month course of treatment, the beneficial results of therapy begin during the first month of treatment and continue to build, from month to month. Once your growth hormone levels have been restored to the optimal range for supporting your health and vitality, which typically takes about 6 months, your treatment cycle will end. You will continue to periodically have your blood tested to monitor your levels, and when they have begin to once again decline it’s time for another course of treatment in order to keep the health benefits coming your way.

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