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How the Correct HGH Therapy Dosage Will Optimize Your Benefits

Men and women, middle-aged and older from all different backgrounds, use medically prescribed human growth hormone injections for the very same reason: to experience the many rejuvenating benefits they provide. But do you understand how the correct HGH therapy dosage will optimize your benefits if you undertake this treatment for growth hormone deficiency? You need to, because it is essential knowledge for anyone considering this form of hormone replacement therapy to have.

The US doctors who specialize in this type of treatment know that there is an art to the medical science of helping patients reach their individual growth hormone “sweet spot.” Their understanding of the exacting nature of hormone replacement is not about prescribing dosages that are solely intended to supplement the low growth hormone levels of their patients indiscriminately, but to provide each patient with a dosage program that is intended to restore their personal optimal growth hormone balance. This is a medical skill that requires specific knowledge and a significant amount of experience; and not all licensed doctors are going to have it.

However, that sweet spot is something that an experienced hormone replacement therapy provider will be able to identify for every patient. They make this the goal of treatment because they know that the benefits that adults receive from the ideal HGH therapy dosage are maximized when a patient’s optimal levels have been reached and can be maintained through their treatment program. They want their patients to receive the total rejuvenation; increased energy; physical and mental vitality; improved physiological function; and healthier, leaner physique that a properly prescribed growth hormone replacement program can deliver. And this should be your therapeutic goal as well.

Using the correct dosage and type, in the correct manner, is the key to unlocking highly successful results for every patient who uses doctor prescribed injectable HGH replacement therapy. 

Different Types of HGH Can Require Different Dosage Protocols

Different Types of HGH Can Require Different Dosage Protocols

Pharmaceutically manufactured human growth hormone is now available in a variety of injectable formulations that are being produced in the US (for US patients) by several different pharmaceutical firms. The doctors who routinely prescribe these controlled medical substances know them by their brand names and also know which of them is more likely to provide each of their patients with the optimal HGH therapy dosage. Depending on whether they are pre-mixed versions of bio-identical growth hormone or have been formulated as recombinant versions, the dosage and preparations to be used can vary.

Perhaps through your online research you are already familiar with some of the names of these medications – they include Saizen, Genotropin, Norditropin, and several others. All of these injectable products contain authentic human growth hormone; but it is critical for adults to understand that there are many widely marketed products, identified as HGH patches, pills and even sprays, that are not authentic versions. They are, in essence, completely ineffective products that are a waste of time and money for people to purchase and use. In most cases it is not illegal to use them, but it is definitely a futile effort.

What is illegal in every state of the USA is to purchase, possess or use genuine HGH without possessing a valid prescription for it. Classified as a controlled medical substance, medical authorization and supervision is the legal requirement for its use; and penalties can be serious for those who are caught buying and using injectable human growth hormone illegally. It is also impossible to use any HGH injectable safely and effectively unless it has been properly prescribed and monitored by a licensed medical doctor, preferably one with extensive experience in hormone replacement therapy programs for adults. Trying to play your own doctor by obtaining and using human growth hormone illegally is not safe, it’s not smart, and it is not going to be effective in restoring you to healthy hormonal balance.  

It Takes the Right HGH Therapy Doctor to Get Your Dosage Right

Years of training and practical experience are required to acquire the degree of medical expertise in bio-identical hormone replacement that every patient deserves to benefit from. When patients don’t have access to these types of doctors for their treatment, they simply cannot feel as confident about things such as using the right HGH therapy dosage and other aspects that are involved in achieving hormonal balance.

But now patient all across the US can have access to experienced and knowledgeable growth hormone replacement doctors, by utilizing the medical services of respected and fully licensed Internet-based HRT providers like Nexel Medical. Regardless of your location nationwide, we can offer you locally available medical testing and treatment for your growth hormone deficiency disorder – and relief from its troublesome symptoms. Maybe you have described your symptoms to your own personal doctor and been told that they are just things that you will have to live with, because many general practitioners are not familiar with the warning signs of GH deficiency. Endocrinologists and other types of hormone specialists would undoubtedly be far more likely to recognize and be able to diagnose this adult-onset hormone disorder – but not everyone has access to these kinds of medical specialists either.

So a new day has arrived for adults who want to get medical relief from their hormone deficiency and restore their health and vitality to the way things were when their bodies were naturally producing adequate amount of critical hormones. Today, with just a quick email or phone call to a nationwide provider like Nexel Medical, every adult in the US can attain immediate and local access to some of the country’s most respected hormone replacement therapy doctors. These are doctors who thoroughly understand the importance of prescribing the right HGH therapy dosage that is always going to respond to each patient’s individual requirements and treatment goals. Doctors and clinical advisors who are approachable, helpful and compassionate; doesn’t this sound like the right kind of hormone therapy doctor to have to you?

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