HGH Therapy Pros and Cons

Get Both Sides: Some HGH Therapy Pros and Cons to Ponder

When any issue is going to have a direct effect on your health or your lifestyle or both, it benefits you to make yourself aware of both sides of that issue. So if you are considering treatment for your growth hormone deficiency symptoms, then delving into some of the main HGH therapy pros and cons should be of considerable personal interest to you.

The main pro that supports the medicinal use of bio-identical human growth hormone (HGH) to increase a hormone replacement patient’s available supply are the health benefits that are associated with sustaining adequate growth hormone levels throughout adulthood. While growth hormone levels decline naturally as we age, some adults experience a hormonal decline that falls into the sub-normal range. The result is an overall decline in the physiological factors that support optimal vitality and health; and the use of HGH therapy reverses that decline.

The main con that has been put forth by some is that no one can be certain of what the biological effects of long-term human growth hormone use might be. They believe that the decades of its medical use have not been long enough to determine if the advantages outweigh the risks of using this particular form of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. But couldn’t the same criticism be put forth in regard to the hundreds of new pharmaceutical drugs that have been developed over the last 20 or 30 years?

While it’s true that researchers do not have 50 years of clinical evidence to point to, they do have several decades of clinical trials and actual patient use to refer to in evaluating this therapy’s safety and effectiveness. Thus far, they have been able to determine that in its medically appropriate use, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to evaluating the HGH therapy pros and cons. For clinically verified growth hormone deficiency patients, it has been shown to increase overall vitality and improve quality of life.

What HGH Pros and Cons Are Associated with Bodybuilding?

What HGH Pros and Cons Are Associated with Bodybuilding

Prescription drug abuse has been rising steadily in the US and the illegal use of human growth hormone falls into that category. It is no secret that within the athletic and bodybuilding communities, the HGH therapy pros and cons debate has been an ongoing one. In previous decades, the categorization of injectable human growth hormone fluctuated between that of being a controlled pharmaceutical substance (meaning it required a medical prescription) or not. However, as of 2007, its status has been determined as a controlled drug that is illegal to purchase and/or use without the appropriate medical diagnosis and authorization.

Yet it continues to be obtained and used illegally, primarily for its perceived ability to encourage muscle development, and enhance athletic performance by increasing stamina and energy levels. So the major cons that are associated with using HGH for both bodybuilding and athletic enhancement are these: It is illegal and has serious repercussions if you are caught and prosecuted; and it is not generally considered to be safe by medical researchers and doctors to excessively increase growth hormone levels that fall within the normal range. They believe that its use in adults should be limited to those with a symptomatic and clinically measured (through blood testing) growth hormone deficiency.

Then how is it that there are so many websites that boldly offer to illegally sell injectable human growth hormone to anyone who is willing to pay for it, no prescription required? Why haven’t federal authorities gone after these illegal businesses? They have actually become much more proactive about shutting down these websites in recent years, but it is a daunting task as new ones continually make their appearance online.

Are the Pros and Cons of HGH Use Different for Men and Women?

Unlike testosterone and estrogen, growth hormone (GH) is not considered to be a sex hormone. Both men and women can develop an adult-onset GH deficiency and both genders are equally susceptible to this disorder. So it is relevant for both men and women to become aware of the HGH therapy pros and cons that could become important to them if they begin noticing some of the classic symptoms that are commonly associated with this disorder.

In both males and females who are 30 and older, those symptoms will include:

  • Chronically low energy
  • Reduced mental sharpness
  • Increased susceptibility to injury and illness
  • Loss of muscle tone and skin elasticity
  • Stubborn abdominal fat accumulation
  • Emotional changes; loss of interest in sex
  • Increased bone fractures

What hormone replacement therapists have observed is that in older adults, growth hormone loss will often be accompanied by testosterone loss in males and estrogen loss in females. As a result, they will often recommend testing for these types of deficiency along with the testing that is performed to detect GH deficiency if the patient’s specific symptoms suggest that it would be appropriate.

Yet both women and men can expect to receive the same quantity and quality of beneficial results from the use of a properly prescribed program of HGH replacement therapy. All patients can anticipate experiencing a very noticeable improvement in their symptoms along with a degree of physiological rejuvenation that they can clearly feel and see for themselves. The majority of patients using doctor prescribed HGH therapy have consistently reported significant increases in their energy; improved muscle tone and fat loss; increased mental focus; improved emotional stability; smoother skin and healthier hair; faster recovery times; and fewer common illnesses such as colds and flu.

Women often require lower dosages than men to get their growth hormone levels back into the healthier normal range for their age group; however all patients should always be individually tested and evaluated by their hormone therapy provider. Overall, the same HGH therapy pros and cons apply equally to both male and female patients.

Are There Any Pros and Cons to Finding HGH Therapy Specialists?

In regard to finding a qualified human growth hormone replacement specialist, are there any particular pros and cons that you should consider? There are the obvious ones, such as finding one that is conveniently located near your local area (pro) … wanting one who is appropriately trained and experienced in the successful treatment of hormone disorders in adults (pro) … and wanting to be treated fairly in regard to the cost of your therapy program (pro). How do you go about finding all of these attributes in your hormone therapy medical provider?

And it is important that you do, because not all medical practitioners are competent in the detection and treatment of endocrine disorders and receiving treatment from a provider who is not is a definite disadvantage (con). So is using an expensive anti-aging clinic or exclusive medical practice that cater primarily to a wealthy clientele – and is priced accordingly (con). Then is there a medical practice specializing in HGH replacement therapy that can provide you with all of the pros and none of cons listed above?

There is – and it’s Nexel Medical. Our doctors long ago analyzed the HGH therapy pros and cons involved in administering this specialized medical treatment and they innovated the procedures that now make it possible for all adults with growth hormone deficiency in the US to receive quality HGH therapy locally. So now no adult has to travel long and inconvenient distances to receive this treatment; no adult has to receive treatment from inexperienced health care providers; and no adult has to pay too much for their treatment. At Nexel Medical, we have created procedures that eliminate all of these disadvantages.

When you weigh all of the pros and cons of using an HGH replacement therapy provider as experienced and qualified as Nexel Medical, the advantages to you become very clear. For the best locally available treatment of your growth hormone deficiency symptoms, you can put Nexel Medical at the top of your list of HGH therapy pros with complete confidence.

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