Injectable HGH Therapy Benefits

The Scientifically Backed Benefits of Injectable HGH Therapy

The huge amount of money that Americans spend every year on non-prescription health supplements and other so-called health remedies is tragic because so most of these products cannot produce any scientific evidence that they actually work. The injectable HGH therapy benefits, which can only be obtained medically, are backed by documented science and research – years of it. And while people often think that it is more affordable to use products that don’t require a doctor’s prescription and medical supervision, the truth is that they are probably spending as more or more on them then they would on using a program of doctor prescribed human growth hormone injections.

It should be a crime to sell people nothing more than false hope and empty promises and in fact, it is. Yet it has become impossible for authorities to prosecute every new company or individual that appears, usually online, to shill products that claim to be able do the impossible. For instance, let’s look at products being marketed as HGH enhancers or boosters. Science has shown time and again that the only way it is physiologically possible to increase a person’s deficient growth hormone supply is by injecting bio-identical human growth hormone directly into their systems. No spray or capsule or patch or any other form other than injections can do anything to biologically supplement low GH levels.

It is only possible to experience injectable HGH therapy benefits by using this treatment as medical science has intended it to be used, which is for correcting a verified growth hormone deficiency and under the proper medical supervision. When these two conditions are met, the benefits that adults receive are genuine and significant, just as science has proven them to be. So if you are struggling with symptoms that are typically associated with inadequate growth hormone production, spend your money wisely on the medically available treatment that can actually benefit you and not waste it on false hopes.    

You’ll Get Many Satisfying Benefits from Using Injectable HGH

You’ll Get Many Satisfying Benefits from Using Injectable HGH

Medical scientists are not satisfied until they have repeatedly proven their theories; that is why extensive research and multiple clinical trials have been used to confirm the injectable HGH therapy benefits that adults with growth hormone disorders are now able to obtain. The data is all there, in black and white and much of it is available to anyone who wants to search for it online.

Here is what scientists and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) doctors now know about the benefits provided by using injectable human growth hormone:

  • They know that it has been shown to significantly reverse the deficiency symptoms that some adults truly struggle with, such as chronically low energy, mental lethargy, loss of overall vitality on a cellular level, and reduced immunological function.
  • They know that it strengthens weakening bones and improves deteriorating muscle tone.
  • They know it supports the function of all of the body’s organs and systems, including the metabolic system (more details on that below).
  • They know that it has a positive effect on cognitive function and emotional stability.
  • They know that it visibly improves the signs of premature aging.

There are a number of other beneficial aspects to using HGH replacement therapy that are still being studied; but thus far the data strongly suggests that sustaining adequate growth hormone levels throughout adulthood substantially reduces a person’s future risk for developing heart disease and other debilitating diseases such as stroke.

While they might be depicted as a recent phenomenon by the media, injectable HGH therapy benefits have been the subject of scientific study for quite a few decades. The results of a breakthrough clinical study on the use of human growth hormone injections that has been widely publicized was the catalyst for much of the recent focus; but hormone therapy doctors have been focused on the multiple health benefits they provide to their patients for several decades.

How HGH Injections Therapy Can Benefit Your Weight Loss

Many people don’t realize that their excess abdominal fat is often caused or exacerbated by a hormonal imbalance like growth hormone deficiency. While doctors will not prescribe human growth hormone injections as a medical treatment for weight loss, ironically one of the most talked about injectable HGH therapy benefits is that of losing stubborn excess fat – especially the type of hard to lose fat that typically accumulates around an adult’s mid-section.

The reason that using human growth hormone injections aids in rapidly losing this type of fat is because it significantly improves a patient’s sluggish metabolic function, which is direct result of producing an insufficient amount of GH. In a typical six-month program of therapy, the weight loss that patients receive often begins within the first two months of the program and continues from there. By the end of six months, most patients have not only achieved a leaner physique, they have also rediscovered their muscle tone. No wonder they are so pleased with their results.

Those results happen even if they don’t make any significant changes to their diet; but that doesn’t mean that any legitimate medical professional is going to tell their patients that sticking to a healthy diet and a healthy exercise routine doesn’t matter. The weight loss benefit that patients receive from their injectable HGH therapy will be even better and last longer when it is accompanied by the practice of healthy lifestyle habits.

The proven weight loss benefits after using human growth hormone injections therapy for six months include (all percentages are approximate):

  • 5 -10% reduction in body fat
  • 10% increase in lean body mass
  • 9% increase in muscle mass
  • Increased capacity for exercise
  • Visible decrease in cellulite
  • A reduction in unhealthy cholesterol

Adults who have found it impossible to lose localized excess fat (particularly in the abdominal area) through diet and exercise alone should consider getting tested for growth hormone deficiency. The less efficient metabolic activity it causes is often the underlying reason for their weight struggle. 

Get a Prescription to Benefit from HGH Injections for Sale

As noted previously, all adults in the US who want to obtain injectable HGH therapy benefits legally will need to get a prescription from a licensed MD. It is illegal for anyone to possess, purchase and/or use bio-identical human growth hormone unless they have a prescription to use it. Obtaining a prescription involves a few basic preliminary procedures, which include having a diagnostic blood test; having a standard medical examination; and having your current symptoms and health history reviewed by your hormone replacement therapy doctor. 

Until recently, it could be difficult for adults to find doctors who are qualified to prescribe HGH therapy in their local areas since this is a highly specialized type of medical practice. Even when they were able to see a doctor for testing and treatment, and had obtained their prescriptions, it could then be challenging to obtain their injectable human growth hormone medications. These are considered to be specialty medications and many local pharmacies do not stock them; they typically have to be special ordered. But the arrival of online medical providers who are qualified to treat adult patients for growth hormone deficiency has made it infinitely easier to access treatment; and many of those providers, like Nexel Medical, also provide their patients with a secure online pharmacy from which they can conveniently and securely order their HGH medications.

You might say that one of the newest injectable HGH therapy benefits is the ability for adults to instantly access experienced and respected HRT providers by simply going online to arrange for locally performed growth hormone deficiency testing. Anyone living anywhere in the US can contact Nexel Medical and immediately begin the simple medical procedures required, such as submitting your medical history to us by using an easy to complete online form. Anyone can call and speak to one of our clinical advisors to get information on HGH therapy; anyone can ask us to schedule the required blood test and exam for them in their local area. It’s now that simple to obtain the many benefits that human growth hormone injections deliver.

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