HGH Therapy vs. Testosterone Therapy

Would HGH Therapy vs. Testosterone Therapy Be Right for You

When a man in middle age begins experiencing chronic erectile dysfunction, not just the occasional episode, he might also begin thinking that Low T must be causing the problem and decide that he need to use testosterone replacement therapy. But only a doctor can actually determine whether HGH therapy vs. testosterone therapy is the right choice of treatment, because doctors utilize the appropriate bloods tests needed to diagnose hormone deficiencies and imbalances.

Self-diagnose is something that we all indulge in from time to time; but there is a major difference between diagnosing a cold and diagnosing something as complex as a hormone disorder. There are two adult-onset hormone disorders that would be very easy for anyone to misdiagnose because they share some very similar symptom manifestations – and those two disorders are commonly known as Low T and growth hormone deficiency.

Both of these disorders can cause chronically low energy, the loss of muscle tone, excess fat, and the loss of your sex drive and your ability to perform sexually. But even those these two types of hormones often work together symbiotically within your body, they are distinctly different. Growth hormone is not a sex hormone and testosterone is the primary male sex organ. Erectile dysfunction can be and often is caused by having Low T levels; but did you know that there are four systems within your body that can lead to having ED if something goes wrong with them?

ED can be caused by these four categories: hormonal problems (endocrine system); blood flow problems (circulatory system); nerve supply problems (central nervous system); and psychological problems. So it is possible that those symptoms that many men assume are indications of Low T could be related to another health issue altogether such as growth hormone deficiency. By having the proper testing performed and evaluating your current condition, past health history plus your symptoms, an experienced hormone replacement therapy doctor will be able to determine whether HGH therapy vs. testosterone therapy is the appropriate treatment for you. If your blood tests indicate that neither of these treatments is clinically required based on the hormone levels in your blood, then it is time to consider other medical reasons for the development of your symptoms.

Which Therapy Builds More Muscle, HGH or Testosterone?

Which Therapy Builds More Muscle, HGH or Testosterone

A correct medical diagnosis is essential but it is only the first step to using a hormone replacement program of any type effectively and without incurring risk. Your medical provider will want to discuss what your personal goals for therapy are in terms of your overall health and vitality. These will of course vary among patients, depending on their stage of life; their gender; and any personal health limitations they might have in addition for hormone deficiency. And as the doctor considers whether HGH therapy vs. testosterone therapy is the correct course of remedial action, there are instances when the answer might be to prescribe both types of treatment.

In regard to personal goals, many adult males find themselves losing their muscle tone due t a hormone disorder and one of their goals is to rebuild it along with losing any excess body fat that they’ve gained over time. A common question that HRT professionals hear from men is which type of therapy will help them to build more muscle, the use of HGH or testosterone injections? In fact, both of these types of hormone replacement treatments will help your body to rebuild lean muscle mass and lose excess fat stores.

Both types of therapy also help adult patients to regain their emotional equilibrium and regain more energy. Whether being used independently or together, human growth hormone therapy and testosterone therapy effective restore hormonal balance, which we now know to be essential to maintaining optimal adult health. However, no legitimate and ethical medical doctor in the US is going to prescribe either HGH or testosterone solely for the purpose of enhancing an adult’s bodybuilding or athletic efforts, because both of these types of hormone replacement therapy have very restrictive legal prescribing guidelines that US medical doctors must follow.  

What About Using So-Called Testosterone and HGH Boosters?

Non-prescription products that advertise themselves as human growth hormone or male hormone boosters, supplements and stimulants should never be confused with medically prescribed HGH therapy vs. testosterone therapy programs. Despite the numerous claims that the sellers of these products make, none of them have ever been scientifically proven to be capable of increasing an adult’s hormone supply in any measurable way.

These products, which are constantly being marketed online and in targeted publications, prey on the hopes of adults who either don’t feel that they can afford to use doctor prescribed treatments, or simply think that it would be too much trouble for them to pursue medical treatment for their deficiency symptoms. These products promise to deliver all of the benefits that legitimate hormone replacement therapy provides, and they come in a variety of forms including capsules, lozenges, sprays and more. But the plain truth is that human hormones cannot be successfully supplemented in any of those ways; it has been proven to be biologically impossible.

There is only one form of HGH therapy that has been scientifically and clinically shown to be effective and it is the use of injections that contain a bio-identical version of human growth hormone. With testosterone replacement therapy (often referred to as TRT), the injectable form of treatment has been in use the longest and many patients still prefer it today for its affordability and less frequent dosage requirements. Testosterone creams and gels have become popular in recent years, but many patients end up finding them somewhat cumbersome to use and eventually switch to the injectable form of hormone therapy.

Get the Latest Information on HGH and Testosterone Therapy

There is much to know about using HGH therapy vs. testosterone therapy and staying on top of the latest developments in treatment can be challenging. Fortunately, today there are qualified hormone replacement therapy providers like Nexel Medical who have simplified the process of getting the information – as well as the medical treatment – that is needed by adults, both men and women, who have developed symptomatic hormone deficiencies.

Let’s begin with the information that we can give you; at Nexel Medical, our doctors specialize in the treatment of adult-onset growth hormone and testosterone deficiency and are respected experts in this field of medical practice. You can call us to ask about any questions you might have and one of our experienced clinical advisors will be happy to assist you. You can even use our website to get specific information on your personal questions about HRT; it has a convenient contact form that you can use for submitting your questions to us.

We have also made getting treated for your HGH or testosterone deficiency almost as convenient for you. The medically correct procedures for receiving doctor prescribed treatment for either of these disorders include having a simple blood draw test performed and having a physical exam. At Nexel Medical, our clinical advisors are able to schedule these for you in your own local area at a time that will be convenient for you. Our doctors will want to review your medical history before prescribing a treatment program for you, and our website also contains an easy to complete form that you can use to submit this information to us.

Whether you are clinically qualified to receive HGH therapy vs. testosterone therapy, or both, we have also made it very convenient for you to purchase your prescribed medications from our online pharmacy. Hormone medications are typically categorized as specialty medications by many local drug store chains and usually have to be special ordered by patients. In using our secure and fully licensed Internet based pharmaceutical source such as ours, you simply place your order online and your medications are shipped directly to you within a few days.

Diagnosing a hormone disorder is best left to the medical professionals, like Nexel Medical, who have extensive experience in this area. If you want to discuss your symptoms with a professional who knows more about what they could mean than you do, we encourage you to call us at any time. 

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